Dexter screwdrivers: characteristics, varieties, features of choice and application

In the drawer with the tools of almost every man there is a screwdriver. The tool is indispensable not only when performing repair work, but at any time it can be useful to solve household problems. In some cases, you need another similar device – Rovertere.

Differences of tools

Rovertere – a tool similar to the principle of working on a screwdriver, but has some differences. In general, the screwdriver, and the screws are intended to screw or unscrew the various fasteners, so they have the same principle of operation. However, the main difference is the presence of a quick-pressure cartridge screwdriver, which fixes and drills, and bits. While the cartridge of the screw is not able to hold the drill.

Both instruments have a number of advantages and choosing any of them depends on which work must be performed.

The advantages of the screw are as follows.

  • More efficient in working with long and large self-drawing.
  • Has a high speed screwing screws into a tree.
  • The electrical option is more economical at energy consumption.

Advantages of the screwdriver:

  • universal and allows you to fix not only bits, but also drill;
  • has several speeds.

Rovertere – more specialized tool, so its purchase will be rational only in cases where work is constantly being carried out associated with fasteners. If you need a universal tool, it is better to make a choice in favor of the screwdriver.

In the market are represented by different brands, but recently the attention of buyers has attracted the Dexter screwdriver.

Technical features of the tool

Under the brand name DEXTER POWER Brand Lerua Merlene released a number of power tools, in particular Dexter screwdriver. This tool is used to perform various mounting works.

The device has many functions for this.

  • Dexter screwdriver is convenient to use at work due to low weight – about 3 kg. Apply great efforts when working with it is not required, since the device can be kept one hand.
  • The tool is compact enough and does not take up much space.
  • The case of the screwdriver is assembled qualitatively, due to which the vibration of the tool on all available speeds is minimized.
  • It is characterized by a simple replacement of modules, including batteries, cartridges, and so on.
  • At any time you can reconfigure the screwdriver. This manipulation does not take more than two minutes.
  • In the assembly of a used double bimuft cartridge. Its diameter is up to 13 mm. Cartridge can be easily removed from the tool by pressing the button on the housing. Back the cartridge is also easy to wear, as there are automatic mounts.
  • Tools have ventilation holes that protect the device from overheating.
  • Screwdriver handles are equipped with rubber overlays that prevent the tool sliding in the hand and allow you to fully control the workflow.

Basic models

In the Dexter screwdriver models, you can find both a network tool and rechargeable. Completely uses a lithium battery that provides a tool for about 4 hours of operation and is the most modern source of energy.

The advantages of such batteries are expressed as follows:

  • There is no effect of memory of batteries, that is, they can be recharged with any degree except zero;
  • have a high charge rate – within one hour from the moment of connecting to the power supply;
  • have a greater number of charging cycles than, for example, nickel-cadmium media.

As a lack of batteries data, you can select the impossibility of tracing the degree of discharge of the battery, as it will not be able to charge it from “zero”. In this regard, in more expensive screwdrivers there are indicators of battery discharge.

However, when choosing a model of the tool, it is still better to give preference to those in the configuration of which there are two batteries.

The most popular models of the Dexter screwdriver, working on lithium batteries, today are the Dexter 18V and Dexter 12V screwdrivers.

Model Dexter 18V

This version of the screwdrity is most profitable in its segment at the expense of a successful ratio of price and quality of goods. The value of the tool is about 5 thousand. rubles. At the same time, the unit operates on a lithium battery at 18 volts and has 15 rotation modes. Battery tool charging 80 minutes.

The technical characteristics of the screwdriver refers the frequency of rotation, which this model is represented by two speeds – 400 and 1500 revolutions per minute. And the torque of the screwdriver is maximally 40 H * M and has 16 adjustment positions.

The maximum diameter of the drill at the Dexter 18V screwdriver is 35 mm on a tree and 10 mm for metal. The undoubted advantage of the model is the presence of a reverse, that is, reverse rotation. Weigh the screwdriver of this model about 3 kg.

It is applicable not only to solve small household needs, but also can be used as a professional tool for performing various installation work.

The set to the screwdriver includes:

  • 1 battery;
  • Charger;
  • clamp for mounting to the belt;
  • Double Sided Bit.

The advantage of this model is that the set is removable cartridge holders. That is, when discusted from the screwdriver, the cartridge will not be lost.

Model Dexter 12V

This version of the Dexter screwdriver refers to more budget. Its price is about 4 thousand. rubles. The unit has two rotation modes – by 400 and 1300 revolutions per minute, and its torque is maximum of 12 N * m and has 16 adjustment positions.

The tool works on a 12 volt lithium battery, which is charging in 30 minutes. The maximum drill diameter is 18 mm on wood and 8 mm for metal.

Like the Dexter 18V model, the screwdriver has a reverse rotation (reverse). Dexter 12V screwdriver is an already easier tool – its weight is about 2 kg.

The completeness of this model is modest than the previous one:

  • 1 battery;
  • Charger.

Thus, lightness, high performance and low price of the device make it an excellent tool for use in everyday life.

Additional features of models

Screwdrivers are equipped with LED backlight, which provides the ability to operate with weak light. Special clip that allows you to fix the tool on the belt, makes a screwdriver convenient for professional workers. In addition, some chargers can be fixed on a vertical surface due to lipochku.

Customer Reviews

Dexter screwdrivers are used by both lovers and professional masters. Of course, some buyers left feedback on this product.

Among the advantages of the aggregates, many consumers identify the following factors.

  • The tool is easy to carry with you, as well as use in work due to its compactness.
  • You can easily switch the speed of rotation of the drill, since the control buttons are successfully located on its handle.
  • The quality battery of the device not only sit down slowly, but also charging in 30 minutes. At the same time, on one charging, the screwdriver can work for several hours.
  • Easy to choose the optimal diameter of the drill and the speed of rotation due to their large number.
  • You can work with any surfaces – both with wooden and metal.
  • Easily removed and installed cartridge by pressing the button.
  • The device has a stopper in a non-working condition. It is convenient for accurate works, as well as when removing the cartridge.
  • Acceptable price of brand instruments Dexter makes them competitive in the market and attractive to users.

Disadvantages have not so many points.

  • Over time, the power of the cartridge clamp can worsens, as a result of which drills and bits can fall out of it.
  • Some consumers noted as minus wear of rubber on the handle of the device, which makes the tool unsuitable for permanent operation.
  • In rare cases, the tool jammed the gearbox that had to change.

Based on the foregoing, the Dexter brand screwdrivers can be considered quite good “players” of the market, which have already established themselves with high-quality and reliable tools suitable for the work of any complexity.

About how to choose a Dexter screwdriver, find out in the following video.

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