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If you have a car, then you just have to be a jack. With it, you can replace the wheel, as well as raise transport and spend various types of repair. Domkrats are different types and designs. In this article we will talk about the screw bottles of jacks.


Screw jack – This is a mechanical design that is used to raise goods or their movement. Bottle-type screw jacks are very Comfortable and Send in demand Drivers of various types of transport.

The aggregates have small sizes, effective and durable to use, have a simple work scheme and a strong design. They occupy little space, it is possible to leave them in any position.

In the event of a malfunction, such species can be repaired independently. Have a small cost, designed for lifts of small cargo. They have a small area of ​​support, provide confident work, but you need to always follow the threaded connection.

Detailed overview of the pocket bottle jack see below.

Principle of operation of such devices It is the rotation of the handle, the screw comes from the support part, which subsequently transmits the circular movement on the supporting nut. Thanks to this scheme, it is loaded to the desired height.


Screw bottle jacks are two species – this automotive and Industrial Options.

Automotive capable of raising the cargo to 10 tons with a height of no more than 150 mm. Industrial can take the cargo from 20 to 100 tons.

  • Car screw bottle jack Tor 3.2 t From the Russian manufacturer equipped with hydraulic drive and is designed for lifting transport. This device may raise a load of 3.2 tons to height from 110 to 225 mm. The mass of this model is 4.1 kg. Its compact dimensions are 230/130/100 mm.

  • Vitol ST-107B 2 Ton screw Bottle It is a professional class device, which is designed for lifting a variety of cargo and vehicle weighing up to 2 tons. It can raise the load to height from 175 mm to 390 mm. The model is made of high-strength metal, simple and reliable in operation, has medium dimensions, thanks to which a jack can be in the trunk of any car.

  • Mechanical telescopic jack 2 t 485 mm / ST-107H / DM-4852T from the Vitol brand is designed on the rise of cargo no more than 2 tons. It has a solid metal bottle-type construction. Included with the model there is a metal handle that can develop. The radius of lifting the cargo may increase due to the bottle form. It has a pickup 215 mm and a greater height of the lifting 485 mm. The model is very simple to use, has compact dimensions, while maintaining resistant, allows you to slowly lift the cargo.

  • Bottle model of a mechanical jack 2 t / 385 mm / ST-107B / DM-3852T telescopic type from Vitol manufacturer aimed at the lifting cargo no more than 2 t. Equipped with a reliable bottle-shaped metal case. The height of lifting the cargo is from 175 mm to 385 mm. The kit includes a handle that can develop. Due to the bottle form_ increases the radius of lifting. Has small dimensions and ease of operation.

  • Car mechanical bottle 1-ride jack Intertool GT0030 may raise the cargo to 50 tons. Lifting height ranges from 285 mm to 435 mm. Model weighs 23 kg. Designed to raise heavy and large-sized vehicles. Stock in the model completely chrome. Jack has two pump pens, one of which is the main one, and the other auxiliary. Auxiliary needed for the lever force and contributes to lifting the cargo to the desired height, but not higher than that specified in the instructions.

  • AUTOPROFI DVB-20-HI Screw Bottle Jack has a load capacity 2 t. The device can raise the load to the minimum height of 215 mm and the maximum 485 mm. The device body is made of high strength steel and covered with anti-corrosion paint red. With such a device, you can not even be flexing. Gorotok, which comes in the kit, gives the length of the lever by 85 cm. Weighs device 4.3 kg. Due to the small size and weight, the tool can be placed in the trunk of any car.


One of the companies for the production of lifting and building equipment is trading Brand Tor. The range of products is supplied to many countries in Europe and Asia. Special quality management system controls all stages of production, despite the geographical location of the workshops. All products company gives a guarantee of 2 years. Thanks to the network of authorized service centers in Russia, the company provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance of technically complex products. Products provided to the consumer meets all quality requirements and has the necessary certificates.

For 17 years Vitol Company Engaged in the production of lifting products. Ukrainian brand has a wide range of its goods and supplies it to many countries of the world. These are mainly Russia, Ukraine and Asia countries. The main part of the products is manufactured by the needs of local residents. All goods undergo quality control by experts. Product catalog is so big that it can satisfy all the needs of the buyer

Intertool is the most famous among Ukrainian brands for the production of lifting devices. The company implements its products since 1999. Domkrats are in great demand among the countries of the former USSR. The manufacturer is committed to excellence, therefore constantly updates the model ranks of the jacks and offers more efficient options. All products are distinguished by reliable quality and available cost. Among the range there are different bottling, subframe and hydraulic variants of the lifting devices.

Domestic manufacturer of jacks is the Russian company AutoProfi. Its production is so great that is located at 30 enterprises of Russia, China and Taiwan. The company is engaged not only by the production of lifting equipment, but also by the release of children’s equipment, goods for lovers of outdoor activities, capes for cars, as well as much more. Brand presents its products at exhibitions in foreign countries. The company has become the official distributor of disks for wheels and sports tires. The purpose of the company is the development of a wide range of high quality products at an affordable price.

Criterias of choice

To choose a jack of any kind, you need to understand that It is intended for a certain type of work. Bottle screws do not need preliminary calculations, you only need to understand what device will be intended for. Loading selected according to your type of car.

Height of the rise These types of devices are different, so it is better to buy a model where this indicator is the highest. If you have special grooves and cells in your car, then it is necessary to consider this criterion to lift the car and choose a jack.

Bottle jacks differ simplicity to use and affordable.

When choosing a device better to buy model with power reserve.

You can learn more about the testing of the jack you can see the video below.

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