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Currently, the decorative mosaic is very big among consumers. With the help of such a material, you can add a highlight to the interior, make the room more spectacular. It is actively used for the design of various premises: from bathrooms to bedrooms. Thanks to a wide range, there will be no good work to find a suitable design example of a mosaic design for decorating an apartment or a house in any style.


Mosaic panel is in fashion. It combines practicality with a luxurious appearance, which has always been appreciated and was relevant in the design of residential premises. The main advantages of mosaic are the following features:

  • Wide range of. Modern manufacturers offer their customers a wide variety of tiles. It can be complex compositions that are ideal for designing rooms in a classic or traditional style, or simpler models that emphasize the comfort of modern room.
  • Performance. Due to the fact that the mosaic is a canvas consisting of small tiles, it is extremely convenient for facing objects with a rounded or uneven surface. This makes the interior of the room even more spectacular, and in some cases it even helps to hide undesirable defects.

  • Many use options. Using tiles, you can lay out a whole composition, starting from images of something, simply complex patterns and ending with the template display or monochrome panel.
  • Practical qualities. Modern mosaic has high moisture resistance and durability, which allows it to preserve the aesthetics of the appearance for a long time. In addition, the surface is well sufficiently wet cleaning with means for washing glass coatings or tiles.

Modern collections have very interesting models that differ in each other by certain parameters: size, material, form and so on.

When placing rooms, these nuances should be taken into account and select the optimal options that the interior design most brightly emphasize and will make it more cozy – and at the same time luxurious.

How to issue?

To date, the mosaic is actively used in the design of various residential premises. Modern designers when decorating the room are often accessible to the already proven, popular ways to decorate elements of furniture and walls, which bring in the interior of chic and elegance. Especially often the tile is part of the bathroom decor (at the expense of its operational qualities). There are the following design options:

  • Bathroom screen decoration. This is a fashionable designer stroke, which is used when creating bathroom design small sizes. As a rule, this is the use of tiles of different colors of the color palette, which are as close as possible to the range of the rest of the interior of the room. This option unobtrusively emphasizes the design and makes the appearance of the room more interesting.
  • Wall decoration. Often the owners of apartments decide to replace the usual monophonic tile with a bright set of small tiles. So it turns out to “revive” the room and give it a more spectacular view. For the decor you can choose one wall or a few, as well as a ceiling or floor.

Other premises

Other suitable for design mosaic from ceramics room – kitchen. Thanks to this decor element, it looks expensive and very effectively, which is especially like to taste the owner of a private house. The following decoration options are very popular:

  • Decoration of the kitchen corner. As a rule, this is part between the tabletop and mounted cabinets. Due to the interesting design with tiles of small size or unusual form, you can give the kitchen brightness, completed.
  • Decoration of the island in the kitchen. The tabletop in the middle of the kitchen can also become a suitable object for design mosaic. So you can select an additional zone and indicate it an interesting pattern in design.
  • Floor design. Many modern designers are confident that the floor in the kitchen is worth using a tile. Small tiles emphasize the interior of the room and will make it even more luxurious, and will also provide practicality and comfort during cleaning.

Less frequently mosaic is used in the design of such residential premises as a living room and a bedroom. Designers often dilute the interior with a variety of objects, when decorating a mosaic was used. It is usually mirrors, lamps, coffee tables.

        Recently, the exterior finish of the facade of a private house in small tiles becomes relevant. It looks extremely interesting and unusual. Usually, the mosaic in this case is not drawn up not the whole wall, but only the bottom (or make a variety of window decor and veranda).

        Decorative mosaic conquers popularity every year. It becomes suitable for both internal and exterior finishes.

        About how to put a mosaic right, look next.

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