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To improve the labor productivity of the employee, as well as to ensure its comfort during working hours, many manufacturers are engaged in the release of special clothing. Especially this requires the northern regions where the workplace may be outdoors. People are influenced by a strong frost and wind, and without special clothes they can not do. Manufacturers develop and produce winter workwear, which is significantly different from the cotton, used many years ago.


Winter workwear mainly consists of a set of jackets, trousers or overalls. For each specialty tailoring and the composition can be significantly different.

But all elements of clothing must be produced from dense tissue on a heater, which protects the body from wind and cold.

Tailoring should be comfortable and practical. Models have removable hoods and other additional details.

Under clothes should not be created a greenhouse effect. This provides special inserts that provide natural air circulation. The fabric is processed by a special impregnation from moisture. Clothes for the north includes a fur hat that closes the ears tightly. And can be mittens who have water-repellent properties and warm hands.

All winter clothing is equipped with a heater, which can be from a synthet, hollofiber or tensulite, and it can also be natural fluff. They have good heat-shielding properties and correspond to GOST.

For greater protection and strength when tailored double lines and inserts.

Some models can use additional heating based on infrared heaters. Their nutrition is carried out from the built-in pocket battery. During operation, it produces heat to 30 hours. And there are heated insoles.

Overalls for winter shares grade 4 to protect against different temperatures. Costumes are used by military, oil workers, installers and representatives of other professions.

Overview of manufacturers and models

Clothes manufactures different manufacturers.

  • One of the options for winter frost is the suit “Buran”, which has special characteristics. It is designed to work in heavy winter conditions, for use during fishing, snowmobile riding and other types of winter leisure. This type of costume produce different manufacturers, such as “Wave”. The suit “Buran” consists of a jacket and semi-overalls, is a standard tailoring, which is suitable for different professions.

The costume is made in blue, on the chest there are reflective inserts. Sews from blended fabric excellent quality. The jacket is equipped with 4 large pockets, has double zippers, which in the center is protected by the wind valve. The valve is securely fixed on the velcro and the clashes. Sleeves are provided with knitted cuffs, protecting hands from snow or garbage. The overalls have a lot of pockets, sewn with a deep fit, regulated by straps for different height of a person. The fabric of the vertex has a water-repellent impregnation, consists of 50% cotton fibers and 50% polyester. The insulation is made of syntheps. The dimensional grid begins with 44 and ends with 62 size.

  • Winter camouflage suit “Baltika” from the manufacturer “Torch” Made in blue-cornflower color. Consists of a jacket with a hood and semi-overalls. It has a direct silhouette, the center is fastened with a lightning with a windproof strap. The jacket has a warmed hood, which is delayed with a lace. The pocket will be sewn on the chest. At the bottom of the jacket there are also overhead pockets and a warmed curly valve. Sleeves have knitted cuffs, and in the seam along the entire length of the sleeves, a reflective cant is sewn.

. Suit applied in a climatic belt number 3.

Semi-overalls are fastened in front with lightning, there are overhead pockets, the length of the straps is adjusted under a certain growth. The model is insulated with a synthet board: spin in 3 layers, and sleeves and trousers in 2 layers, a hood in 1s.

The main material is 100% polyester with water-repellent impregnation. The dimensional grid begins 44 and ends with 70 size.

  • Winter Suit Alaskan Origin XXXL Consists of an extended jacket of loose cut and semi-overalls. The jacket is made in orange fluorescent color, has reflective inserts. Thanks to them, security is safe at night, as they allow you to see your silhouette. On the trousers and the bottom of the jacket there are side zippers that adjust the width of the model. The jacket has a removable hood, which is equipped with a two-level fleece lining, it is regulated by a screed and has a trump. Thanks to the inset-frame in the hood you can change the shape of a visor.

The jacket has a high collar on the fleece lining. On the elbows there are reinforced inserts. Big patch pockets are sewn on the chest, which are protected by a plank on the buttons and are insulated with a fleece. There are also reflective elements on zippers with special runners that allow more comfortable to fasten the lock in gloves. In the inside of the jacket there is an internal waterproof pocket on the zipper, in which particularly valuable documents or other things can be placed. Outside there is a second pocket on velcro. On the waist there is a belt screed that regulates the landing of the jacket. The cuffs on the sleeves are fixed with the help of lipukes, and the knitted side allows you to adjust the width on the brush.

As for the overalls, it has a two-level adjustment of fullness and gum on the belt. On the knees there are dense reinforced inserts. Thanks to the comfortable cuffs on the castle below, the junction is conveniently combined with any kind of shoes. The side pockets in the field of knees are fastened with lightning. Jumpsuit at the top is adjustable using rubber over a different growth. On the back of the overalls there is a hiner-hanger for more convenient placement when stored. The model is perfect for work and everyday socks in the extreme north.

How to choose?

To choose winter overalls, you must first try it. It should not shoot movies and fully fit your size. If the clothes are small, then having warm things under it, you will feel cowardly, and if it is big, then you will be cold and uncomfortable. It should be functional, provide comfort.

The suit must be sewn from high-quality materials, which are characterized by good operation, clean well, and after the machine styrics there should be no defOrmanations. The fabric should absorb moisture well and simultaneously pass the air. Furnitura should also be reliable, from durable metals that are not corrosion. It is necessary that all the components of the plastic are well fastened and dismissed, and the seams were durable and double, as well as the waterproof ribbon.

Since all winter clothes have their own class, then it is necessary to choose to choose it in accordance with your region. To work on a long stay in the frost, it is better to purchase a model of clothes with infrared heating. If during work you often kneel, then you should buy clothes with special lining in the knee area. Warm clothes should not have holes and manual seams that significantly reduce its functions.

Terms of operation

Winter workwear is divided into several classes of protection from the cold, depending on the climatic belt and has its own socks:

  • In the belt 1 (-1 ° C) jackets and trousers change 1 time in 3 years;
  • In the belt number 2 (from -9,7 ° C) pants and jacket change every 2.5 years;
  • In the belt number 3 (from -18 ° C), clothing change every 2 years;
  • In the belt number 4 (from -41 ° C) a new working suit worker issued every 1.5 years.
  • In a special 5 belt (from -25 ° C, but very strong wind), the jacket and trousers change every 1.5 years, but it is additionally issued a fur coat and gloves for a period of 4 years, a hat for 3 years.

Overview of winter workwear in the video below.


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