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    Modern decorative flooring requires for laying high-quality preparation of a draft floor. The finishing floor in the house or apartment, as a rule, requires additional alignment, since its surface is often non-ideal. High susceptibility to a flat surface possess parquet board, carpet, linoleum and laminate. Align the floor and prepare it to the flooring of the finishing coating will help plywood. This woodworking product has a high degree of reliability and long period of operation.


    When choosing a black floor alignment technique, it is necessary to determine the degree of its irregularity. With irregularity drops, which make up 5 to 10 mm, before laying flooring from plywood, you will need to perform a regulating and carrier frame. The following methods of installing plywood flooring have proven itself.

    Fastening plywood to the base of the floor

    To perform work, plywood sheets are cut into 60 by 60 cm or other convenient for wizard with dimensions. Electrol bike or circular saw apply for cutting material. Finished sheets are stacks on each other. For 2-3 days at room temperature, leafs are allowed to stand and align.

    Previewing the floor base surface, go to the next stage of work – determine the distribution scheme of plywood sheets. They will be needed to be laid off the seams in a checker order. Between the sheets, it will be necessary to leave the gaps, about 3-5 mm, the retreat of sheets from the wall is recommended to do 7-10 mm. After the preliminary layout, the sheets of plywood need to be numbered, then remove them from their places and before laying them to grind them with the help of electrical pumping machine.

    Next, the surface of the base of the floor is cleaned of garbage and dust. According to preliminary layout, plywood sheets are laid on the base. Material fixes to the floor with long screws. The length of hardware should exceed the thickness of the material by 3-5 mm. Hats of selflessness need to be completely drowning in the material, for this use the drill with the possibility of cencing. Each plywood sheet is attached at a minimum of 5 hardware, one of which is located in the center of the sheet, and the rest – at its corners.

    Flooring plywood on height adjustment studs

    This method is considered the fastest and lowest time. This technique is used for large surfaces of the base of the floor. Special anchors are screwed into the base plane at an equal distance relative to each other. Plywood sheets through the previously done holes wear on adjustable anchor studs. Next, using the construction level, the draft floor is equalized by lining the anchor and fix the result using nuts located on the working case of adjustable studs.

    Black floor placed on lags

    For the manufacture of this preparatory flooring, thick (15-22 mm) plywood sheets are used. They make it possible to create a reliable and durable base located on the lags, which are pre-laid on the base with a distance of 50 cm from each other. In the lumets between lags, you can pave a sound insulation material or mineral insulation.

    The process of working on laying plywood on lags is as follows: Pre-restore floor base surface, plowing all chips, pits, cracks. Then the surface is plain as a waterproofing layer cleaned from the garbage. The following layer is layered by a soundproofing layer or make felt lining in those places where lags will be fixed. Wooden bars, the length of which is 2 m, and the width is 50 mm, laid strictly by the construction level in the horizontal direction.

    In the same way, vertical transverse parts of the crate. Bonded wooden parts with metal corners. The size of the cells of the crate must correspond to the dimensions of the plywood sheet. In the cells of the crates laid thermal insulation, and then the entire surface is overlapped with polyethylene, fastening the film to the stapler. Pre-sliced ​​plywood sheets are placed on the finished crate and fix them with self-help.

    You can perform the styling of the draft floor alone, but it will take to prepare the necessary tool and hardware to work.

    What you need?

    To perform each of the methods of styling the draft floor, you must prepare a set of tools. The following list is:

    • Roulette, pencil, metering line;
    • self-tapping screws, screws, nails, dowel-nails;
    • Electrode, screwdriver;
    • a hammer;
    • Electrolovik or circular saw;
    • Sander;
    • building level;
    • putty;
    • sandpaper;
    • rubber spatula.

    In some cases, laying plywood sheets on a concrete base or old wooden floorboards is performed using adhesive composition.

    Additionally, sheets are fixed using a dowel-nail.

    How to elect?

    Alignment in the wooden floor house plywood may well be done with their own hands, without attracting expensive specialists to work. If the level differences do not exceed 2-3 mm, fastening the plywood sheets on the old wooden floor. For this, sheets can be attached over old boards. Before laying on the board floor, fan-coating flooring, you need to align the boards using the grinding machine.

