Ceiling panels: selection criteria

The need to repair the ceiling in many causes difficulties. Nevertheless, today there are many options to update the ceiling without any hard work. Simple and fast way – the use of ceiling panels made from various materials.


The market of panels for the ceiling is rapidly developing in recent years. Innovative materials appear, new technologies, and most importantly – a huge number of design variations. The ceiling in a modern house can be white, color, remind a starry sky, highlighted from the inside. You can choose the option suitable for your home.

Before starting finishing work, you need to evaluate the possibilities of overlaps: whether the ceiling will withstand an additional load and which one will not turn if it is required to change the wiring. Old blots and plaster with the base ceiling is recommended to be removed if it falls off. If the ceiling is very uneven or sat down, then the surface must be cleared and rebound.

To buy the desired amount of material, use the simple formula: the surface area of ​​the ceiling is divided into one detail area (these data are indicated on the package), while adding about 10% for random breakdown or marriage of the material.

If after the installation you will remain a finishing material, save it. If the decoration element is necessary to change, then you do not have to run to the store in search of a “similar piece”.

Pros and cons

At the finishing of the ceiling panels many advantages:

  • A variety of types of finish will allow you to choose an optimal ratio for the price \ quality parameters for you;
  • The dimensions of the elements are different, so you will select the option for both very small and large rooms;
  • Interior decoration can be combined with insulation. For example, the sandwich panel will become a real find for the cold room of the loggia or country veranda;

  • Most of the materials from which modern finishes are manufactured are not afraid of humidity, so they can be used in the raw room;
  • The panel finish is indispensable where there are visible overlap defects – cracks, seams and height differences;
  • Hide the wiring and other communications is the easiest way under the square elements set by the “cassette method”;
  • Such finishes forces practically everyone;

  • no need to buy any special tools. Installation of the finish does not require the use of expensive or rare construction inventory;
  • If one element for some reason was spoiled (this can happen by chance due to the unsuccessful stopper from under the champagne, abandoned by a child’s ball or leakage), then you can independently and quickly replace it;
  • Most modern finishing materials for walls and ceilings are easily clean and clean;
  • Even plastic products are included in the “environmental” discharge, since no harmful substances are distinguished, there are no odor and resistant to sunlight. Modern technology and quality control make these materials are absolutely safe for people and animals;

  • Many finishing materials for ceilings are very lungs and practically do not give pressure on overlap;
  • The finishing materials for the ceiling have many textures and shades, so you will select the desired option to any interior;
  • Plastic good sound insulation qualities.

There is a panel finish and some minuses, which, however, a little:

  • On large areas, such a finish looks “rustic”;
  • The cheaper the finishing material, the less you will serve you;
  • Random scratches or blows will easily spoil the panel finish;
  • The promises of the manufacturers are not always justified – unfortunately, the sun’s rays can affect the color of both white and colored materials, and some types of finishes can start crumble over time.
  • Panels are often associated with office finishing, and some people do not want to use them exclusively from the features of aesthetic perception.


Today there is a huge number of types of ceiling panels. The easiest of the ceiling panels are divided by such a criterion as a module:

  • Famous Many “Cassette Pendant”. Such a ceiling is a cell of metal corners with square cells from 50 square centimeters to 1200. Thanks to the corner, squares with sidelights are formed, for which the ceiling panel is placed.

  • Rack mounting. Narrow rails, fixed on a wooden or metal crate, can be found today in the decoration of the ceilings of bathrooms, kitchens, residential rooms in private houses and apartments. Rakes are mounted or connected to the grooves.

  • Split panels. Polyfoam and polyurethane trim often simply “plant” on glue. If the ceiling is smooth, then some light finishing materials can be glued with special glue, for example, MDF and plastic sheets, the main thing is that they have a flat basis. Finishing with the help of gluing will save low ceiling from even greater decrease, especially if there is no need to hide the wiring or other communications.

It should be said that the decorative panels from the same materials can be mounted in different ways.

The finish from a natural tree remains popular today. Lining (Wooden Rack) still looks perfectly both on the ceilings and on the walls. The lining can be different sizes and colors, but the general rule has been known for a long time – this finish is attached to a wooden or metal frame (from metal) with kleimers.

