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Specialized pipe cutters for copper pipes are necessary both professional plumbers and homemade masters performing replacing and cutting such elements on their own. Today, there is a wide selection of tools today, you can find rechargeable and electric mini models. Some of them are more suitable for cutting copper and aluminum pipes, will help an overview of the best models with tips on their choice.


The pipe cutter for copper pipes is the only right tool for their cutting. It is the specialized equipment that leaves a smooth and clean edge on the metal surface.

Achieve a similar result with the help of a grinder or hacksaw.

All commercially available pipe cutters suitable for use in everyday life can be divided into groups based on their features and type of construction.

  • Manual. This type of tool is a metal scissors equipped with a ratchet mechanism. The movement of the blades is carried out with the help of the master’s own muscular power. Modern hand-held pipe cutters are also presented in a lightweight variant, carry out metal cutting during rotation of the handle, without significant physical effort. The diameter of metal products that can be processed in this way does not exceed 125 mm, the equipment can be applied regardless of the working conditions.

  • Electric. These devices are relevant for the flow of pipe cutting operations. Special machine provides fast and accurate metal cutting of various diameters and thickness. The whole process takes seconds, but it costs the equipment is much more expensive than manual analogs, requires connection to the power supply.

  • Rechargeable. Mini-option of electric pipe cut, it is convenient to transport and apply if necessary. Charged battery is enough for operations for 20-30 minutes. The technique is more productive than manual analogs, but does not have such a high power as electrical cutters.

  • Pneumatic. Such a pipe cutter can be seen in production. The machine connects to the compressor that is responsible for supplying compressed air under pressure. Pneumatic tool has a detachable design. They can cut the copper pipes of large diameter.
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  • Hydraulic. The principle of its operation is similar to pneumatic models, only pressure is created not by air, but water. The equipment is connected to the hydraulic pump, require uninterrupted power supply.

In addition, manual models of equipment have their subgroups. They differ in the design of the design, but always have common features. Each pipebres has a metal case, a cutting element, a clamping device. There is a control unit, with which the metal cutting is carried out. The clamping element is responsible for the correct location of the equipment relative to the surface of the part.

Manual pipe cutters are customary to the following groups.

  • Clamp type. Externally, they resemble classic carpentry and plumbing clamps, equipped with a screw rod. The cutter is placed in the bracket in the form of a wheel, on the reverse side there is a presser block with rollers. Copper pipe is inserted into the tool housing, the screw turns off until the cutter passes through the metal. Work requires certain physical efforts.

  • Telescopic type. Externally, they are similar to clamps, but adjusting the feed screw is carried out here with a handle. Clamping rollers in the process of cutting remain fixed. The tool is fixed on the discharge, scroll through the rotating item, then the action repeat. Work more time-consuming, the accuracy of the method is lower than in the case of clamp cutting.

  • Roller. They have a C-shaped hull, resembling a hook, and a rotating rod with a cutter. This is the most compact option that allows you to paint pipes with a diameter of no more than 22 mm. The cutting roller is equipped with a spring mechanism that allows you to adjust the pressure on the part automatically. Such a mini-tool is convenient to work in hard-to-reach places.

  • With rattling. These tools have a tubular case. You can not make a complete turn around the section of the cut. Enough to perform oscillatory movements with a handle. This is the best option for working on sites near the walls, in the corners.
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  • Chains. They are equipped with 2 handles, suitable for working with pipes of different diameter. At one end of the tool, a chain is fixed, to another it is attached at the desired distance, taking into account the size of the product with which to work. The tension of the links is regulated by the rotation of the handles, the oscillations arise that allow the cutting edge to perform their tasks.

Electric tools also have 2 subcategories. Deligious models are used on pipelines already commissioned.

Local suitable for the preparatory cutting of materials, as well as for working with products with a large wall thickness, non-standard diameter.

How to choose

For copper, aluminum pipes and other soft metals, use a wide range of pipe cutters, both the simplest and more complex device. To understand which options are suitable for buying, the topical master will help the following useful recommendations.

  • type of drive. To perform work at home, there will be quite simple manual cargo. Mechanical drive makes it possible to easily cope with a single execution of operations, it allows you to better control the process with a small diameter of elements. Power tools It is advisable to buy if the cutting of copper pipes is often performed or will have to work with a significant thickness of the metal.
  • Blade manufacturing material. Best Option – Stainless or Alloy Steel. Ordinary black metal quickly rusts or fasten.
  • Cutting angle cutter. Stupid option is more resistant to skews, but gives rough cut. Extra mechanical processing of the edges of the pipe. The acute cutter provides high accuracy and speed of cutting. But the blade will be prone to displacement in the process of working with it.
  • Height of the roller. For cutting copper tubes, it should be 3.5-5.5 mm.
  • Diameter of processed products. In everyday life there are rare pipes with more than 25 mm. For more large-sized products, professional cutting equipment is produced.
  • Convenience of work. Quality tool has a non-slip handle with rubberized or polymer coating. Truboresis for home use should be light, compact, mobile. In the workshop you can buy a full-fledged machine with hydraulic or pneumatic reception.
  • Buy budget. High-quality professional mobile type pipe cutters are sold at a price of 3500 rubles. Hand tool from leading brands costs 1000-3000 rub. Budget models with a primitive mechanism can be found on sale even cheaper. On average, such pipe cutters are not more than 400 rubles.
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Considering these parameters, you can choose a suitable model of the tool for different tasks.

In most cases, homemade masters are bypassed with manual pipes.

In the assortment of Russian construction stores, the tool for cutting copper or aluminum pipes is presented quite wide. Here you can find products of brands from the USA, Europe, as well as Chinese budgetary brands and domestic enterprises.

High ratings are honored Products Stayer, “Zubr”, “Enkore”. Professionals choose manual pipe cutting with a rattle ROTHENBERG Automatic I 70030 or American company Ridgid with a similar mechanism. They are adapted to work with communications of different diameters, differ in high speed of work.

Among the non-professional pipebores, there are also many interesting options. The tops include the following models.

  • “Bison Professional”. Universal model for non-ferrous metals. Suitable for cutting pipes with a diameter of 6 to 64 mm. Design type – Roller, easy to control.

  • STAYER PRO CUT PROFESSIONAL. The tool is designed to work with copper pipes with a diameter of 3-32 mm. Roller design is easily controlled by just one hand. The blade is made of instrumental steel.

  • “Krafttul”. Manual Trubaw Telescopic Design. Suitable for cutting copper elements with a cross section from 3 to 32 mm.

Paying attention to high quality pipe cutters, you can not worry about the fact that the tool quickly fills or break. You can find a lot of available models suitable for maintenance at home.

How to use pipe cutter, you will find out in the next video.

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