Description of roots for rubble and their choice

Description of roots for rubble can be very important when choosing such equipment. There are mobile vibration crashes on a caterpillar and other species. It is necessary to deal with the device of models for the separation of rubble from garbage and with the principle of their work.

general description

Called the roar for rubble offered Special device that consists of 1 or more vibrating sieves. With this technique Confidently separated loose substances, sorting them by the magnitude of the fraction. Even the simplest apparatus provides mass separation into a smaller and large part. This is usually enough for separation from garbage. In most cases, the sorting effect is applied in a close conchion with crushing (disintegration) in adjacent technological installations.

The purpose of the screening may be obtaining material of a certain degree of size. It is the one that is needed for further technological manipulations, or to return overly large masses to refine. But this operation may come and for the separation of commercial rubble with a given level. Such actions are carried out to obtain particularly accurate factions of the substance.

The principle of operation of any screen consists in concussing the material on the surface of the technical sieve, so that it is sorted especially efficiently.


The inertial version of the roots is equipped with a single vibrating drive. This power plant allows the device to perform orbital vertical oscillations. So that the material moves along the sieve, the box is put at a certain angle to the horizon line. This angle cannot be less than 7 or more than 17 degrees. Along with vibration, also self-balanced models are allocated.

They use a couple of drives, which in relation to each other are in antiphase. The box will fluctuate straight. Such a model, in addition to sorting the material, provides simultaneously and move it over the surface of the screening part. As a result, the installation is also horizontally, and simply under a minor angle to the horizon line. Self-balanced technique more accurately sorts crushed stone on the size, but the total current consumption increases.

In some cases, the so-called “detergents” screens are in demand, which serves a large amount of water. The liquid used for the sink of rubble in the future it will be necessary to somehow recycle, and the processed product – to dry. The difference may concern other techniques. So, vibrationrochots are equipped with sieves with different cell geometry. Most often it is a square or a rectangle, since this decision was considered optimal from a engineering point of view.

Sita rubble used in the process of cleaning are performed from wear-resistant materials. Along with the usual steel, steel is often used, lined rubber. In some cases, there are particularly persistent brands of polyurethane.

Vibrating screens can recycle raw materials at least 0.3 mm and a maximum of 300 mm, and the performance of technology ranges from 300 kg to 1200 tons per hour.

Stationary models of roars for rubble are very productive. They are installed by long-term preparatory work and the construction of the foundation. Mobile devices arrive at the right place independently and can proceed to work. However, their performance will be less. Moving devices can be based on a caterpillar or on wheels.

Wheel use provides high maneuverability. They allow us to facilitate the design and thereby simplify the appeal to it. But for working in careers it is necessary to use tracked cars that are more rack for negative impacts. Working surfaces of drum valves spin around the axis. Vibrating systems use a specialized vibrating unit.

Tips for choosing

First of all, you need to pay attention to:

  • target cutting;
  • the magnitude of the sifting surfaces;
  • actual performance;
  • Efficiency of the work of the screen;
  • moisture content of basic raw materials;
  • dry or wet variant of screens;
  • the ability of raw materials is washed;
  • geometry pieces of material;
  • The geometric structure of the cells (this nuance is necessary to consider).

Defined for independent screensing devices perform excellent sorting. And also the technique can be designed for the preliminary (before shipping to the crushing machine) or the control (after its passage) screens. Finally, there is also a combined processing mode. We must definitely find out what a specific sample is capable of. When evaluating productivity and efficiency, the engineers analyze:

  • granulometric structure of the pulmonary mass;
  • humidity of raw materials;
  • the magnitude and shape of the cells;
  • frequencies and amplitudes of fluctuations performed;
  • device size;
  • Physical and mechanical characteristics of the material being processed.

The more dry crushed stone is planned to sift, the faster it will overcome the cells of the sieve. Of course, it will directly affect the total performance. It should be borne in mind that the screens can handle the material or land of 20% or wetter 40%. In the interval between these values, the passage of raw materials is impossible through a sieve, because the parameters do not correspond to neither dry or wet screaming. Ideally, you should consider the balance between achievable performance and technical efficiency, and not absolutize one of these moments.

Among the parameters of the sifting surfaces there is nothing significant sequence. So refer to the proportion between the total area of ​​the holes and the space on which they are. The higher this parameter, the more effective the system.

The magnitude of individual cells, like their form, is selected primarily by economic considerations and the value of the required performance. Professionals advise paying attention to even weather conditions during operation and other external influences.

It is necessary to find out whether it will be easy to replace the sifting surface. Its dimensions should change when changing the particle size characteristics of the material being processed. Welded or made of wire sieve wear extremely quickly. Received by the pin or stamping product is more durable.

The highest wear resistance is guaranteed by rubber and polyurethane models.

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