Choose a brandy nut for a grinder

    Someone more often, someone less often applies a cornersliform machine (in the people of Bulgaria) in repair or construction work). And at the same time an ordinary nut for corner liftsy, along with the key, risking injury when unscrewing it or simply spoil the circle. So that this does not happen, developed a quick-release (quick-consuming, self-locking, self-drawing) nut. Now there is no need for changing the circle. You only need to unscrew the nut with hand.

    What is the pressure nut?

    ESM is a convenient, transportable and reliable tool, intended for cutting and grinding of stone, ceramic, metal and sometimes wood surfaces. Working with a corner car only from the side looks relatively uncomplicated and understandable, in practice it requires certain abilities and knowledge. Using the Bulgarian, the specialist must be the most prudent and concentrated. If you do not adhere to the established security rules and technologies of work, then different injuries are provided to you. Not following the required precautionary measures, the employee can become rude for life.

    Of course, developing any of the modifications of Bulgarians, the manufacturers are striving to maximize the user during the operation of the tool, but should also use the gently with the mechanism and to have the concept of its specific properties. A very significant aspect when choosing an angular grinding machine – type of pressing fastening item supplied on it.

    This small component of the design may well “give” a few minutes (this is with the most good scenario), and under adverse conditions – and 30 minutes of “suffering”, conjugate with its unscrewing. Consequently, before buying an ush, you need to focus on such, it would seem, a minor element like a nut.

    Specialized clamping nut is produced together with each ESM. Through it records a grinding or cutting circle. Design Characteristics Nuts Pretty Curious. At the time when the clamping fastener is put on the shaft, one part of it is close to the disk, and the second part is spinning, forcing the bottom nuts to clamp the disk all stronger and stronger. Actually, this nut in the power to create the owner of the corner grinding an abundance of difficulties.

    The case is that cutting and grinding discs, although they have different thicknesses from 0.8 millimeters to 3 millimeters, under all conditions are fragile and thin. Even weak rocking of the body contribute to the catching circle in the slot. As a result, he starts to climb and can split. Need shift.

    Change the circle is necessary and as a result of its wear or to conduct another function. In this case, problems arise.

    It turns out that during the long-term work with the toolkit, the clamping nut is delayed spontaneously, after such a tightening fingers, it is no longer unscrewed. We will certainly need a special key with two horns, which goes in the set. If you have an ordinary clamping fastener on your unit, then you need to find the key that, when it is needed, it disappears somewhere (it is desirable to climb it with an insulating tape to the cord), and after, pebbled, unscrew the fastener. There is the worst option – weave the nut on the sandpaper. However, the exit from this situation is available, and not even one.

    Modifications of pressing nuts

    Separate manufacturers paid serious attention to the issue of a prolonged fastening element in the angular grinding machine and eliminated it. For example, DeWalt’s sandmashinka has an improved mechanism and a clamping fastener, which can be freely and rapidly unscrewed even subsequently long-term applying. Both manufacturers of cut-iron machines, and the creators of the clamping nuts are also in constant search. The famous German firm AEG has improved the clamping fastener.

    As a result, applying the fastener detail of this company, you can forget about discomfort, the fastener is dispersed rapidly and without much effort, in any time. And now you do not need to think about how to free the stubborn circle either what remains from him. Everything is quite simple: A special thrust bearing, which will not allow the fastening item to delay spontaneously and jamble the circle.

    In addition to the AEG company, there are still a number of trading brands producing and practicing specialized quick-mode fasteners. Such fasteners are divided into 2 types:

    • which under any conditions need to turn into a key, but now not so long and hard;
    • Advanced, which, even if the circle is embroidered, will allow them to turn them away with the help of fingers.

    Advantages and disadvantages of clamping fasteners

    Floating fastening element

    In such a nut, the lower segment with the top is not dependent on themselves, it is spoiled by itself. It is used in the cornerlifmashins instead of a typical sample nut. The advantages of such a fastener details are:

    • To unscrewing, it does not require a specialized key (the usual horny or simple cape);
    • The circle is not pressed tight, therefore, the clamping fastener turns out freely.

    The disadvantage, probably, only one – its cost is somewhat higher than typical.

    Ordinary nut

    Practiced in different modifications of the instrument. It is included in the package of cheap cornel machines. Advantages of the fastener:

    • Knight presses the circle;
    • Small cost.


    • For unscrewing, a specially intended key is required;
    • often spontaneously sticks to a circle, and a special skill is needed or equipping to turn it out.

    Superflanets fastener

    Specialized nut with a moving internal element, made by Makita. Advantages:

    • makes it possible to freely remove the circle as it would be tightly tightened during the work;
    • Increases user efficiency.

    Minus – the cost is significantly more than the rest of the fasteners for the corner.

    Self-locking nut

    Replaces the usual fastening item for clamping. Advantages:

    • No special key for unscrewing;
    • freely dismantled;
    • High resistance to wear;
    • Durable.


    • pretty expensive;
    • may other times accumulating to a circle and in this case it should be turned away as ordinary.

    Fastener with auto-balancing

    The structure contains bearings inside the nut. In the process of functioning, bearings dispersed inside balable vibration processes. Advantages:

    • The grinding disk runs 50% long-term;
    • there is no vibration;
    • multiplies the engine testing tool.

    Disadvantage – big value.

    Selection of nuts (the most sought-after stamps)

    Bosch SDS-CLIC

    Bosch is familiar with almost everything, it produces a real benign tool and has repeatedly confirmed its own reliability in improving the power tools. For example, their innovation – SDS-CLIC footage. She shocked their own prospects. The creators, seeking to help reduce the time of changing grinding wheels, absolutely did not create new circles, and gave a reduction time shift. Everything is performed at one moment with hands, without a key, and both tightening the circle and unscrewing.

    Here it is necessary to follow the markup of the new SDS-CLIC fastener and instructions.


    Multifunctional speed-insulated fastening parts for a corner machine, which guarantee a reliable fixing of the circle and no danger during operation of the toolkit. Used on spindle, M14 thread. Recommended the use of equipment with a diameter of up to 150 millimeters, and ultimately, users are effective using Fixtec even on cutlelifmashins under the diameter of the circle of 230 millimeters.

    The advantages are.

    1. Rapid equipment change, less than 12 seconds.
    2. Circle Switching Fuse.
    3. Tightening and eat without a special switch.
    4. Turnkey holes for unexpected moments.
    5. Multifunctionality of use on the grinding of the overwhelming mass of manufacturers. It is used on the most moved types of circles with a diameter of up to 150 millimeters, a thickness of 0.6 – 6.0 millimeters.

    Makita 192567-3

    Multifunctional Quick Nut for USM. Through its employee is able to firmly and without applying auxiliary fixtures. This nut is compatible with disks of any size – from 115 to 230 millimeters. Typical thread (M14) makes it possible to put self-activated fastening items on the cornerlifmatch of different firms.

    About Bosch’s quick-swamping nut on the grinding machine, see the following video.

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