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Pretty many people try to choose cotton gloves with PVC-coating. They are justified there, where the level of loads and dangers relatively small. But still the selection of a suitable product should take place as carefully and consciously.


Use the PVC-coating gloves with a PVC coating makes sense in the garden and under household construction, repair work. The cost of such products is relatively small, but at the same time it reliably protects from dirt, bypass, small glass fragments and metal burrs. The range of cotton mittens with a polymer coating in recent years has grown significantly. And now choose the appropriate model has become somewhat more complicated. But anyway, any instance facilitates the implementation of physically laborious work, does not reduce skin sensitivity.

Cotton gloves will be in demand when:

  • rod of firewood;

  • sawing boards;

  • cleaning snow and ice;

  • Pumping vegetables and flower;

  • mixing cement;

  • brick laying;

  • sweeping territory;

  • work with plaster;

  • furnace and cleaning furnaces;

  • cleaning construction garbage;

  • hunting, fishing;

  • Care of weapons, appliances, cars, motorcycles and bicycles.


Cotton gloves with polymer coating can have a very diverse appearance. Pictures are performed on a stencil, with its replacement you can get almost any image. Options are most often used:

  • “Herringbone” (the mass of acute corners covering the palm part);

  • wavy image;

  • “Point” (plotting a point pattern over the entire surface);

  • “Brick” (like construction masonry);

  • Logo (combines purely practical functions with company promotion, but it is more expensive than other types).

Cotton fiber preference for workers gloves is quite predictable – It does not threaten allergic reactions, sweats sweat and provides ventilation. High-quality cotton still gets well. The edges of the cuffs are usually made from rubber varieties that differ in high viscosity. Improving the technical characteristics is usually achieved by using additional knitted fibers from other materials.

In some cases, gloves with full nitrile coating and crag type cuffs.

They need:

  • auto mechanics;

  • employees of the chemical industry;

  • employees of mining and mining enterprises;

  • builders;

  • agricultural workers;

  • Employees of assembly and repair shops.

PVC spray gloves are distinguished by drawing not only in designer purposes. So, “points” are applied to products intended for light and moderately difficult works. But when you need to work in difficult and even dangerous conditions, gloves with a pattern are intended for overloading heavy loads:

  • tread;

  • “brick”;

  • “Waves”;

  • “Christmas tree”.

Important and the number of fibers used. So, the knitting of 5 threads turns out to be denser. It allows you to better protect against dirt and dust. Application relatively thin fiber increases hand sensitivity. No wonder he is preferred in laboratories and in other responsible production.

Four thread gloves wear out a little faster. They are loved by loaders and other people who have to work with severe, uncomfortable objects. The clutch with the surface turns out to be much better.

Also improves microvent. Finally, weaving for 4 threads helps reduce the risk of corns.

Tips for choosing

Of course, gloves should be treated. And not just put on the arm, but to find out how fuzzy fucked, is the sensations are normal, it is convenient to take various subjects. No less important point – the level of sliding surface. It is advisable to swell the gloves outside, check them on the weight. If some additional elements are mentioned in the description, the same cuffs – it is advisable to immediately appreciate them.

In good gloves, the ends of the “fingers” are covered with an increased layer of material, because there is most of the right. Options with incomplete coating Using movers, builders and repairmen. But the full PVC cover is relevant with a frequent contact with caustic substances. Double obulation enhances the overall level of protection. However, the glove will cost more and is heavier.

Overview of cotton gloves with PVC coating in the video below.

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