Blue tile: stylish interior solutions

If you want to change the design in the bathroom, the kitchen or living room – the blue tile will become a stylish solution in the interior planning. It is the best material for wall decoration, floor and even ceiling. Differs from other materials resistant to moisture and durability.

Color features

Blue color is a relevant tinge, time proven. Tile of this shade can be used for kitchen and bathroom. This shade reduces appetite, which is good if you need to sit on the diet. However, it is inappropriate if there are children in the house. For them, this question is not worth it, but the difficulty can create.

Psychologists note that blue color contributes to relaxation. It is cold paint, which is rather cold, therefore, in the decoration of the wall or floor, the material of this color is preferable to dilute the blue tile with warm or neutral contrast. Blue color looks beautiful in combination with other shades.

Therefore, many designers use it for the design of the rooms in the marine theme.


Blue – color, which refers to a cold palette of shades. Contrary to prejudices, it is multifaceted. Here are examples of the most popular shades and features of their combination with other colors.


This is the color of the Dark Busty Sea, so the tile of such shades is best used in the bathroom. Indigo itself is quite dark enough, so it combines well with shades of green, gray or purple tone. The combination of dark colors visually reduces the room, so you need to be extremely neat. For example, alternating blue tile with white, you not only visually expand the room, but also create a unique design.

Now many professionals apply different combination. Here is one of the examples: the floor is desirable to make completely blue, and the walls to issue blue-white stripes, as if salabed wallpaper. It will give the beauty to your interior, but this effect is quite controversial. Entering such a bathroom, you immediately find yourself at the bottom of the sea, where water flow will play with you. Anxiety is possible on the subconscious level.


In a small room, dark colors are not a place. Sky-blue tile is perfect for the sea coast right in your bathroom. You can dilute it with ceramic green tiles, which will create the effect of the presence of marine algae, will give you a wonderful mood. Sunny bunnies, knocking on the mirror, happily run away with you before your eyes.

Blue color is considered a fairly relevant tinge, which carries positive energy.

With patterns

Deciding to dilute the blue tile with different patterns, you will create extraordinary styles in your bathroom. So you can get rid of the abundance of dark paint, able to develop depression, while the space is interesting. Depending on the type of pattern, you can use different techniques. However, the main dominant should remain blue. At the same time, it can be soft, muted, even diluted white.

If you decide to create in your bathroom. Country style, blue color will be especially appropriate. Wall tile can be used warm, for example, the shade of cornflowers. Drawing material may be different. It can be classic fragments, each of which has its own print. It is much more interesting to watch panels, for example, 120 by 60 cm in size, in which the composition of a certain topic is depicted. It may be nature, underwater world, sea beach. For sex, in this case, it is worth using a yellow tile that will create a soothing and fascinating interior.

You can not get around the parties and such a popular view like Patchwork. Tile with fabric losquito motifs will create an interesting interior in your bathroom, hallway, kitchen. Such technique is easy to design and original in your comfort device. For example, by means of a given variety, you can make an apron of blue-blue or turquoise tiles in the style of Patchwork. He perfectly dilute the dark blue room.

Advantages and disadvantages

To date, the tile is the most durable material for finishing. And here can not do without the councils of specialists. They will help to determine the coloring, temperature of the main background, the size of the finishing material and the harmony of the combination of cladding with other elements of the design of the room. It is worth considering several aspects.


So that your blue tile was not only beautiful, but also high quality, you need to pay attention to its manufacturer. It matters the level of wear resistance, which is measured on a scale from one to five units. Additionally you need to know the percentage of moisture resistance of the tile.


Most often, tiles are used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the toilet. Smooth surface will allow perfectly to care for tiles with various detergents. Even the appearance of mold and bacteria in raw rooms can be removed with strong household chemicals, without damaging the surface.


Tile is the most practical material in the finish of any room. Damaged tile elements can be replaced by the same or insert pieces of other colors in the tone of the blue. If you just scratched it, it’s not scary: There are such styles in which they are specially made tile. Then your room will turn out of modern special (for example, in Shebbi-Chic or Provence).


Like any other material, the tile has flaws. One of them is bad sound insulation. However, this can be eliminated using a special layer of soundproof material, which is stacked before the creation of a screed. Masonry tiles should be engaged in specialists. With incorrect masonry, cracks will immediately appear.

Tips for specialists

If you liked such a material like a blue tile, and you decided to use it for designing one of your rooms, then Here are a few tips for specialists who know exactly how to do it well:

  • Remember that with what materials you can combine blue tiles. Not all combinations look organically and appropriate. It combines well with natural and environmentally friendly materials. For example, wooden panels or brickwork. Tile is well combined with textiles (for example, curtains, fabric wallpaper).

  • So that she served longer, try to avoid mechanical damage. Do not use fragile material in places where you can hurt it or scratch it.
  • Blue tile is not only a stylish solution for interior design in your room, but also one of the best materials for decoration design in styles such as country, Provence, Classic or Mediterranean Stylistics.

On how to make waterproofing under the tile, see the following video.

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