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Half of his life man spends in a state of sleep. From how the rest was traced, the mood of man and its condition depends entirely. However, the urban residents succeed very rarely. The reason for this is constant noise outside the window. The bustle of nightlife does not give rest. The only correct solution in this case is earring. They are designed as a fence of an auditory passage of a person from extraneous noise, especially during night rest.

Main producers

Modern earrosions are the most effective means against loud, interfering to sleep sounds. They have a very simple and comfortable elastic design with a narrowed tip, which is inserted directly into the auditory passage. The density and tightness of the products represented helps a person immersed in a calm dream at any time of the day.

The term “earplugs” is a reduction in the phrases “Take care of the ears”. It was used for the first time a Russian academician and. IN. Petryan Sokolov. It was he who created the first sample of a rich fiber material for overlapping device. A little later, this fabric has become widely used when creating anti-depth liners.

It is worth noting that earless can be used not only during sleep. Depending on the material of the design and type of construction of the liners can play the role of a human hearing apparatus during swimming. With their help, the intracranial pressure of divers is leveled. The devices also help to cope with pain in the ears with sharp pressure drops, for example, when the height of the aircraft.

And if in the near past, earplugs were presented in several types of structures, today they differ in many criteria. There are many enterprises, large companies and brands with world names engaged in the manufacture of noise-canceling ear inserts.

That is why it is not necessary to acquire the first model that happened. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the full range of athletes, find out the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The modern market is filled with a wide variety of model row. but Multiple manufacturers such as Calmor, Ohropax and Moldex have proven from the best side. In the domestic market, recognition also received Beros of the company ZELDIS Pharma LLC. Do not forget that different companies in their own estimate their own goods. For example, American-produced earplugs are characterized by a high price compared to European products. The most acceptable in cost are noise-canceling inserts of Russian production. However, the lowest prices in Chinese manufacturers, where the manufacture of pretty and any other products is put on a continuous stream.


The presented brand originates in Switzerland. Long and thorny path led the company to staggering success. Beros of this brand easily protect the hearing of a person from loud and interfering sounds. They easily localize the snoring of the second half, conversations in another room and neighbor music. And all thanks to the dense fit of the material at the skin and the thick wax layer in the design of the product.


The presented brand appeared on the market in 1907, because of what is considered the oldest in the field of origin. In the manufacture of noise insulating liners, OhroPax technology uses cotton, vaseline oil and wax. Such a combination is completely safe for skin cover and hearing aid.

Thanks to the testing conducted on a regular basis, it was revealed that the reserved brand is reduced by a person’s perceived level of noise by 28 dB.


Specialization of the submitted company is the manufacture of semi-masks and taking. When they are created, hypoallergenic materials are used that do not harm human health. It is worth noting that MOLDEX manufactures both reusable and disposable earplugs. At the same time, each model is distinguished by a stylish design, a laconic form. The combination of polypropylene and polyurethane guarantees a quick adaptation of the sinks of earliest features.


In addition to widespread brands, there are less well-known company names. But this does not mean that their products are worse. They just did not invest in advertising, and tried to work on the quality of manufactured products.

For example, Arena. This company is engaged in the production of swimming products. The history of its creation began in 1972 after the end of the Olympic Games. First of all, the company began to develop accessories, including atrochet, for swimmers. This product possessed unique properties.

They can be used both in the pool and at home. In the manufacture of tapering under the brand Arena, high-quality silicone and polypropylene are used.

The domestic company ZELDIS Pharma LLC was formed in 2005. In its composition, several brands, one of which is called Travel Dream and manufactures at. The distinctive feature of the investigated liners for the ears is versatility. They can be used during sleep, in the repair process, public transport.

The Dutch manufacturer Alpine Netherlands is known in the world market for over 20 years. The brand is developing high-quality noise insulating products, allowing to experience only pleasant sensations during rest.

The main thing is that in the development of new models of investing technology, numerous wishes of users take into account.

There is another company that has proven itself from the best side – Jackson Safety. The development of this manufacturer can easily muffle the sounds of repair from the neighbors behind the wall. Speaking with simple words, outsiders decreases by 36 dB. Some noise-canceling liners are equipped with a special cord, thanks to which earplugs are easily removed from the ears. With such soundproofing capabilities, Jackson Safety inserts can be used even in production workshops.

Rating the best models

Thanks to numerous user reviews, it was possible to draw up top 10 effective earliest, saving a person from loud noise during sleep, as well as at work and in the pool.

  • Alpine Sleepsoft. Unique reusable earplugs that absorb the sounds of streets and snoring the second half. In the design of the present model of the liner, there is a special filter that transmits the alarm signal and crying a child. Alpine Sleepsoft are made for ear shells of any form.

The advantages of this model, the lack of silicone in the composition, a neat form that does not have convexities, the presence of a special tube that allows you to properly insert inserts, ease of care.

