Cartridges for a screwdriver: what happens and how to choose?

The screwdriver is one of the most popular and sought-after manual power tools. The design of the tool is quite monotonous, but the cartridges used can be very different. What are they and how to choose them – more in this article.

Tool Features

The popularity of this power tool is caused by a number of its advantages, most importantly of which are versatility. You can screw (unscrew) screws, screws, screws using a wide range of different bits. You can, inserting the drill, drill a hole both in a wooden product and metal. There are other nozzles that expand the application of the screwdriver. The following advantage of the instrument – mobility. Having a removable battery, this electrical device can be used where it is impossible to include a conventional electrode due to the absence of an electrical network.

The device is equipped with a number of regulators. You can adjust the speed of rotation of the bits or drill and the strength with which the effect on the working tool will occur, as well as the direction of rotation of the shaft. And in some models there is also a lantern, such a tool can be used in rooms where there is no artificial electric lighting.

In specialized car repair shops and enterprises are often used pneumatic. A feature of this option is the drive from the stream of compressed air. For the normal functioning of the instrument, a cylinder with a compressed gas or a compressor is required, which will serve air through the hose. The advantage of this product is its high productivity. If during the work shift you need to constantly twist and unscrew the plurality of screws and nuts, the pneumaticurer is irreplaceable.

A more familiar household appliance with a replaceable battery, whose performance is limited to the power capacity of the battery, of course, is not intended for industrial scales of work.

Such a tool needs periodic cooling, small, but regular interruptions in the work. What quite satisfies any home master, and most repairs are quite ordinary, albeit professional removable accumulator screwdrivers.

What is patron?

Cartridge – one of the most important knots of the screwdriver. He got a cartridge from his predecessor – a common hand drill, and she, in turn, from a stationary drilling machine. In view of the requirements presented to a new tool, this item has undergone a number of structural improvements.

The usual clamping cartridge of the drilling machine, the main task of which is a long time to securely hold the drill, working in constant mode, for manual mobile tools it was not quite convenient. Due to high reliability, this type of cartridge is very widespread, it can successfully be used for a variety of nozzles, and a special key allows you to securely tighten the node. But the key is both the weak link of the whole design. Fast replacement of the working tool with it is impossible, and a random key loss can stop the work for a long time, as it will be impossible to remove or install the drill or bit.

The cartridge for the screwdriver was supposed to become no less mobile than the tool itself intended for individual use. Design thought, as it often happens, went in one direction, but in various ways. As a result, several types of cartridges appeared for rechargeable screwdrivers, the total property of which was their functionality, speed and ease of use, T. E. Replacement of working tools.

For some models, it is preserved the possibility of installing a classic cartridge with adjusting the clamping mechanism by a special key.

Types of cartridges

Industrial companies have mastered several types of cartridges used for the screwdrivers produced by them, some interchangeable, other strictly individuals. Each view has a number of advantages, but no one is deprived of the shortcomings. Probably, therefore, a single universal type of product has not yet been developed, which would satisfy the desires of consumers and the capabilities of manufacturers.

The quick-release cartridge is distinguished by the simplicity of the design: On the steel spindle installed steel sleeve with corrugated for the convenience of holding her surface. For tightening does not need a special, requiring constant attention, key. This is one of the most reliable and wear-resistant types of cartridge, but it also comes into disrepair over time. The drill with a round shank is becoming harder to tighten, they begin to turn. Over time, the holding drillings are triggered. It’s better to replace the product.

Self-activated cartridge also does not require a special key. This is one of the most technically perfect cartridges. To delay it does not need the use of muscular power. Fully minor turn of the moving coupling. On some models of screwdrivers, ammunition cartridges are used with one coupling. On others with two swivel couplings. This type of cartridge is most convenient with a frequent change of workshops, for example, when drilling alternates with twisting of the screws and has to quickly rearrange the drill and bit. The main parts of the housing of this cartridge are made of instrumental steel, and outdoor parts of plastic.

Hexagon Cartridge (Hex). As can be seen from the name, the shank of this product has a hexagon. Such a cartridge also does not require a special key. This type of node is widespread on mini-drills and for special engraving machines used in the manufacture of jewelry and costerous production. Also for mini drills and borms are used special collet cartridges. With the help of such microsans, the holes are drilled for mounting electronic circuit boards.

Bit-cartridge – Special cartridge for bits. This product is usually used to set the bits and is used only for turning (wrapping) of threaded fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws, screws and t. NS.). Its option is an angular cartridge used to work in hard-to-reach places, it transmits a torque on the bit, the position of which can be adjusted by a special handle.

Fastening to the shaft

Different and fastening of cartridges to the tool shaft. Find a mention of this important constructive feature of its screwdriver in the instructions. With the inevitable replacement of the cartridge, it is often necessary to independently deal with this difficult issue. Fastening species, like the cartridges themselves, several.

Quite often spread threaded mount. To remove such a cartridge, you need to clamp in it the hex key as much as possible. Turning the key counterclockwise, it is worth unscrewed the cartridge from the shaft. To remove the node, it will be possible sometimes quite considerable effort. In some cases will have to resort to the help of the hammer.

No less popular fixing screw. To determine this type of fastening, you need to minimize the cams of the cartridges, which will open access to the screw head having the left thread. For turning, it will take some effort, in the process of operation, the left screw is quite tightened. Well, do not forget that the left thread.

Also occurs the old mount by the Morse cone. This way of connecting the cartridge and shaft is known from the end of the XIX century and still remains quite common. The tree has a cone such that the reverse cone should be on the cartridge. Corners of cones should coincide. For fixing the node also uses a screw with left-thread. On the cartridges with such a fastening can be marked: B10, B14 and T. d, from 4 to 45.

Figures encrypt the size of the cone. The numbers next to the diameter of the shank of the working part, which can be clamped with this node. Cones in the process of long-term work can be pretty tight to each other. Often, for their separation, you have to use a hammer, and sometimes to disassemble the tool itself, removing the drive shaft. Further manipulations to produce will be much more convenient. Sometimes on the cartridge there are faces for a wrench, it greatly simplifies the work.

Important! If there is a need to remove the cartridge, you need to wait when the tool cools. Any material when heated expands, no exception and tool steel, from which items of any power tool are made. Attempts to remove hot knots can lead to excessive efforts and, as a result, to break the parts, the replacement of which was not expected.

Possible problems

The cartridge of the screwdriver remains the most vulnerable part, is due to the constant manipulations necessary for changing the working tool. This main drawback of the node caused by the logical of its existence. Avoid periodic replacement of the cartridge at intensive use of the screwdriver is impossible. The node during the operation of the tool is constantly experiencing a voltage that is difficult to combine with the mobility of its separate parts.

Cartridge malfunctions to determine simply. The first signal will be frequent crossing the drill, at the beginning of a small diameter, and then more and more. Over time, in the course of work, you can start popping up the bits. In some cases, the centering and the drill is actively “beats”, this phenomenon is not only unpleasant, but also quite dangerous, as it becomes the cause of the drill. In fast revolutions, his fragment can cause serious injury.

Incorrectly clamped bit can cause an increased consumption of material due to its unintentional damage and also cause injury when twisting the self-press. Choosing a new cartridge instead of worn, you need to pay attention to the factory labeling.

After a long service, its traces are often difficult to recognize, then determine the type of cartridge and the method of its attachment will have to.

How to choose a cartridge for a screwdriver, look in the video below.

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