Ceiling options for plasterboard ceiling in the children’s room

During the choice of the design of the children’s room, never reappear only on your preferences. It is very important to consult with the child. Children usually stop their choice on all unusual. That is why plasterboard is an excellent option. This material is able to embody even the most strange and non-standard solutions into reality.

Types of designs

The most common view of the ceilings in the children’s room is a ceiling in several levels. However, it will not suit small rooms. If the height of the walls is not more than 2.5-2.7 meters, then it is better to construct one-level. With a ceiling height of about three meters, you can perform the ceiling of the ceiling in two tiers: the first layer of drywall will be solid and cover the entire territory of the ceiling, and the second is fastened only around the perimeter in the form of the frame. Under this frame you can install quiet neon light.

Less common, but more expensive option is a patterned ceiling. It will be difficult to make it yourself, so it is recommended to resort to the help of experienced specialists. Simple figures of the type of sun, eight, flower are popular here. There is an option with photo printing. Be very careful: There is a very thin line between an interesting picture and a tasteless image. You can use a cloud sky pattern or pictures of popular cartoon characters.

Combined surface

Another common view of the design of the ceiling of plasterboard for boys and girls is a combo from drywall and stretched canvase. With the help of these materials you can embody any idea: the ceiling in several levels with glossy base and matte edges, any geometric shapes, a combination of different contrasts.

Pros and cons

So let’s summarize and Consider all the positive and negative aspects of HCL.

  • Material is absolutely harmless to children due to its ecological purity.
  • Price policy. The option made of plasterboard does not hurt the owners of the apartment.
  • Life time. Properly designed ceiling will serve you more than 10-15 years.
  • Even a beginner master will be able to work with them.
  • Ease of construction. Due to the low weight, the GLC will not have no tangible load on the walls. And with time, plasterboard will not create any problems with dismantling.
  • Suspended ceiling from these plates will hide all irregularities.

  • Under the sheets of drywall, electrical wires, plastic pipes and the like.
  • It is possible to install point lights. It will not only decorate the room, but will provide additional lighting.
  • Absolute Freedom for Fantasy. You can create as many levels, layers with any design.
  • The ceiling in two or three levels allows you to visually increase the space.
  • One of the most important advantages is fireproof.

However, the shortcomings also have.

  • Not very good moisture resistance. Plasterboard can not be considered a material that is not afraid of water. If you install it in the bathroom, you will need a very good extract. Otherwise, the ceiling will swell, the plaster will begin to go, and the shplanke bursts. However, in the children’s room there should be no problems.
  • Reducing the height of the room. With each new layer of drywall, the height of the ceiling decreases by 10-15 cm.
  • Darkening. After 2-3 years, it may lose its original color.
  • The use of drywall is permissible only for old buildings. In homes that are built a couple of years ago, it is undesirable to install a suspended ceiling. After a year or two, the house can settle, and cracks will appear in the ceiling.

Design species

Finishing works are performed using various materials. Plasterboard sheet is usually painted with water-level paint. However, today people are increasingly preferred to use acrylic or vinyl paintwork coatings.

You can add third-party color to the paint, so you can reach a non-standard color. In this case, the ceiling brightness will depend on the amount of pigment in the paint.

If you only use a paint oil, you can not paint the ceiling in bright colors. The problem is that each new layer of paint will be different shade. Usually each subsequent layer is a bit darker than the previous. If you still decided to use the water-mounted paint for staining the ceiling of the plasterboard sheet, then choose light neutral colors.

For bright, merry, festive shades, experts recommend using a paintwork on acrylic or vinyl-based basis. This will not have to additionally pour a kel. They are sold ready, you just need to shake the jar and mix. Next you can safely take a roller and paint the ceiling. As well as designers use special finish shtlings. They are decorative and designed only. After you apply them to the ceiling, they are capable of forming three types of surface: smooth matte, porous and rough.

You can use the putty, which contains beads or blasts. There are no cases when the wallpaper is glued on the ceiling. Much attention to the seams. Joints become visible in a couple of months, if the wallpaper is pasted inattentively. As you noticed, the options for decorating the plasterboard ceiling is very much. If you combine the light with a suspended ceiling correctly, then you can divide the children’s room for various zones. For example, in the zone with dim light, you can place a bed, it will be a sleeping part of the room. The game area will be located in more than a cheerful part.

In the modern world, a variety of decor elements for ceiling decoration. These include self-keys. They can be anything for themselves: from mushrooms and flowers to locks and butterflies. These elements are attached to a pre-prepared ceiling: Fresh paint or glue. If the plasterboard is not colored, but simply prostrum, then it is not recommended to resort to the use of samochek, as they are poorly in contact with plaster or splock.

Another interesting option is considered a ceiling diagonal. It is similar to the ceiling in the form of a frame. Here also the initial layer is a smooth solid surface. Lower layer, that is, a diagonal, performs a well-lit sheet of plasterboard. Such a ceiling design will be perfect for a teenager. After all, during the fulfillment of a child’s homework in the room there will be excellent lighting.

How to make a plasterboard ceiling in the nursery, see the following video.

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