Choose a rush jack with a loading capacity of 3 tons

Rush jacks are very popular with builders and motorists. Sometimes replaced this device simply nothing, but it is not possible to do without it. In today’s article, we will look at where the jacks of this type are used and how to use them.


The design of the rush jack is very simple. It includes:

  • Guide rail, along the entire length of which holes for fixation are located;
  • The handle of the mechanism and a movable carriage that moves along the rail.

The height of the pickup can be from 10 cm, This means that the lift can be started from a very low position.

The principle of operation of this device is based on the joint work of the rail and snoring mechanism. To lift the cargo lever with an effort going down, at this time the carriage moves exactly to 1 hole by rail. To continue the lift, you need to raise the handle to the starting position at the top and re-lower it. The carriage will jump again on 1 hole. Such a device is not afraid of contaminants, so it does not need lubrication.

If the contamination was formed on the mechanism, they can be cleaned with a screwdriver or carefully knock on the carriage.

The described tool has a number of advantages.

  • Design is easy to use. The device is unpretentious and able to work in extreme conditions.
  • The design is capable of lifting loads to a large height, for which other types of jacks are not capable of.
  • The mechanism works very quickly, the rise takes a day.
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Retained jacks have a lot of flaws about which you need to know.

  • The design is very cumbersome, it is extremely inconvenient to transport it.
  • The area of ​​the jack of jack on Earth is very small, so an additional stand is required, which increases the area of ​​contact with the earth.
  • As for cars, such a jack is not suitable for all types of cars due to the specificity of the lifting.
  • Trampling.

Working with such a jack is needed very carefully, observing all safety rules. In addition, in a raised state, the design is very unstable and under any circumstances cannot be sealing under the car raised by such jack – during the lifting there is a risk of cargo breakdown from the device’s foot. In this case, the operator must occupy the most secure position and in case of danger very quickly leave the jack drop zone.

In addition, if the load still broke down and the jack was pushing, then his handle may start moving at high speed and power. Thus, overweight is removed from the carriage. In this case, you need to give a mechanism to free yourself. Do not try to catch the lever, it will not be able to do it with your hands, because at that moment the cargo puts on it.

Many are trying to catch a lever; such attempts are completed by the teeth and broken limbs.

Criterias of choice

Choosing a rush jack for 3 tons, it is necessary decide on its length, Since the maximum weight is already known. There is an erroneous opinion that the color of the product affects its quality. Some argue that the best rush jacks are red, others believe that black. The color does not affect the quality of the product.

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The next important criterion when choosing is Quality of details. Most often, the rail and the hooking heel are made of cast iron, and the remaining parts are made of steel. They should be high-quality coverage, without visible defects. Acquire such tools best in branded stores with many years of positive reputation, where the probability of running on the poor-quality goods is extremely small, and experienced sellers will help you decide on the choice and will be helped with a useful advice.

Ask staff Quality Certificate on purchased products, it will protect you from the purchase of fake.

If for some reason you cannot provide this document, then from buying in this institution it is best to refuse.

How to use?

3 tons rocket jack is very easy to use. On the carriage there is a lifting direction switch. If the product is free to switch to lowering mode, the carriage will move freely over the rail. In the case of installation in lifting mode, the mechanism begins to work on the principle of a reverse key, moving only in 1 side (up). This will be heard a characteristic crackle. It is necessary to quickly exhibit the device for the desired height.

Lift is carried out by lever – It is necessary to pressed with force with force, and in the lower position there is a fixation for the next tooth.

It is very important to hold on to the lever, because in case of scaling, it will start returning to its original position with a large force. The process of lowering the cargo requires more attention than the rise. Because everything happens in the reverse order and the lever do not need to crush, and not give him to shoot in the rail. Many many forget about it and get strong injuries.

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And the most important – Watch your fingers, head and hands are not on the trajectory of a slipping lever.

Occupy the safest position to in the event of unforeseen circumstances not to lose health.

In the next video, an overview of the Hi-Jack rush jack is edited from the American company Hi-Lift.

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