Cutting aluminum profile

Cutting of metal profile has long ceased to be an impossible task. Today there are a lot of tools and devices with which you can easily cope with such work processes. In this article we will find out how the cutting of the aluminum profile can be implemented.

Overview of compact equipment

Cutting aluminum profile can be carried out by various devices. For instance, In the preparation of such material for further installation of drywall, compact devices are most convenient and practical in operation. Many masters prefer to use such equipment as it does not occupy a lot of space, easily transferred from place to place, and to work with it do not have to make a lot of extra effort.

Consider the main features of the most popular compact devices, with which you can cut an aluminum profile.


Not in all cases there is the possibility of using electrical equipment with the purpose of cutting a metal profile. We are talking about tools like an end saw. For this reason, masters often have to do easier tools. Most Popular and Practical Fixture – Metal Hands. Through this device, it turns out to cut a sheet material and a moderate thickness profile. Cutting always start to do from the ribs, and then act on the back side. Complete on the side.

Metal hacksaw has a lot of positive qualities that make it comfortable and practical.

  • A similar tool is characterized by a very low weight. Due to this, during the cutting of the aluminum profile, the masters do not get tired and do not begin to hurt.
  • Work with the tool in question is extremely simple. Disassemble the principle of operation of the metal hacksaws.
  • In itself, this adaptation is inexpensive. Metal hacksaws are sold in many stores. In most of them, this tool has more than a democratic price tag.
  • The efficiency of the hacksaw can be compared with the efficiency of electric jigsaw. Of course, working with a hand tool, the Master has more time and effort.

Of the minuses it is worth noting the following.

  • A lot of time is spent on working on cutting metal.
  • In the course of cutting a profile from aluminum, he may be subject to deformation.
  • Working with hacksaw, the master will need to maintain an aluminum profile. In this case, the clarity of the work will not be guaranteed.


Cut metal parts even easier if there are special scissors in the toolkit. The process is extremely simple: it is enough to first place an aluminum profile, and then cut it on the intended lines.

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Metal scissors also have their positive qualities. Get acquainted with them.

  • Through scissors, the metal is cut faster than in the case of applying hacksaw.
  • Metal scissors are inexpensive and sold in many stores, which speaks of their availability.
  • If a qualitative tool, and the master acts correctly, you can get very good and accurate results.

Scissors for metal are not deprived of certain flaws.

  • At the time of moving through the fins of the workpiece, the risk of care from the applied markup line. Because of this, the billet itself is noticeably spoiled or its bend.
  • Before cutting an aluminum profile, you will need to practice a little on the “draft” blanks that are not sorry to spoil. We have to learn a little to cut the metal perfectly correctly and accurately, and this is extra temporary costs.


Excellent tool, distinguished by quite good functionality. Through the grinder aluminum profile can be cut as simple as possible and quickly. Of course, For cutting you will need to use not grinding, but with cutting circles. It will take to choose a snap-in, which is characterized by a small thickness parameter. Only this way can be as much as possible losses in the material.

Conducting work with a grinder, the master will necessarily need to take advantage of protective means to protect the eyes and skin from hitting them.

Such a popular tool like Bulgarian has a number of weighty advantages.

  • Through the grinder, the master can make a very accurate, loyal cut. At the same time, it will take quite a bit.
  • Such equipment is relatively inexpensive and manufactured by many famous brands. In stores you can find the Bulgarian as a budget and very expensive category.
  • Working with the tool in question does not require a major effort.
  • Special equipment designed to work with an aluminum profile, is designed for a long service life. It should not require imminent replacement.

Against the background of attractive qualities, do not forget about the shortcomings that Bulgarian has.

  • During the work there is a risk of burning aluminum blanks.
  • Make an absolutely smooth and correct cut is not so simple if the master does not have the appropriate skills and work experience with the grinder.
  • To achieve high accuracy of the cutting of aluminum, the grinder is preferably fixed on a special rack base. This item is sold separately and in stores found not always. If there is no such subject, some masters use visets.


To cut the aluminum profile, it is quite possible to use electric jigsaw. This is a very convenient and compact tool that is available in many home masters.

