Choose adhesive for plexiglas

Adhesive compositions are in great demand and are often applied at home. A wide range of such products is offered on the market. If required to work with plexiglass, you need to choose a special glue, which is characterized by a number of technical characteristics and has a mass gain. This composition is presented in several varieties, so it is necessary to study their detailed description to find the one that meets specific requirements.


Plexiglas, which is usually called Plexiglas, distinguished by fattyness, so working with it is very nice and easy. This material is used for the manufacture of different capacities and products, and special compositions are required to connect elements. The result of the gluing should be not just positive, but also strong, it wants that the plexiglas do not have turbid traces left, and the integrity was provided. Experts recommend using different adhesive compositions that are offered in a wide range.

Working with plexiglass and glue can give different results, which depends on the method of application, features of the composition, components and other factors. It is important to name two groups to which products for connecting the plexiglass structures are divisted. The first includes strong organic solvents, in which there is an acrylic filler. Their main advantage is that the merger is not just durable, but homogeneous, since the seams are created by dissolving the plexiglass itself. This option is used in cases where it is required to get the perfect result, without violating the presentability of the plexiglass.

The second group includes adhesives made from epoxy resins, which are often used to close the cracks and cracks. Such formulations are pretty in demand in the case of repair. However, a small minus is the duration of the drying process, but it overlaps with increased resistance to loads.

With epoxy resins, the material is connected so well that you can not worry about cracks.

Species and their composition

Designs that include many details cannot be collected without the use of adhesive compositions. It is important to make sure the strength of the seams of glued elements, given the strength of the material. When choosing such products, it is necessary to pay attention to all indicators, as well as study the composition of the funds to find what will meet all the requirements.

Physical gluing is achieved with the help of products that are offered in the form of solutions. With a gradual evaporation of solvents, glue mass will become solid, which indicates the connection of parts from the plexiglas.

As for the chemical impact, all two-component compounds can be attributed. Components are mixed, after which they begin to act and quickly solidify. To obtain the desired effect, it is necessary to take into account several factors – high temperature, compound of ingredients, the introduction of catalysts or activating components, without which the reaction is impossible.

If it is required to repair the construction of the plexiglass at home, the question immediately arises, which means to choose that the result is high-quality, and the seams are durable and resistant to possible damage. Previously, dichloroethane used in great demand, which was applied to the surface of the material and dissolved it. When dried, the part turned into a solid design, and the seam was barely noticeable, and if necessary, it could be removed, and polished the surface.

It is worth noting that Dichloroetan-based funds are highly toxic and volatile, but at the same time are considered one of the best for working with plexiglas. Today, the market offers mixtures with innovative components in the composition that are safe, so they can even be used at home.

For a simple connection of parts from plexiglas Ordinary glue “moment”. The main advantage of its advantage is that it quickly works and can connect the surfaces of a variety of materials. Of course, it is necessary to work with this tool carefully, accurately gluing elements, because they will not be disconnected, since the integrity will break.

If you need to adjust, you can choose Waterproof glue brand “88”, which has increased strength. Liquid nails are considered a universal tool that is suitable for repair at home. The only disadvantage is that seam will not be transparent, so this factor must be considered before.

Dichloroethan Often used for the manufacture of adhesive composition at home. As components there must be not only this chemical, but also chips from plexiglas, which is mixed to the state of medium density. After a couple of days, the chips dissolve, and the mass can be used to glue parts. Such a dichloroethane composition is capable of combining elements from plexiglass by instantly molecules with each other. As a result, the seam will be durable, uniform and transparent.

UV glue Contains methacrylate, a hardener is an ultraviolet that emits a special lantern. You can use such a substance for gluing not only plexiglas, but also metal, wood, plastic and many other.

Main advantages include resistance to temperature differences, mechanical effects, transparent seams and its long-term safety.

Overview of Marks

The market presents many brands of adhesive compositions that are suitable for working with plexiglass, however, they differ in terms of strength, transparency and possess their own characteristics.

Substance Acrifix 117 It is in great demand due to the high strength of the seam, transparency and durability. The glue is quickly settled, does not evaporate toxins, and it is also offered at an affordable price. Thanks to the capillary properties, the composition easily penetrates into narrow cracks and gaps, correcting material defects. For home applying such glue is quite expensive, besides, it is proposed in liter containers, and also for sale not in every store. therefore It is often used by professionals, wizards repair, as well as various factories and manufacturing enterprises.

Acrifix 116 Offered in convenient and compact containers. In the thickness, the substance resembles bee honey, but the seams will be transparent. Such glue is better to use in working with uneven and rough surfaces, as it can fill the recesses and pits in the material.

Glue options Colacril-20 and Colacril-30 are good replacement to the means described above that are somewhat expensive. It is worth noting that these two compositions are most often used together by mixing, due to the fact that the first glue is more liquid, and the second is thick. The quality of gluing with such products will be at the highest level, and the seam will remain transparent and inconspicuous.

Glue “Moment”, like Cosmofen, can be found in any construction store. The big plus is that they are offered in compact packages with a spout, so filling the cracks with these glue very convenient. The composition has cyanoacrylate, and the main feature is that these products do not dissolve the material, so it is better to choose something else for greater strength. Often the second adhesive is suitable for repairing small parts in toys where there will be no mechanical loads.

It should be remembered that seam whites, so the presentability of the product is somewhat violated.

Which is better?

The market offers a wide selection of adhesive compositions that are suitable for working with such material as plexiglass. However, to name the product, which is the best, not easy, because everyone has its own features and dignity. Since the properties are very similar, the main difference lies in the ability to dissolve or dissolve the material, which affects the quality of the seam.

First of all, it is necessary to decide what exactly should be glued, and whether the load on the product from the plexiglas will be. If we are talking about a toy or decorative element, you can use the usual “moment” glue, which is offered at any store.

If it is necessary to process something dimensional and achieve increased strength, and also make sure that the seam transparency should choose the means of more expensive with the corresponding characteristics.

For the repair of aquariums, dichloroethane is suitable, as it is hermetic, gluits well, and at the same time non-toxic, which is extremely important for life and safety of fish. However, it is necessary to work with such glue in a well-ventilated room, and the product is operated only after the substance fully solids and dry, which month.

If it is necessary to attach metal or wood to parts from the plexiglas, it is necessary to choose adhesive compositions that will cope with such a task. These include the means of brand “88”, liquid nails and the same dichloroethane. Summing up, you can confidently say that Dichloroethane is considered the most versatile, so it can safely use it for acrylic glass or plexiglas.

In the next video, it is told about how to glue plexiglas.

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