ATLAS CONCORDE porcelain stoneware: material design and features

In the assortment of tiled material for the floor, one of the leading places in popularity and in demand occupies Cerambarians Atlas Concorde – products of the famous manufacturer, surprising by its diversity.


Motherland Atlas Concorde – Italy. However, representative offices and production of this brand have long been working effectively in many countries of the world. One of these countries is Russia, where the brand products began to be supplied in the early 90s of the last century. In order to reduce costs, additional production facilities were also placed here.

Corporate porcelain stoneware is made from Kaolina and Illita, mixed with sand from quartz and exposed to high temperatures and pressure.

Through the use of the latest production technologies and modern equipment, employees of the company make porcelain stonewares, characterized:

  • Increased strength and durability. It’s not terrible abrasive cleaners, no permanent mechanical loads.
  • Resistant to negative environmental factors, so that it retains his appearance for a long time.
  • Easy use. It is easy to clean even from the impaired mud through a wet cleaning.

  • Bad water permeability, which does not allow the material to absorb moisture, thereby further extended its life.
  • Ecology, as the production process used for humans and environment.

At the same time, the cost of the original Italian flooring is distinguished by affordable and democratic.


Thanks to the improved characteristics, Atlas Concorde porcelain is successfully used both in home construction and designed:

  • medical institutions;
  • offices and buildings of business centers;

  • large shopping complexes and shops;
  • playgrounds in front of the pools;
  • Kitchens and bathrooms.

At the same time, due to the wide range (more than 80 collections), the porcelain tile can be selected for any room and various style directions.


Currently, the company’s assortment has porcelain stamographic plates with the most diverse textures. The most interesting and popular:

  • Under the tree, reliably transmitting drawing of various wood breeds, their pores and roughness.

  • Under onyx – richly looking and able to improve any room.

  • Under marble, With the workshop imitation of this massive, but very beautiful mineral.

In addition, there are textures, imitating stone, cement floor and even metal coating. Tiles themselves can be matte, glossy and even anti-slip. The latter have an improved clutch coefficient, which allows them to use them in rooms with high humidity and even outdoors.


When creating its collections atlas Concorde focuses on the demand of the country in which products are produced and implemented.

The most interesting and versatile collections are most often attributed to:

  • “Heat” – One of the latest developments, first published for the market in 2016. This series is quite realistic imitates a metal surface. In this case, there is the possibility of choosing between “tin”, “aluminum”, “iron” and “steel”. The size of the “metal” tile of porcelain stoneware – 60×120, it is on such a surface with a metal glitter looks as impressive as possible. The scope of use of the “Heat” tile – residential buildings and apartments, as well as any public institutions, decorated in a classic or superior key.

  • “Cube”. Collection designed specifically for Russian consumers. In it, porcelain stoneware elements mimic natural stone. Size range series – 60×60 and 45×90. The assortment shows the plates of black, sand and gray shades, but the white “stone” looks most effectively. Tile from this collection looks great in public institutions with a large flow of visitors (concert halls, museums and others), as well as home halls, living rooms and hallways.

  • “Sketch” – New 2016. The surface of the elements from this series looks very unusual, imitating the inlay of the cropped timber bar in combination with marble. Outdoor coating from such a porch reminiscent of an ancient parquet of a medieval manor or a castle and creates a romantic atmosphere indoors. Color range Collection – brandy, Russian coffee, reddish and milky white. Tile size – 45×45.

  • “ETIC” – Porcelain stoneware, almost indistinguishable from wood plates. “Oak”, “Walnut”, “Ebenova Tree” and other valuable tree breeds can be found in this collection. Thanks to the specially treated edges of the material between the individual elements, there are practically no gaps, which further enhances the effect of a solid coating of wood. Plates have 11×90, 15×90, 22.5×90 and 45×45 cm.

At the same time, the collection is divided into several model lines:

  • “ETIC” – The main line represented by matte plates in the form of long “wooden” boards of different widths.
  • “Strutturato” – tile in the form of a natural rudely trimmed tree.
  • “Tatami”. The main feature of the model range is the presence of longitudinal grooves that create the illusion of the floor laid out of thin milking.

  • “CassetTone” – Neat plates that create visibility of parquet. A special highlight is the possibility of using a plate from any other collection. Such engines will help to revive and diversify the interior.
  • “Bottone”. Decorative squares of this series – an excellent addition to the previous row. These elements are perfectly suitable for zoning space in the room and lays out a wide variety of patterns on the floor.

In many collections there are tiles with a pattern and relief. Special demand currently enjoys material with 3D effect.


Since the appearance of the ATLAS CONCORDE porrong tile, many consumers were able to make sure of her high performance qualities. This is evidenced by the reviews of many buyers.

Giving an assessment of the flooring from the ceramic line of Italian quality, the hosts celebrate its originality and beauty, versatility and ease of installation. In addition, consumers call one of the most important factors and the maintenance of operational qualities, despite the intensity and duration of use.

About how to finish a stoneware in the bathroom, see the following video.

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