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The magnifying glass is called an optical device in the form of glass with an increasing ability, with which it is facilitated to view small objects. Magnifying loupes are used both in production objectives and in domestic purposes. Loupes have various properties that need to be examined before you choose to use this device.


Magnifying glass is produced in various structural versions and has certain target properties and characteristics. Their classification is based on what task the magnifier will be applied.

  • Magnifier measuring – Her feature is that in addition to increasing, it makes it possible to measure the small object, as it is equipped with a measuring scale with notches. Often this type of magnifier is positioned as an engineering device with which you can not only consider, but also perform the repair of shallow parts.

  • Pocket model – most often applied to domestic purposes to read the small font or viewing small parts. This type of LUP is compact and has a design that corresponds to ergonomic standards so that the magnifying glass can be taken throughout with them – it is small and weight, it is easy to fit in pocket or handbag.

  • Backlit It is not intended for carrying and fixed at the expense of the bracket in a convenient position – horizontally or vertically. Stationary Magnifier is convenient for engineer, watchmaker, electronics. The ability to increase such a magnifying glass is quite high – 6-8 times. Such a magnifying glass is most often happening LED backlit. LED lamps included in the design of the magnifier have greater consumer popularity, as they have the property of electricity savings. Backlight designs are also convenient because they are characterized by a long period of use. There are models working from power supply either from batteries or battery.

  • Loupe jewelry – differs from the other analogues in that it has an increase of 15-20 times, and besides, equipped with one type of illumination – infrared, LED or ultraviolet. A certain kind of rays is able to identify the properties and authenticity of mineral precious or semi-precious stones. Such an adaptation in their work enjoy jewelers and specialists in the field of antiques, as well as numismatics.

  • Lupa-glasses – is the easiest and most convenient design, which allows you to leave hands free to work. Externally, such a device looks like frames for glasses and it is used in working with small details – for their consideration or repair. The degree of increase in such a magnifier is usually small, 2-3 times.

  • Magnifier Sewing – Such a magnifying glass is used most often for household needs when sewing, embroidery or other creative lessons, where there is a work with small details. The increase in the sewing magnifier is not too strong, but it is compact in size. For convenience of use, the design is equipped with a lace, which is worn on the neck.

The characteristic of various types of magnifying glasses is conditional. The use of this adaptation extensive, affects many areas of industrial, medical, domestic and other purposes.


Magnifying glass can be divided into types that depend on constructive features.

  1. Degree of increase. For devices that increase minor items, there is a specific rule: with an increase in the multiplicity of measurement, the viewing angle decreases, but the object under consideration is approaching. The optimal ratio of multiplicity of zoom and angle of view is considered the extinity of the object 5 to 7 times. Depending on the degree of magnification, the magnifier is divided into devices with a strong or weak approximation.
  2. Production of product. One magnifying glass for the convenience of its use is clearly not enough, and a certain retention design is attached to it. Thanks to a variety of design models, the magnifying glass has become very convenient. In retail chains, you can now find a wide variety of types of designs: on the bracket, on a flexible holder, on the stand, on the clothespin. There are magnifiers with a long handle, naked options, desktop or outdoor models, magnifiers on a lace, pocket loupes in the form of a key chain and so on.
  3. Equipment backlit. To improve the quality of the review and when working with a bad level of lighting, a lupus lifter is used. LEDs are most often used for illumination. Loupes with the possibility of highlighting are very in demand, they enjoy in medicine and cosmetology, radio engineers and microelectronics, in the jewelry industry, banking sector, in everyday life.
  4. Lens material. Currently, lenses made of glass, plastic or acrylic polymers are widely distributed. The most fiscal option is the magnifying glass of plastic, but this material is very unstable to mechanical effects and on it quickly appear different scratch depths. The most expensive and valuable material for lenses is glass. Of course, it will not withstand falling from a height of a solid base – concrete floor or asphalt, but small minor damage is not terrible. In the average price category there is an acrylic polymer, which is more durable than ordinary plastic, but is inferior in the quality of the properties of lenses made of glass.

    Choosing a magnifying glass to work or for the purpose of domestic use, it is important to take into account the type of construction, since it will depend on this efficiency.


    Magnifying glass It is a universal device, And with it, you can perform the most diverse range of works with very small in size. The meadow is used to repair phones, smartphones, computer equipment, used for soldering boards in radio and electronic products.

    Many responsible components and details that are subject to repair require accuracy and accuracy, such as in the hourly mechanism, and there is a magnifying glass to help the master, which significantly facilitates the work and allows you to achieve excellent results. More convenient in this case are puzzles with illumination, Since most operations performed by the Master require jewelry and good review.

    The use of a magnifying magnifying glass makes it possible to make a careful visual inspection of the product and determine all its defects and breakdowns.

    It is impossible to perform high-quality diagnostics, if the inspection of parts is difficult because of their small size and poor illumination. In addition to diagnostics, The magnifying glass apply and to control the result of the execution of the work. For example, high quality soldering or assembly guarantees the trouble-free operation of the mechanism, which means that the repair was not done in vain.

    If a person has reduced visual acuity, Without a magnifier, it will be difficult for him to read, write, embroider or perform other household activities that requires clarity and good review. In Lupa the backlight can be built – LED or fluorescent lamps, and the size of the magnifying glass can be small or quite extensive. Mupa can be fixed on the bracket installed on the floor or on the table. Most often, the magnifier design allows you to work with two hands without being distracted by its support.

    Choice rules

    The magnifying glass is an indispensable assistant, but that work with it is comfortable, before choosing a model of a particular design, you need to take into account the following important points:

    • Decide for which the magnifying glass will be used and how long they have to be used;
    • What form, size and configuration should be a magnifier;
    • Does the backlight need, which intensity and the spectrum it should be;
    • What multiple of the increase should be a magnifier;
    • What way the magnifier will be attached to the convenience of your work;
    • What material will be made of magnifying glass.

      As practice shows, the magnifying device is acquired for long-term use and to perform specific tasks. Defined with the choice, do not forget Taking into account the quality ratios and prices, as well as Pay attention to the service life of the product.

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