Begroen for timber

Building a house or any place of a bar – a difficult procedure. For this work, it is necessary to use not only a standard set of tools and materials, but also Begging.


Begotten for the construction of structures from a bar is a small fastening element with a round or square cross section. Translated from German This word means “nail”. The device has a pin view that is often made of wood. This type of attachment has a smooth surface, otherwise slots may form in the wall. The presence of brazen contributes to preventing the boding of the bar and hold each of the structural elements on the same level, which It has the following advantages:

  • Construction resistance to corrosion processes;
  • No deformations for temperature drops.

It is worth noting that the designs with the seasons serve longer and are more holistic. Disadvantages of wooden nails also have:

  • slow assembly procedure;
  • Difficult workflow for people who do not have skills;
  • Direct dependence The result of the quality of products.

Wooden brazening also call the woods and nails from the tree. Their diameter can be 6-20 mm, and length 25-160 mm. For a certain size of a certain size, a wanted wannotes should be applied. For a bar with dimensions of 150×150 mm, fasteners are needed at 22.5-37.5 cm, and for a bar 100×150 mm – a little less. It is quite simple to use brakes, however, the masters should be remembered that the distance from metica to the angle should not be more than 70 cm.

Magnificent connections for timber are strictly regulated GOST R 56711-2015. According to this standard, the wanking can be made of wood, metal and plastic. Wood fastener found its application in individual construction.

Products from plastic and iron are used in industrial carcase house buildings.


Begroes can have different types, some of them Produced with screw thread. First of all, they may have a different form of section, namely, rectangular, round, square. Often, the masters use fasteners round shape, as the holes are quite simply made for them. According to the material of the manufacture, the specks are divided into the following types.


Woods are characterized by ease of manufacture and use. With their help, you can safely braid bars. The presence of wooden nails contributes to the ease of shrinkage. Among other things, the tree is environmentally friendly and safe material. The ducts of this species are made of solid wood species, namely, oak, birch, beech. Despite the fact that iron brazen tightly, more reliable and withstand heavy loads, wooden compared to them have its own advantages:

  • The metal device does not have resistance to shifting forces due to elasticity;
  • Since the iron attachment can form a rigid clutch of a wooden bar, a natural shrinkage does not occur, so the walls are thrown, cracks and cracks are formed;
  • During the clogging, the metallic methis can break the fiber, due to which cracks are formed inside the design and, as a result, the bridges of the cold.


Iron fasteners are considered durable and reliable, but they are subject to corrosion. It is also worth noting that in this case the shrinkage will be more complicated by the usual. You can also find fiberglass brazers, which are fastened with tight fixation. When choosing the material of the sewage, it is worth considering the nature of the logs used and the holes prepared in them. Consumers often have a question about replacing a wooden metal rod.


Helling for a wooden bar found its use in attaching the crowns on a clearly defined trajectory. Opinion of some consumers that the product data is tightened to the framework of the structure, is erroneous. Fixed to the ends of the bar of the heater ensures wood freezing in the initial position. The use of this device prevents the fact that the structure may lead to the side.

Installation of brazings is relevant not only when erecting the house, but also during the assembly of furniture. This fastener is struggling with drying, deformation, loosen, displacement of structures from a bar.

Its use guarantees stability, stability and reliability for a long period.

Features of choice

Buying a wanking, the consumer should pay attention to the following points.

  • The presence of defects on the surface. The master should be abandoned from the purchase of goods on which there is at least the slightest defect. If you set the defective heater, it is not worth counting on the long service life.
  • Storage conditions. This factor is considered relevant to wooden fasteners, as they do not show sustainability to all negative environmental factors.

Installation rules

In order for the build of a wooden structure to be correct, the master will need not only correctly install brazen, but also prepare the necessary tools, in particular, drill. Step by step instructions for the procedure.

  • Determine the location of the future building. It should be borne in mind that laying of wooden nails will need to do throughout wood design with lock. Distance between fasteners should be at least 0.5 meters.
  • Carry out the drilling of wood. Drill holes better perforator and do it immediately in 2 wedges. Thus, you can prevent the shift of the upper or lower log.
  • Installation of the Schwan. Put wooden devices with special accuracy, since when scolding in the Cyanka, the Master can get injured. The smaller the length of the pin, the easier it is to score, however, the effectiveness of the connection in this case below. For this work, it is suitable for rubber and wooden cizyanka. Blowing should be strictly vertical. In the case of the use of a metal tool, it is worth using a protective gasket from the board either plywood.

If a crack was formed during the installation of a bar, then the product is drilled, and the operation is repeated anew.

To qualitatively assemble the design of a bar using brazers, it is worth adhere to certain rules. Recommendations of specialists for the correctness and reliability of fixing wood fasteners:

  • Each row of timber must be mounted separately from the rest, otherwise peaked can be broken;
  • Using one fastener element, you can connect a pair of crowns;
  • Bag out wooden nails best with Cyanka;
  • Holes in the Siruba should be done at an angle equal to 90 degrees;
  • Pin installation should be carried out in a checker order;
  • At the location of the window and door boxes, the bars should be secured with a distance of 0.2 m to the cutting border;
  • Agel, which connects 2 vehicles, must move to 3rd, drowning at 7 cm;
  • To score wooden nails standing at a distance from an angle equal to 0.3-0.5 m;
  • The length of the brace must exceed the depth of the opening that it is prepared in advance for it.

Sometimes it may not be enough for the construction of a design from a bar of bruises. In this case, the fixtures can be made self by pulling on the machine from high quality wood. Material It is worth choosing one that has no bitch and defects. Making the gigroscopic materials are categorically not recommended.

During work It is necessary to ensure that the diameter of the rod exceeds 2.5 cm. The length of the heater can be selected by its own preferences, it is usually 150-200 cm. Master is important to choose the right form and the size of fasteners. In the case of high-quality collection of designs from a bar and the use of high-quality brazing, the consumer can count on a long service life of the structure.

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