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If the inner view of your housing leaves much to be desired, I want to make repairs, but just blew the wallpaper already boring and completely uninteresting. Then an excellent solution of your problem will be the lining of the walls with clapboard. Wall-skinned with decorative boards with their own hands will be the perfect creative solution for you, and the use of lining will reduce your time to search for cladding materials. Materials for repair You can choose on your own, the lining can be both ready for the prepared, processed board, and to process yourself, however, for this you will need at least minimal skills in this area, as well as a special fugoval machine, with which you can make such boards.

What are the cutters for what?

In order to sheathe the walls, you will not have enough special boards, in addition to them you will need to purchase a hand milling mill, as well as nozzles for it – cutters. The cutter is a special tool nozzle having any shape on which cloves are applied when rotating the mechanical impact on the subject. With the help of these teeth, you can cut down various items, process them, grind and so on.

The modern market has a huge selection of various nozzles, the main ones:

  • terminal;
  • edge;
  • cylindrical;
  • disk.


End mills on a tree in many cases have a solid design, composite types are rare. Such nozzles work mainly on the principle of load produced on the wood side edge. In addition to the formation of compounds on boards, end mills can be used to process the end, as well as to create complex patterns on wood.


This type of cutter is the most popular from the masters of your business, these nozzles are designed to form the edge of the board. Due to the peculiarities of its structure, edge cutters can create the edge of various intricateness, without leaving deep into the wood.


This species is divided into several types:

  • conical – used to create a thread on wood;
  • Spiral – needed for the manufacture of the edge of the board;
  • Slide – designed to create grooves of different shapes and species.


They are the most convenient for creating and processing facing boards (lining).

Disk cutters are used for different purposes:

  • to handle the lining;
  • For the processing of a panel;
  • for processing and grinding stone;
  • for metal;
  • Specialized nozzles for various wooden products.

Mills for handmade with clap, in turn, are divided into 3 types:

  • uncless;
  • Bearing;
  • edge.

In the manufacture of the board itself, you will need bearing or edge cutters, with detailed processing, unchanged nozzles are suitable for which it will be necessary to purchase specialized equipment.

The lining is a special board, which has a groove on one side, and on the other – spool. Therefore, you will need two varieties of cutters, the function of each of them will be designed specifically for processing the board on one side. The difference in cutters may be the diameter of the shank, from the value of which the power required for their use depends.

Each disk mill has a standard design, it consists of:

  • The basis of the nozzle is the axis on which the entire main part is fixed;
  • Top on the axis are fastened with two disks, on which cutting knives are located;
  • Bearing is in the disks.

Cutting testers nozzles can be accessed 3-4 times to reuse.

Milling Machine

This is a machine with replaceable nozzles. The milling mill is mainly used to process wooden products, but when acquiring additional equipment, it can also be processed and plastic and metal. Such a machine has a rather small size for its functional, it can be used for almost all purposes, from the manufacture of various parts before processing furniture and products of life.

The milling tool is different types:

  • upper;
  • edge;
  • Lamiel.

The use of such a device is very convenient and functionally.

Self-making lining

Step-by-step instructions for work.

  1. First you need to prepare or purchase smooth boards you need. The length is better to choose no more than two meters in order to work with the material it was more convenient. You need to choose a width and calculate yourself (usually 8-10 cm are made). When trimming boards, the remnants of the material do not need to be thrown out, you can make connecting rails.
  2. Then you need to qualitatively handle the board, having prepared it to work.
  3. After the board is fully processed, you can begin to cut a sheet and groove. During this work, it is necessary to do everything clearly and measured, since the probability of doing something is wrong at this stage is large enough. The board needs to be good and tightly fixed, the table on which will be working should be in a steady position. The depth of the groove and the width of the tongue must be constantly adjustable, as even with a minimum displacement, the board will be corrupted.
  4. In some cases, it will not be possible to do with a manual cutter, since in production, for example, a calibrated board will need more complex equipment – flights.

Throughout the time of work, it is necessary to comply with all security measures, you need to use safety glasses and gloves, since at all stages of processing you can get different types of injuries.

Selection cutter for wood

When choosing a cutter, it is desirable to take into account all of their features, first, it is desirable that the cutters have been made by qualitatively, a guarantee of quality in most cases is a brand, so buying the best tools that have already been tested, to such brands include the tools of the company “Shtil”. Secondly, it is necessary to be guided by the strength of the material from which the cutter is made, it needs to be selected on the basis of which material this tool will need to work. And, thirdly, it is necessary to correctly pick up the type and type of the tool that is suitable precisely to your type of work, for example, as above – to work with the wallpaper, the disk milling cutter is suitable.


Summing up, we can say that a person who got used to perform work with their own hands must be a set of all types of cutters for working with various materials and various details.

In our case, it can be noted that all types of cutters are suitable when carrying out facing works, but for working with the clap, it is preferable to use disk cutters that are different types, each of these types is necessary at different stages of work.

          After all the works, you will receive not only the beautiful inner view of your housing and a storm of positive emotions, but also a considerable economy, because when buying already ready-made facing boards, you will have to spend almost twice as much as when you purchase a set of all necessary tools and the manufacture of lining yourself.

          How to choose milling cutters, look in the following video.

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