Square wooden panels are found not as often as a hand finish, since it is much more expensive (for example, a carved oak finish) and require the installation of a solid wooden frame.

Wooden finish feels better in dry rooms, but the modern building market offers a large number of impregnations, paints, varnishes, allowing wood from aggressive external environment.

An alternative to traditional wooden finish will be trim plates from cork tree and bamboo. Bamboo panels relatively recently came to us from Asia countries, but have already become popular, because they have many positive qualities. Manufactured from compressed bamboo rails, bamboo panels are elastic, durable, beautiful, not afraid of moisture and temperature differences.

Cork plates, like bamboo, look very original, In addition, they have excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation properties.

Mineral panels produced from sawdust and wood dust are becoming increasingly popular due to the use of special polymer ligaments, allowing paces of various textures and shapes. Mineral finishing materials can mimic natural wood, various rocks of stone and brickwork.

Metal ceiling panels vary greatly and appearance. Painted in bright colors of composite aluminum panels – light and durable, but not cheap. Budget panels from nickel-plated or galvanized steel look no worse, but heavier by weight. It should be noted that the light and durable metal finish with polymer coating will serve you for a long time – for many models there is a guarantee of more than 50 years.

Metal ceiling decoration today is released both with mirror and matte coating, Perforated and smooth, with polymer staining and without it, can be mounted as robes and a cassette. There are even metal panels under the tree. Designers offer to use metal panels in any residential premises, but most often they are used when finishing kitchens and bathrooms.

When buying metal regches, we recommend that you immediately purchase the right rails, as well as ceiling plinths for hiding the gap between the ceiling and walls.

The gap between the ceiling canvas and the wall is necessary, because the metal panels do not let air, and the space of the main ceiling must still be ventilated. In addition, if you have to disassemble the ceiling, the gap will help easily turn off the panels.

Polyvinyl chloride panels in the interior of apartments are very often found. A variety of shapes and textures, colors and shades, digital printing capabilities give life to the most fantasy projects. At the same time, the price of most models is low. Plastic finish is not afraid of temperature differences and moisture, does not fade and does not change the color with time. Installation of plastic is similar to the mounting of the lining and execute it can even be a beginner master.

There are plastic panels and cons who need to say. First, plastic and polymers can not be used in rooms, where the temperature can rise above 70 degrees (for example, in the bath). Secondly, plastic panels are quite easy to damage and they require accurate circulation.

Ceiling and wall panels made of polyurethane or foam plastic suitable for a simple finish with their own hands. Usually they are simply glued at the ceiling, although, of course, you can put them and a cassette. This finish withstands repaint up to 7 times, so you can easily “update” them if necessary.

Sandwich panels consist of three layers, where average layer – insulation, upper and lower plastic. An excellent solution for loggias, balconies and country rooms, allowing to solve two problems at once – insulate the room and give it decorativeness.

On sale There is a mirror polystyrene and mirror glass tile. Polystyrene is easier by weight and will not break when falling, but the mirror looks solid, and it looks more beautiful, since the reflective effect is created on this tile as on ordinary mirrors – by applying the amalgam. The mirror finish looks great in a wide variety of rooms, visually expanding them and “adding heights”. Modern mirror tiles may vary with toning – from silver gray to warm golden tones.

Decorative acrylic panels most often are a spectacular zero substitute. Well look in any rooms and look very elegant with backlight from the inside. Combined with wood and metal, suit for both classic and modern interiors.


Ceiling design – invention of non-modern masters. It is enough to recall the frescoes and mosaics of ancient Greece and Rome, decoration by carved panels of ceilings in medieval castles, artistic painting of palace interiors Baroque, elegant interior decisions of the decor of modern. Indeed, the ceiling has always been paid a lot of attention. Modern finishing materials are so diverse that even a beginner master with his own hands can create a real masterpiece – a durable, practical, and, of course, very beautiful.