  • MOLDEX SPARK PLUGS SOFT. Inserts created to protect the human hearing aid from industrial noise. A simple and convenient design is easily located in the depths of the ear, taking the form of the audio channel. The presented model is designed for multiple operation. You can work with the factory workshops, at a construction site and anywhere with a high level of noise.

The advantages of this model include a convenient form of construction, a nice color, the ability to wear earring on a lace.

  • Stil. Reusable hypoallergenic booster model made of high quality silicone. Comfortable and dense design provides good noise insulation of a human hearing aid from production, transport and domestic sounds.

    The advantages of this model include the versatility of operation. They can be used at home, at work, in the bus. They exactly as much as possible repeat the structure of a person’s ear shell, preventing the impact of foreign noise.

  • Ohropax Classic. Upscale German earplugs designed for both adults and children. This model is ideal for night rest. With them you can go to work in a noisy shop or in the pool. Women with sensitive sleep will be able to defend from snoring a spouse or neighbor holiday.

    The dignity of this model includes a design, ideally taking the shape of the auricle, and hypoallergenic materials used in their creation.

  • MOLDEX POCKETPAK SPARK PLUGS №10. The presented model of the liners has a conical shape, due to which the maximum protection of hearing organs from extraneous noises is carried out. They can be used both at home and industrial scales.

    The distinctive characteristics of this model are the simplicity of design and reusability of operation.

  • Travel Dream. Perfect human hearing protection during sleep, in the workflow or in the pool. They are reusable, wear-resistant, easily take the shape of the ears of their owner, firmly adjacent to the skin.

    The advantages of this model include good sound insulation and comfortable operation.

  • Apex Air Pocket. This model of Beroshev is designed for use in water. But this does not mean that they cannot be used at work or in everyday life. And yet the swimmers become more acquired. The presented model of noise insulating liners is made of hypoallergenic materials. It follows from this that APEX Air Pocket can be used both adults and children. The set with this model includes a special case that allows you to store earp on the shelf or take with you.

  • Mack Tar Seals. Quality noise insulating inserts of American production are distinguished by a high level of suppression of foreign sounds. The presence in the design of the take-off sealing rings allows you to use them in the pool.

    The advantages of this model include repaid, comfortable operation, softness of the material of execution and waterproofability.

  • Mack’s Pillow Soft. Ideal earplugs suitable for exploitation in the pool, in the shower, in the workshop, at work, study, in the gym and on the plane. Silicone manufacturer material. It easily takes the shape of the ear shell, does not cause allergies and even minimal irritations.

    The main advantage of this model is a dense fit of the liners to the skin inside the oars.

  • Bose Noise Masking SleepBuds. Electronic wireless earplugs of a new generation. Due to the presence in the design of a special attachment, they do not fall out of the ears. Distinctive features of the innovative model are to noisely reduce outsided sounds and reproducing soothing relaxing melodies. Choose a wonderful track will help a special application on the smartphone. Included to the device is attached to the case, which is charging at the headphone. Working hours at full charge is 16 hours.

Criterias of choice

When choosing suitable earliest, it is necessary to focus on operational requirements and a number of relevant factors.

  • Shummer protection. High-quality earplobs protect their owner from outsided sounds, for example, from the snoring of her husband or from the engine of the car engine, carrying down the street at night. If a breakfast of a person has thick walls and noiseproof plastic windows, you can view models with partial suppression of extraneous sounds.
  • Easy operation. Burous design should not interfere with the user. Especially if the liners are operated throughout the night. For this reason, it is important to consider the most convenient liners.
  • Material. This selection sub-clause in principle refers to the convenience of operation. Beroshin should be soft, not to put pressure on the ears. Otherwise sleep with pleasure will be impossible.
  • Saving form. Early need to reuse the shape of the auditory canal and ear shells. Thanks to the ideal landing of the liners will not fall out.
  • Features hygiene. It is extremely important that earless are easily cleaned, at the same time they did not lose their form, and the material did not lose its properties. The presence of even minimal contamination on the liners threatens to cause inflammation.
  • Additional upgrade. The lace is not a mandatory accessory at the earliest, but in models with miniature liners can not do without it.

The main thing when choosing to take a guide to the noise indicator, which requires protection.

Review reviews

Earplugs are a mandatory element of people with sensitive sleep. And most often it turns out women. On the wonderful sex representatives lies many worries: house, work, children, husband. And as if the ladies are tired, they still sleep sensitively – suddenly the child will call. Just even take a nap, if you hear the snoring of the spouse.

In such a situation, it turns out every second woman. And the problem is helped by earring. Many beauties prefer a common model Ohropax Classic. They are soft, comfortable, easily take the shape of the ear canal. Others prefer wax Calmor Inserts.

Unfortunately, In order to save the ladies, Chinese earplugs acquire. But, not knowing how to distinguish the original, buy fake.

Beros for sleep are presented in the video below.

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