All you need to know about gypsum puzzle plates

The main use of plaster – arrangement of interior walls and partitions. The advantages of working precisely with this material does not cause any doubts: simplicity and high performance of installation, as well as a democratic value. Nevertheless, the right choice of puzzle blocks has its subtleties – All you need to know about gypsum puzzle plates, we will look at our review.

What it is?

Puzzle plate It is a design in the form of a plaster rectangular form. On both sides of the rectangle there are grooves, from two others – Combs. Hence the name of the PGP. Advantage The material is that such blocks can be knocked out with each other without gaps and distortions. Puzzle panels are very popular when erecting interior partitions. They are optimal for use in residential premises.

The material from which the PGP is manufactured is safe for health, it does not burn and serves several decades.

Advantages and disadvantages

Builders love puzzle plaster plates for the standard of parameters, the correspondence of GOST, as well as the convenience of working with them. The main advantage of puzzle plates can be called their democratic cost – Prices for this material are much more attractive than any other wall materials, such as gas-silicate blocks or sandbetone. In addition, the plates are easy and simply mounted By gluing, thereby ensuring high construction speed.

Another advantage of the plaster lies in absence of any wet processes. Installation of PGP does not require plastering, since initially this material is made with an aligned smooth surface. Due to this, immediately after installing partitions, you can paint them or go to wallpaper. The use of these blocks has repeatedly increases the performance of the work and significantly reduces the time to erect any objects.

As a rule, a brigade of two finishers can make a wall at 20-25 m² in just one day.

Disadvantages, as such, PGP has no. However, it should be borne in mind that After purchase, they must certainly be acclimatizing indoors – Before you start, you need to withstand them when heated at least +5 degrees for 4-6 hours. In addition, the load restrictions should be taken into account. Some varieties of PGP cannot be used for the construction of partitions on which it is planned to mount heavy furniture blocks or other bulky structures.

Varieties and sizes

Puzzle plastermers are produced in such two versions as:

  • ordinary panels are made of plaster with the addition of plasticized impurities, such panels have a gray shade;
  • moisture-resistant Plates, except for gypsum, also contain cement and domain granulated slag; Such plates are painted in a green color.

Important! Standard gypsum plates are suitable for mounting partitions in rooms with an average moisture level, for bathrooms and shower preference is better to give the products with green marking.

Gypsum bloks can also be manufactured by hollow and full-scale.

  • Full-time plates are distinguished by a monolithic solid structure. They are pretty durable, it is impossible to break such a partition, even if you hit it with a strengthen. Plates are available in dimensions 667x500x80 mm, the mass of the unit – 32 kg.
  • Hollow modules have uniform longitudinal holes across the area. Thanks to such a feature, the blocks are much easier – due to this, the load on the carrier frame of partitions is significantly reduced. Plates of the same length and width with a thickness of 80 mm weigh already 24 kg.

The hollow plates are in demand when performing construction work, which is explained by their next undoubted advantages:

  • reduction of the total cost of repair and construction work by reducing the cost of transportation, as well as increase the speed of installation work;
  • During the technical operation, hollow plates are successfully opposed to any household loads;
  • The air layer increases the ability of partitions and walls from the hollow blocks to hold heat indoors; Thus, the installation of hollow plates involves the maximum cost-effective approach to the organization of construction work and reduce total expenses.

Areas of use

Puzzle cutting blocks are a material that It has exceptional environmental cleanliness, security for people and the environment. Gypsum from which these blocks are made by itself are environmentally safe: under the action of high temperatures, it does not allocate harmful and toxic vapors, in addition, it has no smell. Gypsum puzzle refers to the category of non-combustible materials, That is why it is possible to use it in the premises of any type and purpose. PGP is used in office, industrial premises, as well as in residential rooms, including in children’s. Material in demand when erecting hospitals and other medical institutions.

The features of the structure of the puzzle plates dictate their Norms of exploitation. For example, for mounting the walls on which it is planned to secure a TV or a wardrobe, it is best to use full-scale panels, because in the hollow fixes will be quite difficult. In all other cases, you can apply a lightweight panel. Residents of private houses for the construction of partitions are better to use full-scale modules, since rodents and insect pests can settle in hollow.

