Characteristics of stepladders with 5 steps

Any person at least once, but had to balance on the table or pyramid from the chairs to get to the items located under the ceiling or even higher, if it comes to the street. Such a situation is difficult to call comfortable or safe. Although the output is quite simple – to purchase a stepladder. It must be among the inventory and can come in handy at any time. Therefore, the selection of the stepladders must be approaching thoroughly, appreciating all its characteristics. The most popular model is the five-speed stepladder. Folk recognition is not accidental because it has a lot of positive features.


In a broad sense, under the stepladder, they understand the folding staircase, after the installation of which the design is obtained, resembling a triangle. In the simplest models, one of the side sides is lifting, and the second is the support. The lifting consists of:

  • parallel racks;
  • Steps and playgrounds (we consider models with 5 steps, including a platform);
  • Security arc, which is handrail for hands.

In any five-speed model, the side of the lift and the reference must be connected by a special tie, located in parallel. It is obligatory for all larders of such a height and is necessary to maintain the sustainable position of the frame.

Additional parts include:

  • shelves for household and building trifles;
  • Tool holders and buckets;
  • Rubber or plastic lining.

If the levels for lifting are located and on the support part, the stepladder can be called double-sided. To make it convenient to work on both sides, the product is usually completed with a platform, without hand support.

Often in the accompanying documents to the stepladder indicate its parameters. Their key is height. In the already installed product, the height to the top platform is slightly more than 100 cm (this value depends on the distance between the steps). And the length of the product itself is in folded form can reach 170 cm (depending on the size of the safety arc). This indicator is rather important for transportation and storage.

There are two more heights that can be indicated on the package – this is the height working and reach. Depending on the manufacturer, they may vary slightly, but they are the same as the principle of calculation. Working is height to the level of elongated hands when a person takes the top position on the stepladder. And the reachable – height to the level of fingers, raised up. Usually, the average human height is taken to calculate. Take a height to the site – 103 cm. And height from the floor to the raised hands of a person – 197 cm. By adding these two values, the maximum mark, to which he can reach, is 300 cm (or 3 m). This maximum can be easily calculated for yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the five-speed stepladder mass of advantages.

  • It is this height equally convenient for work and indoors, and on the street. It is suitable for both domestic needs and professional activities.
  • To establish a stepladder, no special skills, no effort.
  • As a rule, the size and weight of the product in the folded state makes it possible to easily carry it on transport and move manually.
  • Compared to a conventional staircase, it can be used in an open area, as the support is already included.
  • For uneven surfaces there are models with stabilizers that allow you to adjust the stepladder to the relief (for example, on the stairs).
  • There are a large number of models that differ in material, cost and functions. You can find a quite affordable stepladder with the necessary parameters.

Disadvantages are mainly associated with the features of a particular model. For example, due to the desire of the manufacturer, save, fasteners and construction of steps may not be sufficiently reliable. However, this is more a matter of choice. In addition, problems may arise with the correct installation and subsequent operation.

Here it is necessary to explore the instructions and remember that the movements are still limited to the stability of the stepladder itself.

Types of materials

In addition to the design, the stepladders differ in the material of the manufacture.

  • Aluminum. Most popular stepladders. Very light and relatively inexpensive. Weakly affected by the external environment. Despite the fact that the strength of aluminum is low, the stepladders of it are withstanding enough weight. However, with intensive operation, the service life of such a product may be very small. Therefore, before each use requires a thorough check of the status. Unsuccessful falls or blows can bend racks, which is fraught with loss of stability.
  • Steel. Considered the most durable. In different configurations can weigh almost twice as much as aluminum. This makes it difficult to transport, but at the same time provides greater stability. Usually products are processed in production to increase corrosion resistance. The design of steel stepladders is quite extensive. All metal parts are painted, overlays on the steps and stop for hands can also be as color. Step from steel are considered the most reliable.
  • Wooden. There are more and less frequently because of the capriciousness of the material. Moisture entering or too dry air harm wood. If cracks appeared – it will be unsafe. Like all products from the tree, it is worth an order of magnitude more expensive than the above. But due to an attractive appearance, it is often left as the subject of decor. Especially in those places where the help of stepladders need constantly. For example, in the library, the exhibition center and T. D. In addition, they are practically not inferior in the strength of steel products.
  • Fiberglass. They can be called a novelty. They possess almost all the advantages of the above-durable – durability, long service life, resistance to moisture and ultraviolet. It can be used both at home and on the street – to any weather. All products have a pretty nice design. In addition, this material is safe when working with electricity and its most often choose professionals. The only minus is a high price.

How to choose?

        Before choosing one or another launch, you need to determine what characteristics, In addition to the five-speed design, it should have.

        • First you need to find out where the stepladder will be used. If only at home – you can not pay attention to what it is made of. For the street, the material must be moisture resistant.
        • If a stepladder will enjoy several people, take the most solid model, designed for weight up to 150 kg. The same applies to the intensity of use. A middle-ended woman setting up a stepladder in order to hang the curtains three times a year, can choose almost any.
        • Special requirements are presented to inventory for repair work. Do not neglect additional platforms and holders – they will not be superfluous.
        • Heavy models are deprived of maneuverability. To rearrange them less often and spend less strength, it is worth paying attention to the stepladers where the steps are located on both sides.
        • The wider and deeper step, the easier it is for them to rise. The same applies to the site. Better if they have convex notches or anti-slip coverage.
        • Immediately before buying a product you need to see. No detail should be fed. Special attention deserved fasteners – they should not be bitten. All sharp edges are usually protected by plastic. The same applies to the lower part of the frame racks – without plastic tips, they can damage the floor covering.

        If the disadvantages have appeared already during operation (for example, the launching mechanism or the stepladder swings, it is uneven), it is better to refrain from using or contact another person who can inspire you.

        Review on the fiberglass stepladder out of 5 steps See below.

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