Bituminous paint: characteristics and scope of use

During all sorts of construction work, special bituminous paint can be used. Such a coloring composition is the result of refining in petroleum products. It contains special hydrocarbons, and externally resembles a simple resin. Today we will talk about what major features of these substances have, as well as how such paints are applied correctly.

What it is?

Bituminous paint is a special pigment produced on the basis of oil. After the fractional turnover of petroleum products, soft masses resembling black tar are formed, they are later and become bituminous compositions for painting.

These rubber-bitumen substances perform First of all protective functions, Because they can easily withstand sharp temperature differences, elevated humidity level. They will also not be exposed to chemicals. Often exactly such paint cover a variety of metal structures, thus providing anti-corrosion protection.

Such compositions made on the basis of petroleum products can boast excellent protective characteristics. They provide good vapor barrier. Coatings made of such paint differ in special wear resistance, durability. In addition, they have an anti-slip effect. The rubber film obtained after complete drying will not slide completely, so the floor covering with such application will be absolutely safe for humans.

Bituminous paints are sold in a ready-made form, before applying them will not be required to dilute with additional components, so they can be used immediately. But it is worth remembering that if such a bitumen coating is constantly influenced by ultraviolet radiation, then it will quickly fade.

When working with these substances, it is necessary to use the means of protection, including respirators and dense construction mittens.

Where applies?

Bituminous painting compositions have been widely used in various fields. But most often they are used in the following areas of activity.

  • Building. Such substances are perfect for a thorough waterproofing processing of wood, metal and reinforced concrete, brick structures. Paint data will provide protection against rotting and formation of the corrosive layer.
  • Electrical engineering. Bituminous compositions will be able to be suitable for staining thin conductive lines to which the protective ground bus can be attributed.
  • Shipbuilding. Sometimes bituminous substances are used to fully handle the bottom of the water transport.

Separate varieties of such paint acquire For furniture production. After all, they can be used to ensure additional reliable protection of structures from negative impacts of wet evaporation.

This paint is also sometimes taken For processing coatings made from slate, foundations. In this case, the mastic will be filled with all the gaps and cracks at the bottom that will ensure maximum protection in further construction and operation. Soil waters will not destroy the construction.

Waterproof of applying such paint allows the use of composition when building pools. Sometimes it takes and when making artificial decorative ponds.

Before buying such paint, it should be remembered that today the compositions are produced, specially intended for painting wood, metal.

Methods and features of application

If you need to cover such paint any design, it is worth holding some important rules. You can apply a substance in various ways, most often for this uses soft brushes or pulverizers.

Before starting work with the material, all pollution completely removes and, if necessary, process, forming a smooth surface. Directly when applied, paint should be remembered that there should be no irregularities and bunches on the design. When they appear, it should immediately dissolve.

The time of complete drying and paint frozen will depend on the specific bitumen composition. This period may vary within 6 to 24 hours. With proper application technology, such black paint, unlike other coloring compositions, perfectly will be perfect even on galvanized iron structures.

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