Description of wood flour and its use

Wood flour is a fairly popular type of raw material, which is used as part of a variety of human life. Today in our article we will consider in detail the description of this material and its distinctive features.


Generally speaking, wood flour is a powder that consists of scattered granules. This type of raw material is made in strictly defined technical conditions and must comply with the standard GOST. It should be noted the fact that wood flour is created by means of a special mechanical type of processing.

In order to make flour, you can use any wood waste. Most often, in this role, sawdust, chips or hardware. It is also important to know that depending on the raw materials used, woody flour differs in quality and, accordingly, is divided into several varieties: the highest, first and second.

In addition to the qualitative classification of wood flour, there is also a classification of raw material in composition. In this regard, there are three options – coniferous, deciduous and mixed.

At the same time, an exclusively one tree of wood is very rarely used, most often there is a mixture in certain proportions.

Like any other material, wood flour has a number of its unique features:

  • Availability 9 varieties, which differ significantly in their individual characteristics;
  • Natural composition, lack of artificial impurities and additives;
  • variety of flowers, which is determined by a specific variety of wood used;
  • Wide density range, indicators of which vary from 100 kg / m³ to 220 kg / m³;
  • High Gigroscopic properties (This means that wood flour has the ability to absorb undesirable moisture and thereby preserve the optimal conditions in the room);
  • Raw does not lose its qualities during its use;
  • Thixotropic property (T. E. the ability to reduce viscosity from mechanical impact and increase viscosity at rest);
  • High ignition temperature, which is 200 degrees Celsius.

Before purchasing wood flour, it should be carefully examined and evaluated its listed characteristics.

Primary requirements

In order for wood flour to be used by its direct appointment, Raw materials must meet some requirements:

  • Particle size, which are part of the wood powder, should not exceed the indicator in 1.2 mm;
  • In production is allowed to use Only natural materials, Even such substances as anti-epires or antiseptics are unacceptable;
  • For the production of high grade raw materials can be used Waste exceptionally fresh cut trees;
  • for the flour of the highest grade is obligatory Drying procedure and T. D.

Thus, before buying and using the material, it is mandatory, you should make sure that the product you purchase meets all the requirements (for example, you can require the relevant quality certificates). Otherwise it should be refused.

Production technology

First of all, it should be said that The process of making wood flour is quite simple. In addition, it is characterized by low cost. In the production process, you can use both domestic and imported equipment (for example, from Japan). One way or another, in fact, the machine must be a shredder (or mill, or crusher) sawdust, chips or hardware (or any other material from which wood flour is made).

In general, the wood flour production line is a rather promising industry in our state.

As for the direct method of manufacturing and obtaining raw materials, the so-called is most often applied “Dynamic self-grinding”, which is possible due to the effects of strong air flows. In this case, this procedure should proceed at the corresponding air temperature and in compliance with the necessary chemical composition of the air masses in the workshop. After the material was made, the packaging and packaging step occurs.

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Consider a brief instruction on the manufacture of wood flour in industrial conditions.

  1. First of all, It is necessary to choose a suitable wood. Waste sorting is required, not used rotten, harsh or infected with pests or disease material.
  2. Next happens the process of crushing the tree until, Until you see the necessary mild texture.
  3. Wet mild mass Dusts drying procedure.


As mentioned above, there are 9 brands of wood flour, indicators and characteristics of which are governed by GOST. Each brands have its own conditional digital or letter designation: 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 250, T, 560, 1250.

In the process of acquiring a tree powder, it is important to pay attention to the color designation of labels. With an increase in the number that is typical for the brand, the particle size increases from which the powder consists.

For industrial (or any other purposes), it is possible to use wood flour made in Russia or the material that entered our country due to imports. Consider several popular material manufacturers.

  1. Forest complex company Working since 1999. During its existence on the market, she has already managed to conquer consumer confidence. The range includes not only wood flour, but also a large number of concomitant products.
  2. Firm “Horizon” is one of the major wood flour producers. Brand is located in Yoshkar-Ola.
  3. Brand Novomix – This is a Novosibirsk company that manufactures innovative building materials.

Scope of application

Generally speaking, wood flour applies in various spheres of human life. So, for example, it is used in glues, in the garden, for the DPK, for the production of such goods as bulk and handling goods, also add it to carbolitis, etc. If we generalize, then you can allocate 2 main areas of wood flour.

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Wood flour is often used to produce titanium Belil, which, in its essence, are a popular and widespread food additive. In addition, the wood raw materials are made by cellulose, which, in turn, is used in the process of producing materials such as: Electrodes for welding, construction plasterboard, ceramics, finishing mixes, linoleum, etc.

Fertilizer and feed

Another important scope of wood powder – fertilizer for plants and animal feed. So, by wood flour, soil looser and fertilize heavy soils. In addition, the raw materials can grow mushrooms, seedlings and t. D.

As for the feed use of the material, in this respect it is necessary to note the fact that wood flour is a component that has a positive effect on animal digestion.

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