Concrete drills for a drill: Facilities of the structure and application

One of the most common misconceptions among non-professional masters can be considered the fact that, in their opinion, surfaces from such a material, like concrete, can be easily drilled by the most ordinary milling mills or even a tree. They seriously believe that the same drill can be easily applied on any surfaces.

In fact, working with concrete walls, you will need a special drill for a drill. Choosing not the product, you will forever spoil it, and you can easily break the expensive device for drilling.

Features of the structure of the drill

Drill is a type of cutting tool intended for drilling various holes. Concrete drill is a special tool required for brickwork, fully frozen concrete and any of its derivatives, as well as stone and stone-like materials. Drills for concrete differ from other types of special attacks throughout their surface, it is they allow drilling to become the most durable. They also allow him much longer to maintain all its quality characteristics.

Concrete drills have certain visual differences, which will not make a mistake when choosing in the store.

  • The tips of products for drilling concrete have a slightly blocked end and a rather strong attack from winning.
  • Concrete cutters most often have a specific whitish color, drills for metal coatings are highlighted in black coloring, for wood – light.
  • Tip, if you compare it with a rod, there will be a little big sizes.

The cutter on concrete consists of the following parts and is performed from the following materials:

  • housing (rod) – most often from high-speed steel;
  • cutting element – it is produced from carbide steel;
  • tungsten and cobalt (VC);
  • Titanium and tungsten, as well as cobalt (TC);
  • Titan and tantalum, as well as tungsten and cobalt (TTK).
  • Solid solder – it combines the body and solid alloy itself.

The cutting element (the so-called attack) is produced from the most frequently used tungsten and cobalt alloy. Such an attack is marked like VK8. The most common name of all solid alloys for this kind of attack – will win. It is for this reason that you can often find the name “Drill with winning”.

What to choose?

It all depends on the type of device with which you will apply the available drills.

  • Cutters for a regular drill. The shank will have a form of a simple cylinder or polyhedron. Drills are suitable for work with brick or foam block. For the drilling process, a drill having a high power is selected.
  • Perforator cutters usually have more solid sizes. On the drill case, you will definitely detect the SDS Max label. This kind of product is needed to drill the most durable surfaces – reinforced concrete, for example.

Drill the wall from concrete. An ordinary home drill may not work. If you failed to do it, just take another tool, for example, the perforator, because it has a significant power and excellent shock force with any drilling. Perforator Many masters are often referred to as a brown of concrete. You can highlight 3 types of this popular tool:

  • screw – used in order to create the most deep and wide openings without any problems;
  • in the form of a spiral – ideal for obtaining holes with medium sizes;
  • gently – applied to get small holes.

High-quality use of such drills for a shock drill or a professional perforator will require their durable fixing in the device. To simplify this task, in the design of the device there is a certain thickening at the very end.

Using a good tool, you dismissed the holes with a width from 0.4 to 3 cm. If you need to drill a larger hole, you can apply a special, so-called crown drill. With him you do a hole up to 12 cm wide in the most durable walls.

Crowded product can be two types.

  • Diamond. The drill is similar to a tube or a crown that is fixed on the rod, and has a diamond spraying along the edges.
  • Winning. The nozzle is very similar to the above version. The difference is that there is no spraying, it is replaced by small winners.

Choosing a good drill to work on concrete, it is worth carefully inspecting it from all sides.

  • On the product should not be attended by defects, it also should not be scratches, chips or criticized.
  • The painting of the product must be uniform, on this feature you can determine the quality of finishing. For example, the steel color will mean that such a treatment, in general, not produced, black will indicate that the product has been hardening overheated by steam. Yellow tone will talk about the excellent quality of the product, as it explicitly passed a special processing to reduce steel stresses. But it is still better to acquire drills that are carefully covered with the finest layer of protection from titanium nitride, then they will have a golden color.
  • The large range of drills represent both foreign trademarks and our companies, their price will directly depend on the “promotion” of this or that brand. The difference in the cost between products for single use and the tool for professionals is quite significant, it concerns the quality of the product, and its characteristics.

  • Finished kits purchased is not very profitable, it is best to choose 1 a good drill with suitable parameters. The cost will depend on the diameter, but not essential. Sometimes rod size 0.8 cm, which has passed high-quality processing, will cost more than a hammer of 1 perfederal.2 cm, but from the Chinese company.
  • Among the best foreign manufacturers, the Bosh and Metabo brands, as well as Stayer and Makita, most often allocate. Their cutters are well known for their increased reliability and long service life. Among our manufacturers, the products of trademarks “ZUBR”, “ENKOR” and “INTERSKOL” have proven.

Surface preparation

If you need to quickly make a deep hole in the wall, it is necessary to make sure that in the place where you will drill, no wiring, there are no built-in pipes (for example, heating) or an electrocabyl. The easiest way to quickly detect such elements in the walls is to use the usual metal detector (call at the home of a specialist with this device). In the walls of residential buildings, there is almost always fittings, so you will need to install the device for searching for non-ferrous metals (wiring), and then – on steel. If you do not take into account this condition, you risk when drilling to stumble upon the reinforcement, and then the drill from winning will be spoiled.

Before the start of drilling on the wall there is a point. So that the tool does not slide, there is a small deepening of any durable item from the metal or the same drill on small revolutions. After such a procedure, the drill will easily enter the wall. It is necessary to take into account that the facing material is usually installed on top of cement, it is significantly softer the walls themselves, and therefore first the drill will go easily, and then suddenly stroke into a firm material.

How to drill?

To high quality and quickly drill a wall of concrete, worth adhere to certain recommendations.

  • Stage of preparation. Before starting to work, you need 100% to make sure that you have a drill of various purposes with you. It may occur to the situation when the master suddenly stones in the wall on the obstacle from the metal. Then it will be necessary to change the drill on the concrete on the mill in the mill, to do a small hole in this material and then calmly continue the drilling by the nozzle on concrete.
  • Break. If you work with a heavy perforator or home drill in constant mode, you will need to do not very much breaks in work, it is necessary to drill a couple of minutes to cool. With constant rotation, the product can be seriously heated, which reduces its strength and may end the breakdown. The process of cooling the drill must be natural, that is, without the use of cold water or other cooling substances.
  • Operating mode. If you need to drill a concrete drill, you need to turn on a special impact mode. It is possible to do this, just turning a certain lever on the drill case.
  • Ceramics surface drilling. For high-quality drilling of such fragile material, it is often chosen by the drills on concrete. So that the ceramics in the end did not split, you need to work not by a simple puncher, but a professional drill without impact mode.

Tips of professionals

  • If when drilling drill, the drill is slightly blurted out, then to return to it working condition, you can take a grinder and apply the device. You can avoid a similar situation, if you carefully prepare your tool for full work.
  • To drill a concrete, you need to have and familiar drills with you, with which you can quickly penetrate into the depths of many materials, and a couple of nozzles in the case, if there is a significant barrier when working on the drill path.

Do not forget about safety technician when working with a tool. The use of safety glasses will help to avoid accidental entry of construction dust in the eyes.

About what drill to drill concrete, brick, stone, tile in the bathroom, glass, wood, drywall or foam concrete, see next video.

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