Characteristics and features of the choice of Ryobi screwdrivers

Various fastening elements are very important – bolts, nuts, screws. And, of course, screws. Spinning them in a solid surface with the help of Ryobi screws, much easier and more practical than using a screwdriver.


A screwdriver in technical practice is customary to call the type of manual power tools, Which allows you to spin and pull back:

  • screws;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • Other types of fasteners with screw cutting.

Often on sale you can meet the so-called screwdriver-drill. But it is important to remember that the hybrid device still remains at the core of its exactly drill. It can cope with minor workshops, and even quite quickly. However, it is necessary to choose a strictly specialized gun for systematic wrapping or fastening. To select a specific model, the torque is of particular importance.

General Tips for choosing

This indicator, as it is determined in physics, expresses the intensity of rotation to which a certain body is exposed. Under the “body” here is meant the working part of the screwdriver. And already the speed of its twist is directly related:

  • With the strength of the material in which you can drive fasteners;
  • diameter of this fastener;
  • Its length.

But you can not forget that everything is good in moderation. For household purposes, the torque is optimal 10-30 Newton meters. Almost every task is successfully solved using such equipment in an acceptable time. And if it is not solved, then you will need to call a professional. For the professionals themselves, screwdrivers with a torque of at least 100 Newton meters are intended.

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Such adaptations easily introduce a screw or self-tapping screw even in a very hard surface. But since both experienced builders, and lovers are forced to work with the most different materials, the useful function is to adjust the torque. Especially since it should not be the same for different screws or self-tapping.

The next important parameter is the speed with which the working nozzle is spinning. At home 500 revolutions per minute enough. But if you need to use the device for drilling, you need a tempo from 1000 revolutions per minute. Since the screwdriver is often used in places where there is no electricity, or it comes unstable, many masters prefer battery models. These devices also allow you to “get out” from sockets without the use of extension cords, which is very useful even in apartment buildings of the big city.

Batteries can be performed on nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride element base. The overwhelming majority of household screws are equipped with nickel-cadmium batteries. Due to the small number of working cycles and the effect of memory, you will have to discharge and charge them 100%. Lithium-ion batteries do not have such a shortage, but they are more expensive. Separate conversation deserve current parameters that gives the battery.

For household needs, a device with an electrical capacity of the battery capacity is at least 1.2 amp-hour. Tool power depends on voltage. Therefore, for personal use, choose devices designed for 12 volts. Professional brigades enjoy 18 volts screwdrivers. In both cases, the presence in the delivery of charging devices is equally relevant.

Varieties of devices

RYOBI offers a variety of rechargeable screws. So, for professional use, the shock apparatus of the model R 18 QS-0. Lithium-ion battery gives a current with a voltage of 18 V. Torque reaches 45 Newton meters, which allows you to drive fasteners even in concrete walls. And thanks to the speed of rotation up to 3200 revolutions per minute (in unstressed mode) you can save time.

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For personal use, Ryobi R12DD-LL13S will be better. A modern battery without a memory effect produces 1.3 amp-hour current voltage 12 V. Such a combination of electrical characteristics allows for a torque of 30 Newton meters at a speed of rotation of 1500 revolutions. The device allows you to use cartridges with a diameter of 10 mm. Alternative represents a very powerful Ryobi R18PDBL-0 device.

Battery for 18V Provides a torque of 60 Newton-meters. Users available modes of conventional and shock drilling. Crashing speed – 1700 revolutions. Screwdriver is designed for cartridges with a diameter of 13 mm. IMPORTANT: Battery in the delivery set is not included.

Model R 14 DDE-LL15S is equipped with a LED lamp. Designers have chosen to equip a quick-insulated incinless cartridge with a magnitude of 13 mm. Manage the work of the device is quite comfortable. Switching to the required torque level is performed using an electronic board. Screwdriver can drill various surfaces with the number of revolutions to 1400; Provided Reverse mode.

About how to choose a screwdriver, as well as a Ryobi review and comparing it with Hitachi, see the following video.

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