Characteristics of jackhammers Makita

    Makita is a Japanese corporation that implements the large range of jackhammers on the tool market, which work on electricity. The consumer can stop the choice on any of the models from light domestic and ending the professional. Thanks to the good quality of tools, the firm has earned its popularity worldwide.


    Grinding hammer – tool designed to destroy solid surface. The use of Makita’s jackhake equipment allows you to remove the tile, destroy the partition from brick, concrete, remove the asphalt, clean the plaster and concrete layer, make niches and holes in the walls, break the frozen soil and ice, disassemble metal structures.

    Any jackhammer is characterized by a powerful impact force, which corresponds to the batter, peak, drive. The tool is not characteristic of the complex inner design, as well as a work scheme. Inside the electric hammer is a battle, which drives the drive. The latter transfers the mechanical pulse to the peak, that is, the shock mechanism. Depending on productivity weighs from 3 to 32 kilograms.

    The task that stands before the bumpman is determined by the feature of its executive part – Peaks. The latter may be the following varieties:

    • Lomik;
    • shovel;
    • chisel;
    • Trubovka.


    Makita’s Diversity Makita is quite wide, so the user may choose the perfect option that suits him on functionality and cost.

    To date, several models of Makita dumping models can be distinguished, which are most in demand from the average consumer.


    The tool of this model is characterized by compactness, ease when working on the horizontal plane. With the help of such equipment you can easily perform simple disassembly works carried out in apartments or private houses. Moloto qualitatively shoots plaster, tile, as well as a frozen solution. Tool length – 468 mm with weight 3100 grams. Such dimensions allow you to use a bump for a long time without fatigue.

    The model found its use with high-rise works, as well as manipulations with an elongated hand. The ergonomics of the handle makes the hammer convenient when working, as well as simple when held. The capacity of the equipment is 550 W, the frequency of impacts adjusts the special electronic switch.

    The features of HK0500 is the presence of dust patron, double insulation, long network cord.


    Although this tool has a lot of weight, but they are easy to work for a long time without stopping. Hammer is characterized by high productivity, which allows him to cope with complex tasks. Equipment is characterized by a power of 1510 watts, the frequency of beats can be adjusted using a specially designed switcher. During idling, shocks does not occur. From other models, this features a hexagon type of cartridge, which contributes to high performance, as well as reliable fixation of the equipment. Simplified use is justified by the presence of a retainer.

    How work elements in aggregate with a bump can be used by various shanks and peaks, traamwickers and others. In the design of the hammer there is a grease system, so the daily replenishment of the tank is not required. HM1307CB functionality is optimized with a smooth start, stabilizer, service light indicator, reduced noise and vibration level.

    This model will become an indispensable assistant in the work of a household and professional nature during the construction period.


    This jackhammer weighs 32 kilograms. It is characterized by an excellent capacity of 2 kW and can carry out up to 2 thousand. Shoots per minute. Apply such equipment in the professional sphere. The technical characteristics of the tool are enough to destroy the material of the highest hardness when carrying out work at construction, road, in the mountains, as well as during mining.

    How to choose?

    The bump box is difficult to replace any other tool. Different models of this tool are used to perform various tasks. Easy electrical option is ideal for repair work, and for construction it is better to use more powerful and heavy modifications.

    The tool is divided into three types depending on the power.

    1. Electric, which is the most simple and therefore the most sought-after hammer. It is used for small and medium-sized works, subject to access to the mains.
    2. Pneumatic functions with compressed air. It is considered the safest option, since it does not form a spark when working. Often this kind of hammer is used in industry.
    3. Hydraulic The bunch in contrast to the previous running on a liquid basis. It is the most silent tool from all kinds.

    The effectiveness of the functioning of the hammer has a direct dependence on the power. The higher this indicator, the more energy gets the material that is processed. Power is also important for surface thickness that can be processed. For household works, which are associated with finishing, you need to choose equipment with a capacity of 1 to 1.2 kW, and if a solid material is processed, the tool power must be at least 1.6 kW.

    One of the important indicators to take into account during the purchase of a jackhammer – this is the energy of impact. It can be from 1 domestic up to 100 J in professional tools.

    These devices apply the following types of cartridges.

    • SDS+ – This is the smallest cartridge that is used in light models.
    • SDS Max – This is a type of cartridge that is characterized by the use of large-scale nozzles. This element is usually installed in high weight hammers models.
    • SDS Hex It is a reliable cartridge that has a hexagon clamp, it is used for tools with high impact energy.

    When choosing an electric jackhaft tool, pay attention to the length of the cord. The longer the cord, the more comfortable the workflow will occur.

    The weight of the hammer is proportional to its power, that is, the more powerful equipment, the harder it is. Light models weigh approximately 5 kg – they are convenient for repairs, finishing works at home. Hammers with an average weight of 10 kg are able to easily destroy the walls, to form openings in them. Heavy tools weigh more than 10 kg, and their main purpose – industrial work, foundation device, primer processing.

    In some models of jackhammers there is a smooth start. Such a feature provides smooth operation and its safe start in which the user will not notice the jerks. Tools with automatic adjustment of impact speed are popular. This characteristic is able to improve the quality of work and extend the service life of the equipment.

    Vibration protection is a peculiarity of modern bumps, such a function contributes to a decrease in the user’s fatigue during operation.

    Instructions for use and repair

    Despite the fact that jackhammers are reliable tools, they sometimes break. In the process of repairing the bump occurs two stages of work:

    • determination of the problem of the tool;
    • Replacing the detail that failed.

    In order for a jackhable hammer to serve for a long time, it needs permanent service. Unfortunately, in the market you can find a rather limited number of spare parts for chippers. Many of the spare parts are universal, so it can be used not for one tool model. Serious breakdowns worth trusting professionals. If the user himself decided to repair the equipment, then this will require such actions:

    • Disassemble a bump and remove dirt;
    • identify a malfunction;
    • repair or replace the part;
    • collect hammer;
    • Check functionality.

    Fucking hammers are the tools that are characterized by the reliability of sealing. The replacement of lubrication is not necessary to exercise often, even if the equipment is used on an ongoing basis. In order to replace the lubricant, it is necessary to remove the crank mechanism, to withdraw the old lubrication, make 30 grams of the new lubricant and install the crystal mechanism to the previous place.

    A jackhammer is a powerful and indispensable aggregate. In order for its period of use to be long, you should choose a model that is suitable for performing certain tasks, as well as monitor the tool condition.

    Overview of the hill pump Nm 1213s See in the video below.

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