Description of grudge nails and their use

Description of rubbed nails is very important to know all who are interested in construction and repair topics. It is useful to understand why 90 mm galvanized nails are needed for neulera and other options for the aircraft. It is also worth explosion of information from a specialized guest.

Description of grudge nails and their use

Description of grudge nails and their use


Brown nails accepted called Special category of methov. Along their rod is located in a special way performed Cross notch. Such a component of the nail helps him Provide a fairly reliable ligament even in loose and unstable materials. Since the production of metis is covered with a layer of zinc; it turns out to be sufficiently reliable. Additionally increase the connection efficiency helps the low cone shape head.

Herried nail perfectly tolerate even the combined effects of concussions, vibration oscillations and dermisses. Ordinary hardware, for comparison, even with the action of one of these factors, may lose its reference qualities. Round-shaped “Yershi”, entering the tree, repel fibers. The power of inertia makes them seek to return to its original position.

By side effect is the increase in the binding fortress of layers even soft materials in 4 or 5 times.

Description of grudge nails and their use

The cone-shaped head mentioned above without problems is taken into a tree. After that, pulling the nail is greatly complicated. Attempts to pull it out to turn a breakdown of a hats or the most hourly. Summing up, it is worth noting that such products:

  • Sustainable and reliable;
  • operated for a long time;
  • Stably transfer corrosion exposure.

Description of grudge nails and their use

Description of grudge nails and their use


Nails with a notch can be obtained using steel wire. It relates to light-pulling type either undergoes zinc layer by diffusion. The second option allows you to increase the protection against destruction and extend the service time. Length of grid galvanized nails can be 2-10 cm. Their cross section varies from 0.2 to 0.45 cm.

But not all such hardware are equally in demand. Many people buy diffuse and galvanized products with dimensions of 6.5×0,335 cm. They are needed to edit 22 mm wind separations on rafal farms and produce other carpentry work. Prettyly used nails based on light-pull metal (dimensions of 5×0,265 cm). Such products are used to secure leaf finishing materials on the floor.

Description of grudge nails and their use

Description of grudge nails and their use

It is also worth mentioning the division on:

  • marked;
  • having a cone-shaped head;
  • Pallet species (nail with a flat hat);
  • Cassette variety of nails.

Last type is located in plastic tape compartments. It is not manually used and designed only for working with a pneumatic gun. As for roofing grudge nails, they allow us to fix not only sheet metal and rubberoid.

Some companies produce fasteners of this kind and soft tiles. True, it is necessary to carefully clarify whether a specific copy is intended specifically.

Description of grudge nails and their use

Description of grudge nails and their use


A sufficient variety of areas of use of such fasteners makes manufacturers offer a variety of dimensions. In the labeling, the length of a particular nail and a cross section of the rod. It should be borne in mind that the last indicator is inferior to the diameter of the cutting by 10-16%. It is best to present the basic parameters this table will help:


Pieces per 100 g

Mass 100 pcs, kg






















Description of grudge nails and their use

Description of grudge nails and their use

With the amount of 3.9 per 90 mm, 100 grams will weigh 14.3 such nails, 100 pieces “pulled” by 1,007 kg. Important: Galvanized products will be harder just due to an insulating anti-corrosion layer. Basic technical parameters are controlled by GOST 283-75. It provides information about the necessary accuracy of parameters and user properties. Although the standard was accepted back in 1975, he retains his relevance.

The standard prescribes the use of wire obtained from steel with low carbon content. Additional heat treatment is not recommended. Finished wire has a square cross section.

The focus on the preparation of the standard was paid to the geometric parameters of methization. The fact is that the practice has shown – they are much more significant than the resistance of the loads or the portable bending effort.

Description of grudge nails and their use

Checking nails is carried out on random samples from each batch. The party is recognized, in the sample of which disturbances are found no more often 0.5%. Most often try to navigate such properties:

  • deviations of the alignment in relation to the rod – in diameter;
  • scattering the values ​​of the section and length – according to the norms of GOST 3282-74;
  • Hat round violation – in accordance with the diameter (so, if the cross section of the nail 3 mm, the deviation from an ideally round shape of the cap can be no more than 0.4 mm);
  • mandatory smoothness of the head unit;
  • pointed angles (on the edges of the tip) – a maximum of 40 degrees;
  • corresponding to the length of the nail rod of deflection.

Description of grudge nails and their use

Scope of application

Galvanized brown nails, as already mentioned, in demand by carpenters, builders and repairmen. They are much better than usual suitable for hard structures, such as:

  • Prefabricated pallets;
  • forests and flooring on construction sites;
  • Black and face floors;
  • assemblies from a wooden base and perforated metal part;
  • Roofing dorel.

They are also necessary when performing the following tasks:

  • Preparation of packaging containers;
  • decoration of walls and ceilings;
  • Installation of slopes in windows and boxes at the door.

Description of grudge nails and their use

Description of grudge nails and their use

Nails for neurors differ in the scope of application – and this is primarily expressed in different lengths. Frame hardware in length can reach 9 cm. At the trim, this indicator is up to 6 cm. And on the roof goes fasteners with large caps. For the drum-type aircraft, the drum nails are designed; These hardware fastens wire or plastic shell.

The need to apply rubbed nails when assembling a wooden packaging quite explained. Its inevitably at some stage will be twisted, push the movers – if only because they have to perform the work quickly. And only reliable fasteners helps in such a situation. Where the ripped nail is drunk, the total connection strength will be 5 times higher than when using standard fasteners.

But it is necessary to understand that the impossibility of extracting methization with notches does not allow to completely refuse traditional building nails.

Description of grudge nails and their use

Description of grudge nails and their use

In the next video, we will look at one of the use of a grudge nail for fastening perforated fasteners.

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