Before it is done directly for work, it makes sense to make sure that the appropriate table for metal parts is installed in the device. Wood canvases can be easily cut and aluminum, but the quality of the cut will not be the highest. The cutting process itself begins with the rear, then alternately cut the side faces.

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We learn what strengths demonstrate electrolybiks.

  • The electrical equipment simplifies the holding of any work, especially if you compare it with manual devices.
  • The quality of the cut, made by means of an electric bike, can be almost perfect. There will be no burrs, skosov and other possible defects.
  • Work does not take long time.
  • There is a possibility of repeated use, if you select a suitable pink.
  • Electrolovik will cost much cheaper than other similar devices for cutting aluminum profile.

A large number of serious shortcomings considered tool has no. However, the master will need to take care that the workpiece is most firmly and securely fixed as possible. Otherwise, in the course of cutting, it can “stories” under the influence of the jigsaw.

What else can you cut?

Proper and neat aluminum profile cutting can be implemented not only by compact tools. Special laser, milling or plasma settings are also perfect for such work. It is very convenient to work with them and you can get good results. No less relevant and saws. Look below, what features such features has such functional equipment.

Plasma, laser, milling plants

Plasma and laser machines are an ideal solution if you want to cut the metal as quickly and efficiently as possible. True, such options are not suitable for home use. Plasmorez and laser machine refers to the category of professional equipment. Such technique can be found at various large enterprises.

Such equipment has the following positive characteristics:

  • On the cutting of aluminum with a laser or plasma machine will leave the entire pair of minutes;
  • The master you only need to set up professional equipment, and all other works make a car;
  • The quality of the cut with such equipment will be the highest.

From minuses can be noted:

  • high cost of such high-class equipment;
  • In domestic or garage conditions, it is not possible to use this technique;
  • While working laser and plasma machines make a lot of noise.

Separately, it is worth talking about modern milling installations. Such equipment must necessarily be correctly configured by the operator to work with aluminum. This requirement is explained by high softness and plasticity of the specified material. It is also equally important to install small rates of milling equipment (from 5,000 to 9000 per minute). Previously need to drop a little kerosene to the area where the cut will be made.

The filing of the workpiece here should be as neat as possible, otherwise you can spoil the milling machine. The pros and cons of the milling apparatus are similar to those of the laser and plasmores, but the quality of the processing of parts is slightly less qualitative.


Often for cutting metal use different types of saws. We learn about the characteristics of the most popular options.

  • Circular. Analogue of manual tool, but with greater power. Circular saw can be done longitudinal, transverse and inclined cuts (for example, at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees). Modern technique can eliminate overheating, turning off at the right moment. It is a durable, reliable and practical fixture, maneuverable, reduces work time.
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  • Disk. Many disk saw models are able to cut very large billets. The tool itself can have very small dimensions. Disk saw can be made angular cutting. The accuracy of work here is as high as possible. True, saw, in the design of which there is a special disk, will cost a round sum.

  • Tantsovsky. Largely similar to a disk saw. Can cut along, straight, under the tilt. Stipped strong fixation of the workpiece in special clamps. Fantorous saw can be cutting long profiles from aluminum.

How to cut off correctly?

Consider stages, as it is necessary to correctly and smoothly make the aluminum profile.

  • First you need to mark the markup on the metal blank. To do this, you can use a ruler or roulette. Tags should be placed by a marker.
  • On the product you need to put perpendicular notice. It is through it that the lateral planes will be carried out.
  • Then the markings are made. In the latter, they make a collapse in the collapse.
  • If we are talking about Stretch Profile, then the master must be remembered that he has auxiliary ribs. Sometimes they go slightly uneven. You can pour them with scissors. Rake with a length of up to 1 m is possible to cut on weight, but more long details will require fixation in supports or vice.
  • To prepare jumpers or small designs of the profile, you need to do at an angle of 45 degrees. First you need to sprinkle the rates of the required length, after which the angle of the outbreak should be placed and completed the procedure for its cutting.

The cutting profile must undergo strictly according to the technology. Working with any tool, it is very important not to forget about compliance with safety regulations. Better stock all the necessary means of individual protection, and the work themselves carefully, not in a hurry.

How to make a cut aluminum profile correctly, you can see in the video below.

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