Description and selection of garden gloves

With the arrival of the warmth of the year, each dachnik begins to buy all the necessary inventory to care for the garden. One of the most important attributes are gloves. They are very different: cheap, expensive, may differ externally, material manufacturing, size and appointment. In this article, we will consider a description of different types of garden gloves, we define their features, selection criteria.


For someone, garden gloves are not a necessary attribute for the gardening process, but still they are very necessary. These products not only prevent pollution, but also provide the necessary hand protection from injury. For example, in the process of roses or trimming trees, injury is easier than simple, and if you work in gloves, this can be avoided.

If you select and buy good and high-quality products, you are not terrible corn and the consequences of their appearance.

Experienced gardeners argue that Gloves should be a few pairs, each for a certain type of work.

Review of species

Considering the fact that the demand for cottage gloves today is quite large, manufacturers produce different types of this attribute. Of course, the main difference of all such goods is the material of manufacture. Based on this criterion, all garden gloves are separated by several categories.

Thin latex

They are made of material that is resistant to alkaline and acid substances. They are safe for skin. In such gloves, you can perform easy simple work, for example, sorting out seeds or landing seedlings. Mechanical and complex operations cannot be made in them, since their strength is insufficient. They cost cheap, but, unfortunately, can cause an allergic reaction.

Thin nitrile

According to the characteristics, they are very similar to latex gloves. The only thing that gloves with nitrile coating differ is density and stability. They are designed to perform various types of work. They do not provoke the manifestation of an allergic reaction.


This type of gloves are made of pork skin or any cattle. They are durable, wear-resistant, comfortable, well protect the skin of the hands from various types of damage. As well as spilkov garden gloves, characteristics like heat resistance and moisture resistance are characteristic of. They are the perfect option when trimming shrubs, roses or other spiny plants.


These gloves are most often used in the process of planting or harvesting. They are very convenient to work on Earth. They are pretty dense and prevent the appearance of corns in their arms. Of course, the maximum protection against falling into the hands of dirt they do not guarantee, moisture resistance and them not at the highest level, but this model is inexpensive and affordable.

Such gloves can be bought absolutely in any economic store.

If you prefer to work in them to protect your hands from damage, you need to wear another, for example, latex or nitrile.


This is one of the newest models that are based on cotton gloves. They are distinguished by the presence of latex coating or PVC spraying. Tool gloves are very dense, prevent dirt and moisture in the hands. But this accessory has one weighty deficiency – hands in them very quickly sweat, it becomes inconvenient to work.


Some of the most durable and reliable, but also expensive. This is the perfect option for work with roses, gooseberries, blackberry and other prickly plants. In most cases, such models are made combined, that is, not completely leather. For sewing cuffs use any tissue, increased density, and here for fingers and palms use skin.

Compacted (for trimming)

To work with barbed shrubs, it is best to purchase dense and long gloves that will ensure maximum hand protection from cuts and scratches. For the manufacture of such models, different materials can be used – cotton, microfiber, artificial leather, polyester or textiles.


They are in great demand for summer residents. Such gloves can fully replace some garden inventory, such as small rake for flower beds.

For their production, the “breathable” material, which guarantees air penetration and prevents unwanted sweating.

The model is equipped with durable tips in the field of fingers.

Knitted rubber

The models of rubber or knitwear are not very in demand. Therefore, manufacturers decided to combine these two material and create a high-quality and reliable product. This is a knit model with a rubber layer. The skin of the hands in such gloves “breathes”, does not sweat, protected from pollution. It is convenient to work in them.


Such an accessory is great for working on the street in cool weather. As a heater uses wool, pile, muton, fur or synthetic filler. They are characterized by the presence of PVC inserts and silicone linings.

They are moisture-proof, comfortable and comfortable in their work, have excellent thermal conductivity.

In addition to the above species of garden gloves, there are many other. They are all different, but it should be understood that the better than the material of the manufacture, the longer product.

To date, the consumer market presents a wide range of garden gloves, as well as many and their manufacturers. How among all the diversity, choose a good? To somehow simplify you choose, we want to offer several of the most popular brands that make durable and durable gloves.

  • Fiskars. The company’s products are characterized by strength, excellent protective features and wear resistance. It should also be noted that the Fiskars gloves, with the right choice of size, feel fine, do not make moves and allow the skin to breathe. They do not even rush in conditions of difficult, long and exhausting work in the garden, in the garden, and, of course, with roses. For the manufacture of garden gloves, the manufacturer uses exclusively modern, high-quality and safe materials. The consumer’s demand is used by Fiskars 1003478 and 160004 models. On the official website of the manufacturer can be found with all assortment, pick up gloves for any type of work and season.

  • GARDENA. Another of the famous manufacturers who has proven itself very well. The company produces garden gloves to work with shrubs and prickly plants. Gloves are made of durable material, perfectly protect their hands, very comfortable and comfortable in use. They do not roll the movement, the hands feel well the subject that take. Each model is characterized by the presence of an additional sealing layer in the fingertip area. Very often, consumers buy models such as Gardena 7S for working with roses and trimming shrubs, Gardena 7 / S agriculture gloves.

Important! Such manufacturers like Berta, Lux-Tools, Palisad.

How to choose?

From the right choice of garden gloves, how well they will cope with their destination. First of all, you need to know that they must comply with certain requirements, namely:

  • ensure maximum protection of the skin of the hands, prevent dirt from entering;
  • well lay down to hand;
  • Do not interfere with the hand freely move;
  • gloves should be breathable to breathe skin;
  • allow hands to sense objects.

    When choosing, you need to take into account the type of work for which the accessory, glove characteristics, manufacturer are bought. It is necessary to purchase better and quality products, even if their cost will be higher, but they will be wear-resistant and serve for a long time. Before buying, make sure you have no allergies to materials from which gloves are made. It is very important, because the consequences can be unpleasant. If you are allergic to latex, and in the process of work your hands also sweat, wounds can form on their hands, and a hike to the hospital is provided. Work work, but you need to think about health first.

    About gloves for garden and garden look next.

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