Most finishing panels can be divided into two main categories – matte and glossy. Glossy finish will make the room more spacious, and low ceilings – visually higher. If the room is very small, the glossy panels will look good with spot backlight – numerous light glare and the mirror surface will give a small bathroom or entrance hall “Mirrors in mirrors”. An interesting solution for the bathroom will use narrow panels with shiny inserts.

If you doubt the relevance of color panels or panels with a pattern, then use a universal white classic suitable for interiors of various styles. The white ceiling is perfect for the bedroom, especially small, white textured wallpapers for walls and matte white seamless for the ceiling will help to become spacious and air room with a disadvantage of natural light.

Today a large number of finishing panels are produced with imitation of the texture of expensive wood species, so even classic interiors and interiors with antique furniture can be decorated with spectacular finishing panels.

Panels allow you to make a ceiling two-level and zonate space in the studio apartment or in a spacious room.

Design of the hallway or corridor – “face” of your apartment. Acrylic panels with backlit are ideal for finishing the ceiling. By the way, they can be a “chess” (alternation of white and black panels), which can be duplicated or enhanced in the floor and wall finishing. The black and white finish is always spectacular, it makes the space interesting, bright and stylish, but should avoid the predominance of black and thought out to illuminate the hallway. Also, the black and white finish is well combined with mirror surfaces – these decor elements in the hallway are simply necessary.

New in modern design – Application for finishing so-called 3D panels. They are used for ceiling, and for walls. This is a special type of finish that allows you to create a kind of solid image. You can choose the smooth panels, but with the drawdown in the 3D format. The use of modern digital printing technologies for images on finishing materials allows the drawing to look in bulk.

There is also a panel with a texture that will look at the ceiling as a bulk decor – Waves, honeycombs, floral ornament and much more. This is an original and modern finish, which has one essential drawback – dust will inevitably be inevitably in the folds of the relief ornament. It is worth remembering that excessive saturation of space 3D elements can cause fatigue and voltage, creating a load on sight, so it is not necessary to separate the entire ceiling with such panels – combine the 3D with a smooth finish, enhance the effect of the depth of the decor with small light bulbs, add bright decor , observing the principles of harmony and elegance.

Tips for choosing

Panels for finishing so much that sometimes it is difficult to navigate in such quantities.

Our tips will help you make the right choice:

  • The smaller the space, the “calmer” should be finishing. The exquisite carved ceiling is appropriate in a living room or a large dining room, but completely nothing in a small kitchen, as it were, he didn’t seem beautiful.
  • Finishing dark shades requires additional point lighting.

  • Lining (both wooden and metal) is best looking at the kitchen, in the bathroom or loggia.
  • For the lounge or living room, choose the panels combined with the common interior style, while the panel “under the tree” of light tones will fit almost any style.
  • The finishing panels are quite light and enough sweatshirt. Be sure to evaluate overlaps in terms of ability to withstand the design of the new ceiling.
  • Simultaneously with the purchase of ceiling panels, immediately buy and all additional elements (plinth, screws, profile, wooden bars and so on). Based on that finishing material, which you chose for your ceiling, experienced consultants in the construction store will help you choose everything you need.
  • If there are children and animals in the house, choose strong, dense materials resistant to mechanical effects.

Beautiful examples in the interior

      Classic cluster finish with wooden panels does not leave fashion. This is a durable and beautiful finish option, suitable for apartments, and for a private house.

      Even the economy finishes may look elegantly due to the ceiling trim panels from modern materials of light tones.

      Scandinavian minimalism – style beloved by many. Ceiling Captive finish perfectly complement such an interior in the apartment and not the dacha.

      Acrylic panels look good in any interior. This is a universal finish, well-looking and kitchen, and in the bedroom, and in the lobby.

      Lining, both plastic and wooden – finishing material not only economical, but also easy to install. Beautiful and neat ceiling out of it will even have a novice master.

      The modern ceiling finish from the foam looks original and beautiful, and is mounted very easily – just paste on the ceiling.

      The decoration of the ceiling panels allows you to implement a variety of ideas, including the dream of multi-level ceilings. For such ceilings, an individual project is developed and the installation represents a certain complexity, but the result is wonderful.

      How to mount PVC panels on the ceiling, look in the following video.

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