    Black floor sheets can be put on their places and glued with adhesive composition. Sometimes in a private house, such a composition is applied to an uneven floor if the differences are very minor. In this case, the glue will perform the role of a substrate that will brand irregularities. Faneur at the same time must be glued according to the same rules as when making an assembly on the crate. Before installing flooring with boards, it is sometimes necessary to remove the paintwork, if it has a bad adhesive ability to adhesive composition. PVA used as glue, designed to perform carpentry, or liquid nails.

    When it is required to lay a fane as the base under linoleum or laminate, the sheets are used, the thickness of which ranges from 10 to 14 mm.

    Lag nozzle is also performed using plywood – with the help of an ax or chisel, sheets split and make gaskets for alignment of the height of the structure.


    Before starting work, determine the degree of irregularities of the foundation. If the flooring of the rough floor will be performed on top of old flooring, you need to find the highest point of their outdoor fiing:

    • Using the level, all the protruding points of the floor are determined;
    • The distance of the conditional beam is measured from the highest point to the wall;
    • The measurement results are noted on the scheme of the room made in a reduced scale;
    • Determine the upper point from which the construction of the cladding will be executed.

    After performing measurements and constructing a clash plan on the plan place the placement of leveling gaskets and their magnitude. Next apply the location scheme or adjustable studs and plywood sheets.


    To create a draft floor, Phaneur is laid under the decorative floor covering, taking into account the following nuances:

    • The direction of material fibers should be located in the transverse direction from the existing flooring;
    • For convenience, standard plywood sheet cut to 4 identical parts.

    In rectangular premises, the sheets are placed from a long corner of a solid wall. If the room has a trapezoidal form, before revealing you need to do as follows:

    • consider the number of plywood sheets that will need to be placed in one row;
    • From the resulting number, 1 sheet is torn, while plywood slabs are unfolded, ranging from the middle of the room;
    • The remaining trimming of the plywood material after the cutting is used to close the side gaps of the floor.

    After performing the cutting of plywood sheets, it is necessary to prepare linings for the crate. They are used in the form of a strip of a width of 10 cm and made from trimming plywood.

    If the plywood turns out to be too thick, it is split into thinner pieces.


    Fasten the flooring of the rough floor can be in different ways. Here are the most common and simple work methods.

    • The use of adhesive base. This method justifies itself from an economic point of view and is used in obligatory in cases where the floor surface will be used quite intensively. To save glue composition, it can be applied only around the perimeter of the plate, as well as at the points of contact of plywood with gaskets or crossbars of the crate. When applying glue, adhesive stain is desirable to additionally place even in the center of the sheet. Before starting work, it is necessary to carefully examine the instructions for glue composition. Some types of glue are necessary before contacting the working surface for some time to maintain the polymerization process.
    • Fastening sheets using selflessness. Hardware for fastening the sheets of draft floor is used as well as their distance between each other should be within 15 cm in the row. The distance between the rows is made within 40 cm. Rows are uniformly, moving along the shortest side of the plywood sheet. In addition to the fastening, there is also a crosst way to fasteners. According to this technique, the screws are placed around the perimeter of plywood with a step of 15 cm, as well as on the diagonals of the rectangular sheet.

    When screwing down the fastening on a plywood sheet, the self-suite should be placed at a right angle relative to the material. To fully hide a screw screw, pre-prepare for it the landing device. The plywood sheets are stacked with a gap from each other, which make up 5-7 mm. It must be done in order for the material with high humidity, gaining moisture, did not swell and did not get ripple.

    It is also necessary to make a sheet indent and from the wall, the clearance is recommended to leave 7-10 mm.

    Sealing seams

    After the plywood flooring of the draft floor will be laid, it is necessary to close the compensation seams remaining when laying. If the black floor is planned to lay a laminate or parquet board, but the sealing of the seams is not fundamental, in the case of the use of linoleum or carpet, the unclosed seams of black flooring will be visible through the laid decorative material.

    The sealing of the seams of rough floors is carried out with the help of putty on a tree or they are filled with acrylic sealant. The use of sealant to perform these works more preferably, since after a putty after a while, the floors sometimes begin to creak. The work on seams of seams is performed by a rubber spatula, aligning the surface to obtain a smooth single canvase.

    So you can remove all defects that have arisen in the process of installation of rough floors.

    About how the pack is putting the plywood on the wooden floor, you can learn from the video below.

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