Choose a facade frost-resistant paint

Since facade paints are intended for external work, they must comply with sufficiently strict requirements. High-quality coatings provide the aesthetics of the appearance of the facade, protect it from various external influences. Choosing a suitable paint material for outdoor work, you need to take into account a variety of factors, including climate, operating conditions. Most often, Russian residents are interested in acquiring frost-resistant winter paints.


It is worth noting that frost-resistant paints and varnishes are not a variety of coloring compositions. Resistance to low temperatures is a working quality that is inherent in different colors. Frost-resistant materials may vary in composition, characteristics, but they have a total advantage.

Such a variety usually does not cause serious problems. To choose the most suitable paint material, you need to understand the features of certain types of paints resistant to low temperatures.

In general, frost resistance call the ability to carry cold, while maintaining performance. Such a property is very valuable, because in some regions of frosts in winter is very strong. However, frost-resistant facade paints and varnish materials must have other qualities:

  • Through the elasticity, which ensures compensation for the movements that occur due to fluctuations or soil shrinkage;
  • Do not give fluids to penetrate the walls;
  • withdraw from steam walls (water in wall materials can freeze, leading to their destruction);
  • Through high decorative qualities.


There are different types of paint materials resistant to low temperatures. The most common of them:

  • Oil;
  • silicate;
  • water based;
  • acrylic;
  • Silicone.

This is an approximate list. Manufacturers of paints and varnishes are constantly offering various novelties, so the list of paints, distinguished by resistance to low temperatures, does not cease to be supplemented.

Many use special anti-corrosion supplements that allow working with materials at low temperatures. They can be added not only in paint, but also in plaster, primer. Pros of such additives – no odor, colorlessness.

Pros and cons

Since frost-resistant paints are very different, it is difficult to allocate certain advantages and disadvantages of such coatings. However, it is possible to note the unconditional advantages of high-quality materials that protect surfaces from exposure to low temperatures:

  • long service life;
  • increased vapor permeability;
  • water resistance;
  • strength.

The disadvantage is the high cost of high-quality frost-resistant paints. However, such a minus is very relative, if we are talking about good paint.


Companies that specialize in the production of painting compositions resistant to low temperatures today many. It is worth highlighting manufacturers who are most popular among consumers:

  • Tikkurila. These paints are suitable for both facade walls and facade walls. Tikkurila offers paintwork materials that are well combined with porous aerated concrete, concrete. Paints absorbed in the surface in the shortest possible time. The consumption of weatherproof paint needs to be determined, given the roughness of the base. The manufacturer has long been proposing to consumers a variety of frost-resistant painting water-based compositions:
    1. silicate;
    2. latex;
    3. water-dispersion;
    4. acrylic;
    5. Water-emulsion.

This manufacturer offers coloring compositions of different colors. To apply Tikkurila’s paints, a roller, a brush, however, the properties of these materials are as follows that you can choose the paintopult.

  • Dulux. This company is engaged in the production of acrylic painting compositions resistant to low temperatures. Such a coating “breathes”, it ensures reliable protection of the surface from various external influences. The facades painted by materials from Dulux are distinguished by increased aesthetics.
  • “Optimist”. In paints and varnishes, this manufacturer has components of imported and domestic production. To apply such coloring compounds, many use paintopult. The manufacturer offers paints and varnishes on water based. These compositions are easy to apply, the layer is always quite smooth. “Optimist” pleases consumers also a large number of shades of coloring materials. Paints “Optimist” are suitable for applying for cement, brick, aerated concrete surfaces.

Such covers are ideal for the climate of Russia. They are distinguished by increased resistance not only to low temperatures, but also to different atmospheric influences. These paints are durable and economical in terms of expense.

  • Caparol. Anti-corrosion paints from this manufacturer have gained great popularity, because they are distinguished by very high quality and can protect the surface even from the strongest cold. Caparol Color Assortment Caparol Very Wide. At the same time, the company annually publishes new products, makes paintworks more perfect.
  • Pufas. Products from this company are not as popular, however, she has certain advantages. The surface under such a coating “breathes”, these paints and varnishes are characterized by hiding, resistant to different atmospheric influences.

Features of use

Since the types of frost-resistant paints and varnishes are many, only common Recommendations that relate to any similar painting compositions:

  • Before applying paint, it is necessary to prepare the basis. Inspect the surface, make sure that there are no defects. Remove the old paint, sucking the plaster.
  • If there are defects, implement them. To get rid of flaws, use putty. Remember that any selected tool must be combined with the finish coating, otherwise the paint will be bad to curb the surface.
  • Before applying paint it is necessary to wait for the absolute drying of the surface.
  • Apply the paintwork material only if the weather conditions are suitable. There should be no strong wind on the street, rain.

  • Apply the coloring composition is needed using convenient to use and as much as possible tool.
  • When painting, we should consider the recommendations of the manufacturer of paintwork. Remember that paint consumption may exceed the specified, so get the painting composition with a margin.
  • It should be borne in mind that the coating must completely dry before applying the following layer of paintwork. With an excessive rush, you will spoil the coating, and the foundation will have to repaint. This will lead to additional spending.

Facade paintwork materials resistant to low temperatures are ideal for use in the context of the Russian climate. They differ in durability, the ability to maintain their properties, well combined with the most different surfaces. At the same time, modern coatings are aesthetic: the facades painted with such materials, look very beautiful.With the help of these colors you can emphasize your individuality and good taste.

In the next video, you will see an overview of facade paints.

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