Choose aluminum discs for grinder

With independent repair in an apartment or house, most people often faced with the need to cut various types of metal structures. In order to carefully fulfill these works, it is necessary not only to choose and buy the tool itself, but also correctly pick up the required cutting wheel. After all, not every metal can be quickly and smoothly cut off the universal nozzle. Choose aluminum discs for the grinder correctly.

Aluminum processing features

Many people have a cutting of soft metals. In particular – aluminum. For processing of such a material, there is a wide variety of nozzles for sawing, which have different diameter. Also produce and circles for aluminum grinding. Description of cutting circles for the grinder must be started with their sizes. So, the outer diameter of such products varies from 125 mm to 230 mm. The thickness of the cutting nozzles is in the range from 1 to 3.2 mm. As a rule, larger disk diameter corresponds to and greater width. As for the laps of a small diameter, their thickness can be any, depending on the destination.

If we talk about aluminum, it uses circles with a thickness of about 1 mm. Such a choice is explained by the loss of this metal. During work, the thick nozzle aluminum becomes viscous of friction and begins to score with its particles abrasive circle. In such a situation, the disc simply ceases to cut.

As for the configuration and cutting of the cutting part, then most often the circles for aluminum have a diamond fine spraying and cutting edge in the form of several sectors. In essence, this is a saw blade on concrete. It is convenient for them to perform work on cutting aluminum structures. For example, cut a profile. The diameter of such a disk has a minimum value, that is, 12.5 cm.

Circles of the maximum diameter of 23 cm are most often multifunctional and cut not only metals, but also concrete, plastic pipes and even a tree with nails.

It must be said that only in appearance to understand the exact purpose of such nozzles is almost impossible. Therefore, when buying is best able to consult with the seller or explore the characteristics specified on the disk itself.

Selecting a grinding circle

On the construction market you can see a wide variety of special circles for various types of grinding and polishing an angular grinding machine. There are such nozzles primarily by type of coverage:

  • from sandpaper;
  • from a sponge;
  • fabric;
  • With felt.

In addition to the abrasive coating on a circle, various pastes with abrasive inclusions use for grinding of metal surfaces. Their use depends on how much smooth surface is planned to receive. In order to perform a black stripper of aluminum, the masters use elaborate nozzles with large grains. The structure of the grinding circle does not have to be dense (with a small number of grains per unit volume of nozzles). Such work gives a rather rough surface at the exit, which requires a cleaner grinding and polishing.

For fine and neat grinding, spongy circles are suitable, which can be applied with fine-grained pastes. After them, it is possible to perform polishing with replaceable coatings from felt or tissue, which are fixed on a special nozzle for the grinder. It uses a paste with minimal grains. When choosing the nozzle is important and brand manufacturer. Products, which should not be doubted, produced mainly well-known firms, such as:

  • Bosch;
  • Berner;
  • Kronenflex;
  • DeWalt.

If the manufacturer is little known, there is always a risk of acquiring low quality goods with bad reinforcement or even without it. Work with such nozzles is dangerous to health.

Features cutting

In addition to choosing a circle, in working with soft metals it is necessary to take into account their characteristics and features. Cell cuts in aluminum structures are not made at once. This is due to the formation of slaves on cutting teeth. Because of them, the nozzle is stuck in the slits. Therefore, the work is performed in several approaches. At the same time, it is impossible to allow the range of circle, which is most relevant for operation with the discs of the maximum diameter in 230 mm.

If aluminum thickness is significant, you can sprinkle the cutting place with a small amount of kerosene. But you should not expect high quality cutting.


Bulgarian – a cutting electric tool when working with clauses. So, before changing the cutting or grinding nozzle, you need to make sure that the equipment is disabled from the network. If the plug is turned on, there is always a danger to get injured as a result of a random press button.

With cutting and grinding of such soft materials like aluminum, it is necessary to remember its viscosity. To perform work, you should not neglect the rules of operation of circles on cutting. So, the excessive width of the circle can cause metal overheating and, as a result, jammed discs or their slipping. Ultimately it leads to injuries.

It is also necessary to remember the internal diameter of circles for the ESM. It must accurately coincide with the typewriter shaft diameter. A larger diameter will cause the cutting nozzle tolerance, its uneven move. Performance in this mode, most likely, will cause a split disk, despite its reinforced coating, which also leads to serious injury.

It is important to pay attention not only to the brand of the manufacturer, but also on its authenticity. In the modern market you can meet and fake. But they can be distinguished by inscriptions, which will most likely be made cheap paint. If such a text is lost a little, then the paint will become muddy or completely lubricated. It is also important quality stickers on a circle. In cheap analogues, it can be selected, unlike real brand products.

The following video visually demonstrates high quality CIBO brand products.

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