Diluents: species and their features

    Many of us do not know the difference between the concepts of a solvent and diluent, however, these are different compositions with certain properties and characteristics. Therefore, it is important to know the differences between these substances, existing types of diluents and the features of their use with various coloring compositions.

    What it is?

    Diluent – fluid with special composition, intended for mixing with paints of various types. Depending on the components, the solution is labeled by the number. Sometimes the compositions are used to clean the palette or brushes laundering from paint particles.

    The price of such products is low, which played an important role in the process of distributing this product. There are many types of diluents that use when working with paints and varnish. Each component, which includes a certain effect.


    To talk about the properties of a special composition, it is important to designate the main differences in the diluent and solvent.

    Solvents are used to remove paint from surfaces or skin, as well as for its discharge. If the drying period is reduced, the coatings are lost properties.

    Diluents are the base, the same coloring composition, but without adding pigments and additional components. The tool does not have a negative impact on the quality of the decorative layer. Practical and elastic properties are saved.

    Without a means do not do when working with too thick paints and creating special creative techniques. This is a mandatory tool for professional decorators and artists. To achieve the necessary effect, you need to choose the right solution, given the composition of the paint and the individual features of the diluent.

    Selection and features of the compositions

    The main sphere of using the material – paints for decorative design (textile painting, porcelain, artistic paints). When working masters, it is necessary to clearly comply with certain requirements for the result to be spectacular, stylish, attractive and retained beauty for a long time. Otherwise, paints will start rapidly lose brightness and saturation.

    Water soluble paints

    Water-emulsion paints that are used in the construction sphere can be diluted with conventional clean water, but if you work with artistic compositions, you need to use diluent. Work with it is much safer than with water, because it is difficult to move with the dosage of the composition. Water will reduce the brightness of the color, which cannot be allowed when creating an artistic composition.

    Water-dispersed paints and their use

    The following compositions include this group:

    • acrylic paints;
    • tempera;
    • gouache;
    • acrylic.

    The worst distribution found the last option. Paint boasts ease of use, strength and color saturation. It can be used with other paint compositions based on water.

    Professional artists when working with paint use special diluents necessary to change the solution without deteriorating its technical characteristics.

    Experts allocate several varieties of diluents, which are recommended to use when working with acrylic paints.

    • Glossy solution – the most popular type of diluent. This material is used to improve the special properties of paint. The composition practically does not smell. Externally, this is a translucent liquid that consists of acrylic dispersion.

    Using such a product, you may not worry about the preservation of the positive qualities of the decorative layer.

    • Fabric composition. For dilution of paint used for textile painting, a special solution is used. Its components are selected in such a way as not to damage the gentle material and at the same time maintain the properties of the coloring composition.

    The use of an additional substance improves adhesion and increases the service life of the composition at times.

    • Pasta-diluent – This is a special thick composition. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of material. You can use the diluent of this type along with gouache and tempera paint. Moreover, the paste makes a layer more dense and strong and improves its other positive characteristics. The diluent is used in the form of a substrate to create an individual palette.

    Composition for oil paints and varnishes

    Varnishes are also diluted before applying. To work with polyurethane or alkyd-oil varnish, a special composition called White Spirit. The product is sold in the finished form in specialized outlets.

    The classic wite-spirit diluent is also used to dilute oil coloring compositions, as well as acrylic and alkyd paints. This product is obtained by refining oil.

    For oil paint

    Oil paints – a special segment of the area of ​​coloring compositions. Diluents for these compositions play an important role in the field of painting and artistic creativity. Compared to gouache or watercolor, oil substances can not be mixed with water. Developed several special compositions designed specifically for working with oil products. Each view has certain properties and functions.

    Considering their rich diversity, you need to know how to make the right choice.

    To do this, you should deal with the assortment.

    • Normal vegetable oil. Such a method was used in distant times. From this method of diluting paints and got their name that he gained on the century. Oils of such plants are used for dilution: flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, sunflower, poppy. To date, oil can be replaced by professional products.

    • Artistic varnish. The substance consisting of solvent or resin is used to dilute the paints. It makes the structure denser, which creates a special effect when writing pictures. After complete drying, the material remains much stronger than when diluted with butter. Adding a varnish as a diluent makes the color of the paint brighter, filling it with radiance and glitter.

    When working with oil paints, fir, mastic, laminate, digital or cedar lacquer use.

    • Double. Diluent of this type is called “Double” due to the composition of two components. The tool is marked with a number “2” on the label. To obtain a means, oil and artistic varnish are mixed in the appropriate proportions: 2-3 parts of the oil and 1 part of the varnish.
    • Tee – This is the same diluent “Double”, only with the addition of another component. All three components are stirred in the same proportions. As a result, it turns out a standard solution, ideal for artistic purposes. Products are indicated by the term “tee” or the corresponding number. The solution is often used to dilute metallians.

    • Composition number 4. Diluent at number 4 is also called “Pinen”. This composition can be used to dilute such substances as alkyd paints, varnishes, oil and pentamased paints. Products are distinguished by an excellent dissolving ability, as well as the minimum evaporation rate. The diluent includes a product of the rectification of a wivichny turbidar.

    Recommendations for choosing

    Clean diluent is recommended if you plan to create an art composition or write a picture as soon as possible. This composition dries faster, accelerating the process of frozen the paint. Thin layer enough couples for complete drying.

    When using vegetable oil as a diluent, be prepared to spend a lot of time drying. Approximate time ranges from 3 to 5 days.

    Diluents “Double” and “Tee” are the most universal. Experienced masters produce such solutions independently, knowing the composition and proportion. You can also change the composition to achieve the necessary effect. The optimal period of drying paint is about 2-4 days.

    When choosing a pure diluent to work with oil paint, get a breath solution. The cost of such products is higher, but it is much more pleasant to work with it and more convenient.

    Among the enormous diversity are especially popular with the following diluents.

    • Trademark Vika offers high-quality metallic paint diluent. This is an acrylic varnish with a high percentage of dry residue. It is recommended to use on two-layer coatings. This means is effective for painting in short time. The composition has a high degree of transparency. Due to UV absorbers, the material is not afraid of the negative impact of ultraviolet rays.
    • Firm Sikkens (Netherlands) offers buyers a huge selection of diluents for paints. Professionals appreciated fast diluents – Fast, widespread the composition of Plus Reducer Fast. Also on sale you will find medium and slow diluents. Lucky from the above brand also enjoy great popularity.

        Customers have the opportunity to choose between the products of domestic manufacturers. During the purchase, be sure to get acquainted with the composition of the material. Purchase only high-quality and certified products that meet world standards.

        If you use the diluting substance for the first time, try to make a small amount of paint with it and use it on the surface. Evaluate changes in the process and after complete drying. Add diluent carefully and gradually.

        Using the use of diluent in painting you can learn from the video.

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