Choose overalls for painting works

Painting work – one of the most popular and necessary types of finishing and decorative works, which are the final stage in the transformation of any subject and premises. Despite the seeming harmlessness of the process, long-term work with toxic paint materials is hazardous and can provoke the development of hazardous chronic diseases. To minimize the negative effects of coloring compositions, specialists have developed special protective clothing, which serves an obstacle to penetration of toxic substances into the human body. Manufacturers produce a wide range of products for this category.

What consists of?

Overalls for painting works – an integral part of the wardrobe of all professionals who work with paint and varnish materials. Feature of overalls – production only from artificial material, on the surface of which there is no pile. No long hair cover on the surface – the key to the impossibility of sedimentation of toxic substances. Standard Watching Malarker consists of protective suit, glasses, masks, rubber gloves, special shoes and respirator.

Protective suit can be both disposable and long period of operation. Disposable element made of low-quality material must be disposed of immediately after work. Reusable workwear can not only be repeatedly used, but also to carry out all cleansing events. Features of the quality product:

  • The presence of gum on the waist, ankles and wrists;
  • Mandatory presence of long zipper;
  • The presence of an astounded hood with a rubber band near the face;
  • antiseptic coating;
  • Wide sized row.

Specialists recommend purchasing products with deep pockets that will become the necessary organizers in the process of work. The selected product should be well to sit and do not interfere with the workflow, and reinforced knee pads will significantly extend the service life of the kit. Non-use of protective overalls can provoke the following negative factors:

  • the emergence of chemical and thermal burns;
  • Disruption of the work of the respiratory organs, digestive system and vision.

Normal cotton clothes are not only quickly wear out during painting, but can also cause ignition.

Types of clothing

Protective overalls for painting works consists of a large number of component elements, each of which is made from a special material and has its own characteristics. Total Color Gamut Products – White. Choosing a raner jumpsuit, it is necessary to pay attention to its GOST, which is a guarantee of quality. A high-quality and reliable malarker costume must be made of special polymer materials, and its density should not pass particles of hazardous substances. Stands and sleeves should be equipped with rubber bands.

No less important hood or headdress, which should be a single whole overalls.

Production Material Gloves – High Putting Latex or Rubber, which will be a reliable obstacle to expose harmful substances to the skin of the worker’s hands. Mandatory condition – dense adjacent and lack of aircraft between rubber and hand. In order to protect the mucous membrane of the eye, it is necessary to purchase special hypoallergenic glasses that have a rubber base on the inside.

The rubberized material will prevent slipping and ensures the maximum dense adjacent of the protective element.

The right choice of shoes – the key to the safe carrying out of all types of painting works. This element must necessarily have a leather surface. It is better if the sock zone will have an enhanced structure that will prevent injury to the limbs when dropping heavy items. Specialists do not recommend purchasing products with rubber sole, which can melt under the action of aggressive chemicals.

Higher level of reliability have a metal base boots.

The mandatory element of the Malarket set is the respirator, the purpose of which is to protect the mucous membrane of the respiratory system from entering into their surface toxic substances. Feature – the presence of a special filter that prevents poisoning of poisons of paint materials. Disposable mask provides only one-time use, but filters of reusable respirators can simply be replaced with new works.

Criteria for recipe feeder

Before starting work, special attention should be paid to the choice of the respirator, from which the health of the employee directly depends. The main element of this protective device is a built-in special filter that holds all toxic substances and prevents them from penetration into the respiratory tract. The quality and reliability of the respirator directly depends on the price range and the type of filtering element.

The purchased goods must have all allowing documents, certificates of quality, as well as detailed manual of the manufacturer on the rules of its operation. Given the wide range of this product, experts recommend to pick up respirators in strict accordance with the types of painting works, as well as with the face form. You can not use the device whose materials can provoke an allergic reaction.

The efficiency of using a reusable device directly depends on the timeliness of its maintenance. Experts recommend replacing the filter after each paint stage, and before installing it, carefully wipe all internal elements.

Ignoring these rules significantly reduces the protective functions of the respirator.

How to choose glasses and gloves?

Glasses and gloves – mandatory means of individual protection that will help avoid contact of the mucous membrane of the eye and skin with poisonous substances. Best when these items are included in a special mask. When choosing points it is necessary to take into account the form of a person, as well as the absence of an allergic reaction to the materials used. The product must fit tightly to the skin and do not interfere with a comprehensive review.

Mandatory condition – the presence of impact-resistant glass that protects the eyes from all types of mechanical and chemical impact.

For working with paint, special latex or nitrile gloves will be better suited, which will prevent the contact of the paint materials with skin. Mandatory condition – no discomfort while working. Experts recommend paying attention to the signs of high-quality product:

  • convenience;
  • Maximum dense adjacent;
  • the presence of special inserts at the ends of the fingers;
  • Resistance to mechanical and chemical damage.

Given the constant contact of the hands with chemicals, after the end of the work it is necessary to lubricate the skin with moisturizing and softening cream.

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