Description of electric saws

Among a number of various professional and household instruments to a separate category of eco-friendly and high-performance devices, electric models of saws should be attributed. A similar tool is pretty in demand during construction or repair work related to the wood. Thanks to him, you can perform the tasks of both indoors and outside.


Works with wooden products and materials are carried out by various tools, however, the electric saw in this assortment is allocated due to its multifunctionality and performance. This is due to the number of features that are inherent in the power tool to work with the tree.

  • The device does not require use for refueling various fuel. This significantly reduces the cost of work where the saw was operated.
  • As practice shows, the tool is quite unpretentious in maintenance and easy to use.
  • Comfort During operation, electric saw was also associated with the fact that the device makes several noise in working condition.
  • The tool configuration allows the electrical saw-free inventory, since the unit does not select any exhaust gases. This feature makes it possible to carry out various work with a saw not only outside, but also indoors, which is largely expanding the functionality of the instrument.
  • The electrical device for cutting will operate at any temperature, in contrast to some analogs, for example, gasoline units that have problems starting at negative temperatures.

However, the main feature of the tool is complete dependence on the power supply. But today, most of the construction facilities and workshops are equipped with electricity, so electroplating problems, as a rule, does not occur.

Principle of operation

The algorithm of the electrical units for cutting wooden materials depends on the type and configuration of the device. So, disk options function with a closed type handle that provides comfortable operation. And the cutting of raw materials occurs due to the rotating disk canvas, where its lower part acts as a cutting element.

Chain electrical instruments function on the principle of an infinitely closed chain that is equipped with interconnected cutting parts. This part of the instrument moves on a certain trajectory and performs longitudinal sections on the working canvas.

Chain jigsaws are mini-chain saws, as a part for cutting in the instrument there are chain three-row saws that rotate along a closed trajectory.

Electric saws of a tree-type tree involve the principle of operation based on the movement of the cantilever hacksaw blade, which makes reciprocating movements with a certain frequency at the specified direction.

Types and their appointment

Classification of saws on the electric type tree involves dividing devices based on their destination. Therefore, the tool is household and professional. The last option has much higher performance, but with this characteristic also increases the cost of products.

By level of mobility, the following types of inventory can be distinguished:

  • manual units that can be operated everywhere without binding to the place;
  • Stationary models.

Based on the configuration, the water saws are several species.


Such devices are notable for creating a perfectly smooth cut without jar from the inside on the material. The tool is pretty popular with various construction work. Circular saws are capable of handling dense materials, household devices can make wood cuts with a diameter of up to 50 mm. According to its constructive device, the tool is a mechanism of two components: the first option is the engine, and in the role of the second part protruding the cutting canvas. Professional saws can additionally be equipped with a disk rotation speeds system, laser pointer or dust collector.

    There are modifications that can be installed to the bed – as a result, the mini saw of the machine type will turn out. Circular can be gear and unprecedented – based on this feature, it is possible to adjust the angle and depth of the cut.


    These models are considered useful for use when cutting trees, wood harvesting, work of public utilities. Sometimes similar devices are used on construction sites. Today, there are modifications of chain units for working with wood, in which instead of the cutting element in the form of a chain there is a tape from high-strength steel alloy.

      All chain chain characteristics are directly dependent on the cutting element.


      The second name of the similar tool – cutting devices of pendulum type. These saws are not highlighted by a significant depth of cutting – as a rule, this parameter does not exceed 6-7 centimeters. Such power tools are in demand for cutting a figure type in situations where the manual jigsik can not cope. This usually concerns repair and household work in residential premises.

        Also logging saws can be prepared for the work of the wood-based materials (laminate or chipboard).

        Sabel power tools

        Such devices are in demand for cutting wood and wood-containing raw materials in the already collected structures, as well as in hard-to-reach places in construction sites. The tool is highlighted by a good level of performance and high speed of rotation of the cutting mechanism, which protrudes in length of about 10-30 centimeters. Most often, professional builders acquire such a model for work.


