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During various construction work, all sorts of fastening elements are used. Widespread use at the same time found clamps. They allow you to connect different parts with each other, providing maximum sealing. Today we will talk about such products manufactured by Norma.


Clamps of this brand are high-quality and reliable fastening structures, which are undergoing special testing in front of the market. These clamps have a special labeling, as well as the indication of the material from which they are produced. Elements are available in accordance with the statutors of the German standard DIN

Norma products have a protective zinc coating that does not allow it to rust in the process of long-term operation. Today, the company produces a large number of different variations of the clamp.

Under this brand, a variety of types of such products are available. All of them differ not only in their main design features, but also in size diameter. Such fasteners were widely used in the automotive industry, in the work related to the installation of plumbing, when installing electricians. They make it possible to create a strong connection with your own hands. Many models do not require the use of special equipment to install them.

Assortment overview

Mark Norma produces several varieties of clamps.

  • Worm. Such models consist of two main components: tape with notches and a castle with a worm screw in the inside. When rotating the screw, the ribbon is moving towards compression or rally. These multifunctional options can be suitable for different operating conditions at large loads. Samples are distinguished by a special tensile strength, the maximum uniform load distribution over the entire length. Worm varieties are considered standard for connecting hoses. They are made of high quality steel, which is additionally covered by special zinc-aluminum application, opposing the formation of corrosion and improving the service life. Worm models have an absolutely smooth inner surface and special beaded ribbon edges. This design allows you to protect the surface of the fixed parts when tagging. A screw that can easily rotate provides the most strong fixation of the connected nodes.

  • Spring. Such models of clamp consist of a strip of special spring steel. It is produced with two small protruding ends, employees for engagement. These elements are used to fix nozzles, hoses that are used in heating or cooling plants. To install the spring element, you need to slide a little tips for engagement – it is possible to do it with the help of the passage, pliers. Spring varieties support the necessary fixation, as well as sealing. At high pressure indicators, they are not worth using them. Such clamps with temperature fluctuations, expansion are capable of sealing the system, adjusting to it due to spring design.

  • Force. This type of fastening is also called tape or bolt. These samples can be used to connect hoses or pipelines. They are able to easily withstand significant loads under conditions of constant vibration, vacuum or too large pressure, sharp temperature differences. Power models are the most reliable and durable among all clamps. They contribute to the uniform distribution of the total load, in addition, such fasteners are distinguished by a special level of durability. Power varieties are also divided into two separate groups: single-bolted and two-born. These elements made of high-quality stainless steel are made. The design itself of such a clamp includes a non-removable strut, bolt, ribbons, brackets and a small bridge with a prevention option. The edges of the ribbon have a rounded form, which prevents possible hose damage. Most often, these reinforced products are used in mechanical engineering and agriculture.

  • Pipe. Such reinforced species of fasteners are a small design consisting of a durable ring or brackets with another additional connecting element (stud, screwed up bolt). Clamp pipe models are most often used to fix sewage mains or pipes intended for water supply. As a rule, they are produced from durable stainless steel, which will not lose their quality when constant contact with water.

It is necessary to highlight clamps equipped with a special rubber seal. Such an additional gasket is placed in the inside of the circumference. Rubber layer performs several important functions at once. So, it is able to prevent emerging noise effects. And the element significantly reduces the power of vibrations during operation and increases the level of tightness of the connection. But the cost of such clamps will be much higher compared with standard samples.

As well as Today, special repair clamps are available for pipes. They are intended for operational installation in emergency situations. Such fasteners will allow you to quickly eliminate leak, and it will not be necessary to make a drain of water and reset the pressure in the general system.

Repair clamps can be several types. One-sided model has the appearance of a U-shaped product equipped with a transverse jumper. Similar types it is better to use only in the case of minor leaks.

Double-sided species include 2 semiring, which are interconnected by means of tie bolts. This option is considered the simplest, therefore it will be the minimum cost. Multi-storey models include 3 or more compound elements. They are used to quickly eliminate leaks in pipes having a significant diameter.

The manufacturer also produces special models of Norma Cobra clamps. They have a kind of solid design without screw. Such samples are used to connect in close and narrow spaces. They can be quickly installed with their own hands.

Norma Cobra have special capture points intended for mounting equipment. In addition, they make it possible to adjust the diameter of the product. Clamps of this type provide strong and reliable fastening.

You can mark the models of Norma AS. They are designed to connect exhaust pipes. Samples were widely used in the automotive industry and in similar areas with similar fasteners. The element is quite easy to assemble, it protects products from mechanical damage, and also provides maximum connection strength. Detail can easily withstand sharp temperature fluctuations.

Norma BSL samples are used to connect pipes and cable systems. They have a simple, but reliable design in the form of a bracket. Standardly they have labeling W1 (made of high-quality galvanized steel).

Norma FBS clamps are applied in cases where it is necessary to combine high temperature drop hoses with each other. These parts have a special dynamic connection that can be independently adjusted if necessary. They belong to special spring types. After installation, fasteners provides automatic hose pulling. Even at the lowest temperatures, the clamp allows you to maintain a large clamping force. Mounting products can be manually, sometimes done by pneumatic equipment.

All clamps may differ from each other depending on the size – they can be found in a separate table. Standard values ​​of the diameters of such fasteners begin with 8 mm, the maximum size reaches 160 mm, although there are models and with other indicators.

The most wide dimensional line is available in worm models of clamps. They can be almost any diameters. Spring products may have a diameter value from 13 to 80 mm. In force clamps, he can achieve even 500 mm.

Manufacturer company NORMA produces clamps in sets of 25, 50, 100 pieces. At the same time in each set there are only certain types of such fasteners.


Before buying Norma clamps, it is recommended to pay special attention to the product labeling. It can be found on the surface of the fasteners themselves. It includes the designation of the material from which the products are made.

The W1 indicator suggests that galvanized steel used for the production of clamps. The designation W2 indicates the use of stainless steel tape, a bolt for this species is made of galvanized steel. W4 means the clamps are completely made of stainless steel.

In the next video, the Norma spring clamps is told.

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