Construction goat: Features, types and subtleties of choice

Construction and repair work greatly facilitate such devices such as goats and frames. These auxiliary structures are characterized by strength, stability, which allows you to withstand a larger load.


Building goat is a special universal type of fixtures, which is used both during construction work and in the household sphere. Differently they are called scaffolding. The main scope of applying devices are construction and repair work at low height. The design consists of a frame that includes two supports and transverse crossbar between them.

This feature ensures the strength and monolith of building goats.

The most common manufacturing material is a pipe profile metal, consisting of aluminum alloy, and a tree. Some models can withstand loads up to half tons. Operation occurs in pairs, there is a working platform between goats, where the person is located. The flooring also has enough space to accommodate work equipment.

The advantages of these structures for numerous works include the following:

  • maintenance of large loads;
  • ease of operation;
  • no interference when working.

The lack of a construction goat can be attributed to the lack of mounted equipment for the safety of the worker, so there may be unpleasant situations associated with falling or injuries.


Thanks to modern opportunities and technologies in stores, you can buy a slop of different types. These designs may have different sizes, the assembly method, production material, and to be equipped with different additions. The first view is the usual building layoffs. They are manufactured by the type of stools, but on more advanced technology. This type of construction refers to the folding, as it can be disassembled into separate items. In this case, the largest detail is the work flooring.

Modern options for building goats have flooring, which can be installed at various heights. This became possible due to the features of the sidewalls who have the type of stairs. Typically, these devices weigh a lot, as they are calculated to work several people at the same time. Dimensions of this design are considerable. Professional building goat has such dimensions: 150 (200) cm – width and 180 cm – height. This design option is ideal for working on large objects, but for the apartment it is considered quite bulky. Often, a staircase, limiter, wheels with stoppers included in the configuration of the building goat.

The second view is the transformer. This is the perfect device for apartment work, which is quite compact when collected. The main characteristics of the construction goat of this species include low weight, practicality, convenience when used and transporting. Due to the design features, this option can be used not only on the perfectly level surface, as well as when tilting and even on the steps. Such frames are often used as an alternative to the stairs.

Transformers have a height of no more than 100 cm, width – 50 cm. In decomposed state, dimensions are not more than 160 cm, and in a folded goat, it will easily fit into the car trunk. By material manufacturing, building goats are divided into aluminum, wooden and combined. Also on sale you can meet paint layouts with dimensions of 50 per 100 cm.

Folding joinery goats are considerably popular, which are characterized by the resistance of the position, which provide points for supporting blanks.

How to choose?

The choice of work and the safety of the working and quality of the procedure depends on the choice of building goats. Inexpensive options are wooden structures, but at the same time they are not so durable and have a lot of weight. The most popular is the goat from the metal, since it is more reliable and has a long service life. Also, metal structures can be mobile, this characteristic affects the cost.

After the consumer decided on the material of the manufacture, you can move to the design features. If the construction of a new building is scheduled, then you should give preference to the stationary version. Such goats are hardly transported from place to place, so used only with long work. The frame option is suitable for construction and installation of any complexity. Such adaptations have low weight and easy to install. But if the building has a complex geometry, then from this option it is better to refuse.

The most popular version of consumer reviews are pin construction goats. They have in the rack, riglel, communications, shoes, connection nodes. This species has a simple production technology and a simple design type of construction.

How to make yourself?

The most practical and inexpensive version of the building goat, which can be made personally, is a foldable wooden. It takes a minimum of space, and can also be used when working in the country, in the apartment. The first to decide is the height of the legs, it is equal to the human growth minus 10-12 cm. You can arbitrarily determine the number of spacers and the brusade.

The upper end of the frame can be connected using a door-type hide. For fixing legs worth thinking about the limiter. A couple of segments of the rafter tape takes, then fixation is carried out at the struts below. The distance should be done to keep the stability of the design. To fix items with each other, you can take nails with their subsequent bending on the back. But in order for the device to be characterized by practicality and reliability, it is worth using a self-tapping screw.

The next step will be the preparation of the site, the dimensions of which should be chosen in their preferences. It should be able to withstand from 150 to 170 kilograms, and its dimensions must be selected in such a way that the device can easily take place in the doorway. Approximate site width should be 0.7 meters. To acquire a high-quality construction goat, you will need to prepare no more than 150 centimeters of the edged board.

Detailed instructions assembly.

  • There is a markup on the legs, and the excess tree is cut at an angle on both sides. At the same time, do not forget about the parallelism of the cuts.
  • On the example of one legs it is worth making the rest.
  • Verification is done on the subject of the upper ends at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • There are 80 degrees on one end and 100 degrees on another end and 100 degrees on the other.
  • After preparing the blanks on them it is worth cutting out the place for the top board.
  • The legs must be connected in the form of scissors, after that they need to drill the axis of rotation. In the latter it is not until the end to twist the bolts so that the legs can open and close.
  • Runs are done between the prepared legs. There should be two struts from a wide hand, one with a narrow. On them from the bottom it is necessary to attach a belt for a screed.
  • After one support is ready, you can start assembling the second.

Many building and repair work are associated with a height, since the employee constantly has to reach. The staircase and the stepladder limit the freedom of action, but the building goat is a completely different business.

This adaptation contributes to the placement of not only a person, but also its inventory.

About how to make construction goats with your own hands, you can see in the next video.

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