DEXTER PERFORATORS: Model Overview, Pros and Cons

Using the perforator allows you to speed up the conduct of many construction work. DExter perforators from Lerua Merlin refer to those power tools that are for the minimum price provide comfortable operation when breaking through and deaf holes, drilling concrete, bricks and other materials.


In order to understand how to highlight the disadvantages and advantages of specific DExter perforators, It is necessary to have a general idea of ​​the signs for which this group of power tools is classified.

  • By power. Powerful power usually varies from 500 to 2000 W. The power of the device directly determines the power of his impact. The stronger the material on which it is planned to produce, the greater the power of the punch.
  • By type of engine placement. Engine accommodation in perforators can be horizontally and vertically. Horizontal models are usually less powerful, but more maneuverable due to the elongated and narrow form. Vertical perforators have greater power and in most cases belong to a professional tool.
  • By shock power. This indicator characterizes the degree of interaction of the perforator with the material to which it affects. This indicator is measured in Joules (J). For example, the strength of the household tools varies between 2.6 to 4.5 J.

  • By number of modes. In addition to the operation of the hardening of the holes, the perforator may have other possibilities. In particular, drilling, blow, drilling with a blow.
  • By type of cartridge. Cartridge is a device for fastening the workshop of the perforator. As a rule, its species determines the size of the nozzle.
  • By speed of wrapping and speed of blows. The rotational speed of the perforators is between 230 to 2300 revolutions per minute. At the same time, professional models have the speed of rotation lower than that of domestic.
  • By weight. For many, this figure is one of the main when the puncher is selected. Lungs are considered models weighing up to 3 kg, weight heavy maybe about 12 kg. It is worth noting the pattern that the larger the power of the perforator, the harder.
  • For additional characteristics. For ease of use, many perforator models are supplied with additional features, such as: speed switch adjustment, reference, soft start, anti-vibration system, switch lock, clutch for protection from a wedge, Vario-Lock (allows you to change the slope of the working surface).

Review of models and customer reviews

Dexter, 1500 W, 5 J

  • Power – 1500 W.
  • Impact force – 5 J.
  • Number of modes – 3.
  • Wrapping speed – 780 rpm.
  • Weight – 8.4 kg.

Additional description – Model is equipped with 3 boots, 2 peaks, drill cartridge.

The stated characteristics of this model suggest that this perforator is great for the stroke of the walls and other durable materials.

The plus of this model is a good anti-vibration system that provides fixation of the instrument in hand and drills in the cartridge.

The minus model can be considered the lack of speed adjustment and safety clutch.

According to buyers’ reviews Perforator Dexter 3, 1500 W, 3.5 J – this is the optimal combination of price and quality. For its capacity, it has a rather low price.

Buyers recommend this model for domestic use.

Dexter, 1100 W, 3.5 J

  • Power – 1100 W.
  • Impact force – 3.5 J.
  • Number of modes – 4.
  • Wrapping speed – 1000 rpm.
  • Weight – 5 kg.

Additional description – the model is equipped with a chisel, a patron, protective coupling.

This model is positioned by the manufacturer as a great version of the manual shock tool for professionals and lovers. This perforator is recommended for drilling in concrete, removal of tiles and drilling for conversion.

The advantages of this model include the presence of a coupling that protects the tool from overloads, and a quick-sample cartridge, which is fixed without a key.

The disadvantage of the model for some masters is its weight, in which it is difficult to perform holes in the ceiling.

In general, customer reviews are about the fact that it is a good device with high power for the minimum price.

Buyers celebrate the presence of a long cord, protective coupling, comfortable handle and case.

Dexter, 800 W, 3 J

  • Power – 800 W.
  • Impact force – 3 J.
  • Number of modes – 4.
  • Wrapping speed – 1100 rpm.
  • Weight – 5.6 kg.

Additional description – the model is equipped with a chisel, patron.

This model is suitable for irregular construction activities. This is the perfect option for those who are not engaged in construction and repair on a professional basis, but sometimes applies a tool for domestic purposes.

The advantages of this model include the low price and the presence of four operating modes: drilling, drilling with impact, crushing, rotation of the chisel, as well as a depthine meter that allows you to monitor the depth of the hole in the process of drilling.

According to consumers reviews, this model is justified for acquisition in order to conduct periodic or one-time repair work in everyday life. Many have tried it to remove the tile and to drill the holes of the peasants in the brick walls.

Rechargeable Li-Ion 18 B

  • Battery voltage – 18 V.
  • Impact force – 1.2 J.
  • Number of modes – 2.
  • Wrapping speed – 850 rpm.
  • Weight – 1.5 kg.

Additional description – The model is equipped with a patron, drills, bits and case.

Purpose of this perforator is operation in the absence of power source. At the same time, in many ways, it is not inferior to more powerful models.

The undoubted advantages of this model include low weight, allowing working in any place and at any height, as well as the presence of wireless power. In addition, the lack of wire makes this perforator more convenient to use.

As deficiencies of the battery perforator, it often indicates its low power and the absence of the installation of a large diameter drill.

Buyers appreciated the compactness of this model and the lack of need to connect to the stationary network. In addition, buyers are satisfied with the low cost of this device.

Perforator review Dexter Power 1050W 3.55 you can see in the video below.

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