Compressor for a jackhammer: device and operation

Compressor or air pump – the required element when working with a jackhammer. These devices help in various works, for example, breaking, elimination of icing, destruction of asphalt, concrete coatings, brickwork. What is the design of this device? What models exist? Answers to these and some other questions you will find in our material.

Design and principles of work

Most often, compressor aggregates are made of stainless steel. Such an approach ensures the durability and reliability of devices, but at the same time negatively reflects on the mass and mobility of the device. The main structural elements of any compressor for a jackhammer are:

  • air filter suction type;
  • compressor unit;
  • engine;
  • Lubrication system;
  • cooling system;
  • Sensors of the current state (air pressure, state of the filter system, oil temperature and t. D.);
  • devices for removing the accumulated condensate and oil;
  • Multiple types valves: for prevention, non-return and t. D.

And the absence of any element from the above presented is invalid and should cause refusal to purchase. In this regard, carefully study the appearance of the device, as well as its internal characteristics (this can be done on the basis of the instruction manual attached to each unit). The compressor is used in cases where you need to compress air to a certain required volume. During this process, among other things, oxygen is purified from various additives (dispersion impurities or vapors). For this unit sucking air inside.

Due to this process, the air is purified and compressed with the compressor air is suitable for use not only for construction or production, but also for breathing.

What compressor need?

The device for working with a jackhammer must be chosen depending on the nature of construction activities, as well as on the number of jackhammers on the construction site. There is a classification of compressors for jackhammers. According to the division, the devices are:

  • diesel;
  • air;
  • petrol;
  • electrical;
  • mobile;
  • Stationary.

Air-type compressors are used in the implementation of works of various types in different areas of construction activities. For example, often such devices are an integral aggregate on chemical production, at the enterprises of the metallurgical industry. In addition, such structures use fire. If we talk about electrical type devices, they are mandatory at a voltage of 380 V and in the presence of no more than two jackhammers. Electrical units are quite compacts in their dimensions, are simple during operation, do not require constant maintenance. Traditionally, the design of such an aggregate includes a reverse and wheels, and pneumatic automatics, on the contrary, is missing.

However, if there is no electricity on the construction site, and for work is used more than two jackhammes, the diesel or gasoline compressor will become an excellent helper. These devices also have their subspecies – they are piston and screw. Professional builders assure consumers that the last option is more efficient: it works quieter and longer, uses a smaller amount of fuel, as well as more and more convenient to operate. At the same time, the screw unit exceeds the piston value. Compressors, classified by mobility, divided into stationary and mobile. The advantage of the latter are smaller dimensions, and the first – lower cost.

How to choose?

In the process of selection and purchase of the compressor, you need to be guided by certain essential features of this device. In particular, the following indicators are important:

  • Air consumption (the most widespread indicator is 1300);
  • the number of working jackhammers (from 1 to 6);
  • the presence or absence of electricity;
  • impact strength;
  • Start frequency (the number of shots produced in 60 seconds of time);
  • price;
  • manufacturer (there are devices made both domestic and foreign companies);
  • type of drive;
  • weight in kilograms and sizes;
  • efficiency;
  • Pary regimes and others.

The most widely are the rules to ensure work 3 and 6 jackhammers (and they include stationary and mobile models).

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