Characteristics of the sealant “Tehtonol” number 45

Bad sealing of outdoor joints is the main reason for the appearance of dampness, swelling of floors and wallpaper. Eliminate such a problem quite simply with a sealing composition. Best qualities have a rubber-based mixture.


Tekhtonikol sealant №45 can be safely attributed to market leaders.

A mixture based on butyl rubber with fillers, target additives and organic solvent. Butylucheuk is a polymer with a complex structure of molecules. Due to this, it is highly resistant to different types of influences. He is not terrible acid, alkali and salt. It does not dissolve ethyl alcohol and acetone. It has low gas permeability.

The mass itself is homogeneous, viscoelastic and mobile. The color of the mixture can be gray or white. The latter allows staining with facade paints. Before painting, you must test the color and grip on the invisible area.


Butyl rubber sealant must qualitatively perform functions for it due to its properties:

  • elasticity;
  • does not require additional preparations for use;
  • Deformance and strength indicators are at a fairly high level;
  • high clutch level with different surfaces;
  • Temperature mode of operation from -20 to +40 degrees Celsius;

  • Resistance to aggressive external environment and precipitation;
  • does not require special skills and instruments for installation;
  • Perhaps subsequent coloring.


    • The weight of one cubic meter of the composition is 800-1100 kg;
    • able to withstand pressure up to two atmospheres;
    • When attempting to break the frozen composition is lengthened twice;
    • The content of dry substance relative to the entire mass of more than 50 percent;
    • Bonding strength with concrete is equal to two atmospheres;
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    • 1 kV consumption. m from 0.5 to 1 kg sealant;
    • After use, it withstands the temperature from -50 to +80 degrees Celsius;
    • One hour to dry up to “turning”.

    With all his advantages, Tekhnonikol sealant №45 has a minus. It is intended only for outdoor use.


    You can purchase butyl rubber sealant in a construction store. It is spilled in the production of metal from metal to 8 and 16 kg.

    Shelf life is 18 months. Be sure to pay attention to it. The mixture with approached and expired shelf life has the worst quality characteristics.

    The price varies depending on the color and mass. So, for one kilogram of the white solution, it will be necessary to give in the area of ​​195 rubles, and for the gray already 189. For the sixteenthylogram bucket will need to pay 3111 and 3036 rubles, respectively.

    Store container with sealant needed in a dry room with good ventilation and sunlight protection.


    As mentioned earlier, the sealant has an extremely high degree of coupling with various surfaces.

    • concrete;
    • metals;
    • polymeric materials;
    • glass;

    • building blocks;
    • wood.

    Therefore, the spectrum of its application is quite wide.


    • concrete seams;
    • reinforced concrete seams;
    • metal constructions;

    • Window and doorways;
    • balcony blocks;
    • Residential and public buildings.


    • concrete;
    • reinforced concrete;
    • metal.

    There are several types of applying Tekhnonikol sealant №45 to the surface:

    • The composition is treated with the entire surface;
    • The sealant is applied to the corners and the central part of the thermoplit to the side, which will be attached to the surface;
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    • strips width from 4 cm, there must be more than four on a square meter;
    • Drops are also applied using a spatula, 50-80 g each, with a frequency of 10 per square meter.

    The application method depends on the surface of the surface, as well as how it is more convenient to apply the sealant.

    Tips for use from professionals

    • Before starting work, the composition is recommended to mix;
    • Dust and humidity may worsen the grip of the sealant with the surface, so the surface must be cleaned and dried;
    • If work is planned to be carried out at a minus temperature, then the sealant should be kept in a warm room for at least a day;

    • apply the composition follows with a rubber or metal spatula;
    • clothes, open areas of the skin, eyes should be protected from the mixture, be sure to use gloves;
    • Adding a solvent into the sealant for easier application will negatively affect its properties;

    • Keep track of the formation of passes and emptiness during operation, they will negatively affect the operation;
    • Always observe the standards recommended by the manufacturer, the description of which you will find on the label.

    In contrast to the analogues, this sealant can be used at low temperatures and high humidity.

    More details about the properties of the sealant tells in the video.

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