All you need to know about crown drills

To drill a certain hole in the metal in the minimum time, you can use the new type of roller. This is a crown drill, which, thanks to its excellent performance, gradually displaces spiral species.


Coronated drill is also called hollow or ring, as it has a form of a hollow cylinder. Used to drill round recesses in metal and wooden products. During the work, it eliminates the material around the circumference of the hole, leaving the remnants of drilling in the center. Such drills are an excellent alternative to expensive options with small efficiency.

Rolls are characterized by a lot of performance, have a rather complicated configuration, which consists of a shank, connecting screws, pilot drill and the working crown itself. To assemble one design from these elements, the pilot drill is inserted into the metal shank and connect using screws. Then the drill with the shank is installed in the crown, and the resulting design is fixed.

The main and most important cutting element of this drill are his teeth located on the working part of the instrument. They differ in uneven steps and are made of solid alloy.

Due to this, the tool has a long service life with great accuracy of drilling. All quality standards and sizes of crowning drills are indicated in the respective Guest. Failure to comply with these standards is prosecuted by law.

Where are applied?

Twisted this type can be applied on equipment with a small power. For example, The use of a magnetic machine, the power of which varies from 800 to 1000 kW. If you apply an annular drill on it, you can get a hole with a diameter of 30 to 35 mm. If in the same conditions use a spiral drill, then at the same power it will be much less.

In working with such coarse, it does not require large physical effort and special training, and the accuracy and quality of the processed surfaces will be much higher, as the hole is reduced. There is an opportunity to do the holes of the camist. During operation, only through holes are obtained.

Coronated drills are indispensable when drilling pipes or curvilinear surfaces, since special preliminary preparation is required to work with conventional spiral drills, as well as many tricks.

During the operation of the drill minimize noise. With their help in the complex with other tools you can:

  • perform multi-toaster processing;
  • get holes in concrete and stone structures, in ceramic tiles and natural stone;
  • perform horizontal drilling for laying engineering communications.
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What happens?

Coronated drills are represented by various types.

  • Some are calculated for magnetic drilling machines, they are characterized by the highest strength.
  • Others are produced from high-speed steel, which has no auxiliary coating on the cutting part. This steel special varieties with a small percentage of cobalt. Drills are used to drill metal with small strength and diameter up to 35 mm.
  • It can also be carbide crowns that have an unlimited number of cutting teeth, made of solid alloy. Used for very durable materials, can produce holes with more than 35 mm.


All crown drills have labeling by which their main characteristics are determined. This is information about the manufacturer or brand, about the form of metal manufacturing, which is indicated by the letter. Thanks to the labeling, you can understand for what material is the drill.

There are also geometric parameters of the drill, based on which you can find out the size of the opening. Each drill is a logo, its working length and diameter.

  • One of the most famous manufacturers of various drills is Kornor company. All products are made of powder, high-speed steel, therefore has a long service life in any conditions. The range of products has a varied set of shanks that are suitable for any kind of magnetic drill. Thanks to the triple face of the blade, a high speed of drilling speed with a small vibration is provided. Rolls are subject to multiple sharpening, which extends their life. Pulling pins contribute to rapid and accurate drilling. The company offers a large set of adapters that allow you to apply drills for various types of machines.

  • Brand RUKA Began his activities back in 1974. Specializes in the production of metal cutting tools and snap. All products are produced at their own factory, which is located in Germany. Equipment has high performance, only new production technologies are used. Products are highly quality, applied at the professional level, in industry and trade. Finished products undergo control, and in the production process of materials are carried out. The manufacturer received an international quality certificate. Available cost and reliability are the main features of products.
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  • German brand Metabo produces electrical and pneumatic tools, as well as various types of drill. The history of this company began in 1923 with the creation of the first hand drill. Currently, the company employs 2,000 employees. There are 25 subsidiaries and 100 different offices that are located worldwide. The company owns more than 700 patents and rights. In the assortment of cropped drills there are short and long, carbide and diamond, on concrete and metal. There are also sets that consist of various types of drills with different lengths. All products are distinguished by reliable quality and available cost.

  • Chinese manufacturer crowning drills is Bohre. It appeared in the industrial equipment market in 2016. Its main direction is the production of consumables for railscreen machines, as well as cropped drills. All products are characterized by high strength and durability. By quality, manufactured products are analogous to many world brands. It is made according to identical technologies that use the most famous companies. So that the products have available cost, BOHRE does not include a markup for the brand. In the assortment of drills there are various hardworthy types with soldered plates, high-speed steel products with different diameters and long working part.

How to choose?

In order to select a crop-type drill, you need to consider the following characteristics. Firstly, This is a working diameter and hardness of the working part, as well as which depth can be drill during operation. Which series includes a tool, what size from the shank, with which it will be necessary to install the drill in the equipment cartridge. For which material is designed to drill, what is his means of centering and which it gives the level of roughness during drilling.

Of course, you need to take into account the design features of the drill. It can be made of high-speed steel or have soldered carbide plates, which means that it can be intended for solid and soft metals. If you need a tool for drilling recesses not more than 35 mm with low metal strength, it is better not to overpay, but to acquire a drill from fast-cutting steel. It has a small cost, eliminates the risk of breakdown tooth.

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For work with solid metals in the production of large holes (more than 35 mm), you need a drill from high-speed steel.

To choose a crown on a tree, attention should be paid to the material of the manufacture of cutters, as well as the shape of sharpening teeth and their number. Such crowns are easy to distinguish from the rest, as they are painted black, produced from metal alloys.

When the drill is selected, the presence of a centering pilot in it. Usually it is already included with the crown. But if it is not included in the kit, you can buy a pilot separately. Thanks to him, the process of drilling is more accurate.

How to use?

In order to produce drilling, you must first collect all the components. Secure the centering drill inside the shank, put on the crown and fix. The shank is a replaceable detail, so it is selected for the sizes of the electric drill.

Next, you should make marking on a metal or other surface where the center of the opening will be. Install the center drill to the designated area and make drilling. With the help of a special spring, the centering drill is drawn inside the shank, the surface drilling is drilling. At the end of the work, the spiral pushes the emerging metallic cylinder from the crown. The resulting recess has an ideal shape, smooth edges that do not require grinding.

Drilling in metal can be carried out dry or wet. The first method is used in domestic conditions, when there is no technical possibility of supplying a lubricating and coolant, used for drilling holes with a diameter of up to 20 mm.

Wet cutting method occurs with the help of liquid supply, which provides efficient cooling and washing the resulting waste. This method is used in large installations, in professional hand tools, designed for holes with a large diameter.

Learn more about Coronated Drills See in the video below.

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