          A more advanced analogue of the previous species, which has the same functional features, in the light of which appointment of the tool is cut structures in hard-to-reach areas. The quality of the work performed by such a tool is highlighted by good indicators. For household needs, such devices are not used, because, for example, for cutting firewood from the unit will not be enough power.

          Rating models

          Today the market shows a large range of electric saw for wood from domestic and foreign manufacturers. It is worth highlight the most sought-after models.

            DDE CSE2216

            American Asian assembly assembly unit with 2230 W. Refers to the class of universal tool, the device is equipped with a saw blade with a diameter of 400 mm. It has been highlighted in its small mass forming 4.5 kilograms. In addition, the model has an externally attractive and ergonomic design. However, the tool is quite sensitive to the voltage jumps in the network, in the light of which the saw is not recommended to operate in areas with frequent drops in the supply of electricity.

              Bosch AKE 30 s

              The tool is highlighted by its performance and high quality German assembly. The model has a small mass constituting only 4 kilograms, which facilitates the operation of the saw. Aggregate is equipped with a disk with a diameter of 300 mm. Among the features of the equipment it is worth highlighting the automatic lubricant supply to the cutting headset.

                Makita UC4530A / 5M

                Japanese saw, which has deserved great popularity in the light of their high performance. The engine power of the device is 2000 W, mass in the base assembly – 4.4 kilograms. The device practically does not vibrate during the work, in addition, has a high level of balancing.

                  Champion 118-14

                  Good work equipment that is distinguished by a low cost. Power tools can be operated in the professional field or to perform work in household conditions, including cutting firewood. Also the unit can be quickly and easily cutting branches in the process of care of garden crops. Pilas perfectly copes with tasks concerning construction and repair work. The mass of the model is 4 kilograms, the saw configuration is highlighted by its simplicity and convenience.

                  How to choose?

                  The priority task during the selection of an electric tool for working with a tree is to determine the clear goal of its further operation, since this equipment line can be useful in the household sphere, and during professional repair and construction activities.

                  It is also important to pay attention to the engine power in the unit. For personal needs, it is possible to restrict ourselves to the figure of 1000-2000 W, and for more serious work, you need to select the most powerful devices for sawing wood. In addition, the aggregates with a powerful engine are usually less sensitive to differentials in electrical networks, which extends their operational period.

                  If the saw is bought for frequent use, it is worth focusing on the engine placement in the device. Models with longitudinal location will be more convenient to operate, as another additional advantage in such modifications, electroopers also perform balancing.

                  It is worth identifying and how in the selected model of chain instruments is carried out adjustment of the chain tension. It is best that this process can be carried out without disassembling the mechanism. As a rule, the adjustment of the position is carried out using a lever placed on the tool housing.

                  It will be more correct to select devices equipped with an automatic lubrication system.

                  User manual

                  The principle of working with electrical equipment does not represent special difficulties, in addition, the aggregates can be operated inside the object or outside. The main question is the length of the electrocable, which is often limited.

                  During the operation of the electrical device, an important point is to comply with the rules of security, therefore, for work with a saw at a high level of humidity, there are quite tight restrictions.

                  During the use of saws, to eliminate premature breakdowns, tool manufacturers recommend controlling the oil level in the mechanism Before each launch. In addition, the maintenance of the cord itself and the fork of the device is subject to compulsory control. To eliminate the risk of a short circuit in the unit to store all models of electric saws recommended in heat, without sudden temperature drops and high humidity.

                  If necessary, replacing working parts in the tool all manipulations need to be carried out with a de-energized unit.

                  It is also important to exploit the tool in clothes that will fit tightly to the body, without unnecessary free parts. In addition, the operator should have shoes with rubberized sole. In order to avoid jamming disk models, the electric saw should not be operated by the aggregate with cutting canvases containing defects or too worn out, which can also lead to engine overheating.

                  More about electric chain saws you will learn from the video.

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