Tips for choosing

Puzzle gypsum panels on the modern building market are represented by products several manufacturers. Popular products are most popular “VOLMA” and KNAUF. Give an unequivocal answer about what manufacturer is better, not easy – each of them occupies his niche, in many respects unique. That is why for a start, it should be pretty able to figure out what the partition from the PGP will be erected.

So, if you need a full-scale plaster, regardless of whether the usual or moisture resistant, then preference is worth paying products Knauf. When comparing the quality of products of both manufacturers, the full-scale plates of Knauf are an order of magnitude cheaper. If you need a hollow plaster plate, you can safely stop the choice on the puzzle products “VOLMA”, Since Knauf is not in the assortment. A similar situation with blocks with a thickness of 100 mm – the Volgograd plant is simply not released.

To the advantages of Knauf also belong to the convenience of transporting them. The goods are sold and transported in pallets coated with polyethylene film – it protects the gypsum from moisture and other atmospheric influences, which is why the material can be transported on different types of transport and with any weather. In severe cold, so that the plates do not freeze among themselves, the packaging is performed using a special laying layer between each panel.

Important! As for general recommendations, when choosing PGB is extremely important to take into account the features of the partition operation, that is, the load on the stove, the possibility of mounting the TV and furniture blocks. In addition, room parameters are important – the humidity level in it and the temperature regime.


Installation of PGP partitions is performed after the installation of any carrier or enclosing structures. Works are carried out under conditions of dry or normal humidity regime when the air is heated in the room is not less than + 5 degrees. When conducting construction work in winter, heating is required.

First you need to remove from the basic walls, as well as the surface of the ceiling and floor all pollution and construction dust. After that, you need to place the location of the future partition on the floor, and then with the help of a plumbing gently move this markup on the walls and the ceiling, fix areas for window and doorways. If the base is twisted and has noticeable irregularities, then an aligning screed should be performed so that the horizontal surface has become smooth.

Gypsum plates are stacked with mounting glue, efficiently “Gifas Glue Gypsum” or “Gifas Pins Hypan”. When working with moisture-resistant, the best grip gives hydrophobic compositions. With the aim of Enhance the sound insulation characteristics of puzzle plates When they are fixed to enclosing structures, it is possible to use an elastic gasket, most often it is a plug of 50 kg / m³ density or bituminous felt density of 250-300 kg / m³, as an alternative, you can fix fiberboard of low density.

Depending on the peculiarities of production, the plaster can be placed both puzzle down and puzzle upstairs. Experts recommend using laying puzzle upstairs, because then the glue will be better redistributed in the slab space. For this, all PGPs located in the first row need to remove the comb. Plates are fixed in disintegration, thanks to this, the greatest stiffness of the structure is ensured. The plates of the most recent series should be slightly bevelled the face in the field of adjustment to the floor. The space between the ceiling and the stove of the most recent series (about 2-3 cm) is filled with gypsum glue throughout the volume.

In the partitions are inserted openings to install the windows or doors in them. If the width of the opening is not more than 800 mm and only one number of panels are located on it, it is not necessary to put the jumper beam, in this case you can put a conventional door frame. If the width of the opening exceeds 800 mm, then the installation of the jumper beam is needed, it will remove the load from the upper rows of blocks. The size of the seal is approximately 500 mm on each side. Door boxes fixed with special dowels or screws. Vertical plates seams located near the openings must be at a distance of at least 20 cm.

In the corners, as well as in the sections of the intersection of partitions, the PGP should be laid in such a way that they close the joints of the connections. It is important to try not to allow the vertical joints to the joints. The upper corners are additionally fixed by perforated metal. For the processing of internal angles use reinforcing tape. Internal joints of partitions from hydrostructory PGB additionally need to be covered with waterproofing ribbon, it plays the role of the seal.

Important! Any metal items that are inside partitions or match them must necessarily have a reliable anti-corrosion coating or be galvanized. If for some reason the hypsopolymer wall has accrades or bugs, refinement is required. For this, the spacure layer is applied in zones, and the hillocks can easily be removed using a conventional ruble ruble.

After drying the putty or glue surface of the walls thoroughly grind. The partition from the plaster is ready – it will only remain to perform the finish finish, usually the PGP paint the interior paint or wake up with wallpaper. We hope our recommendations will help you make the right choice of puzzle plaster and fulfill all installation work on our own.

All you need to know about gypsum puzzle plates, see the following video.

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