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Capital cleaning in the house, in the apartment or in the country includes careful washing windows. This is an important process that is capable of connecting the outside world outside the window with the inner world of the house, so I want the glasses to be perfectly clean, transparent, without irritant divorces and traces of water droplets. As practice shows, washing windows inside the house or apartment does not cause difficulties, but the outside is a whole problem for many. That is why the range of devices for washing windows of different shapes and the magnitude every year is growing rapidly. The most popular and effective is the scraper for washing windows. To pick up an optimally convenient, safe and effective device, it is enough to understand their features and a model manifold.


A scraper for washing windows is a relatively new, but very effective tool, with the help of which you can high quality and quickly wash the glass, tile, mirror, ceramic surface. Despite the simplicity of the design, the scraper is very similar to a mops, as well as with the mop itself (depending on the type of product), it has a number of characteristic features and advantages.

  • Delicate cleansing. During washing, the glass scraper does not leave scratches and other mechanical traces.

  • Ability to use on both sides while washing windows.

  • Ease of operation and ease of product.

  • High washing efficiency, where there is no place to divorce, drowns, and glass is always shiny and perfectly clean.

  • Long service life at an affordable cost.

  • The ability to replace parts if necessary, which will significantly extend the service life.

  • Economical consumption of detergents. The use of the scraper allows partially to abandon the use of detergents, which saves finance.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing a wide range of action of this tool that can wash the dirt and dust in the most hard-to-reach glazed places. Make sure how a safe, convenient and efficient scraper for washing windows can be in the event that the tool is correctly selected.


To date, manufacturers offer many variants of splinters, which are able to cope with any type of contamination of windows, mirrors, tiles, ceramics. The stores contain structures with double and single nozzles, as well as with a nozzle, from two sides of which a rubber scraper or a brush complemented by an elongated handle is fixed. Scraper can be stainless steel, plastic, silicone, as well as made of combined materials. By the type of design, all scrapers are divided into different types.

  • Compact (or pocket). Characterized by small sizes and low weight, ergonomic shape, anti-slip overlays, as well as absolute resistance to detergents and chemicals. Most of these models go with a pull-out blade that is fixed by the button.

  • With telescopic handle. This is a brush equipped with a retractable telescopic handle and a rotary mechanism. The length of the handle may vary from 2 to 10 meters, which is convenient for huge non-opening and panoramic windows. As a rule, these are models with replaceable nozzles. Brushes with a telescopic handle are two types – domestic (with one nozzle) and professional (several nozzles for cleaning window glass). Among professional models, a metallic scraper (stainless steel) is considered the most practical and effective.

  • Professional scrapers with short handles. Ideal for car wash, as well as window windows. The most popular is the heated model, relevant in winter.

  • Magnetic scraper. It is a design with a sponge, a magnet and a scraper consisting of two parts connected by the rope. The principle of operation consists in managing one part by means of a handle, and the second acts independently due to the magnetic action – thus the window is clean on both sides at the same time. In addition to high-quality washing, such a model of the brush is still perfectly polisted. The design is selected, taking into account the thickness of the glass – the thickness of the glass, the stronger there should be a magnet.

Along with the above models, there is a popular design – a steam cleaner for which you can choose a special scraper scraper for washing windows. Cleaning the glass surface occurs due to the jet of steam, while the glass is not only effectively cleaned, but also disinfected.

Another innovation can be considered a special vacuum cleaner for washing windows, which collects not dust and dirt from glasses, and dirty water and detergent, removing completely moisture residues, divorces and drips.

After repairing on the glasses, traces of building materials, tape, paint, remove which can be removed, without disrupting the integrity of the glass canvase, using a scraper with replaceable blades. Nozzles can be one-sided and double-sided, where there is a sharpened side (eliminates paint, tape) and dull (removes dust, putty, cement). The width and length of the blade can vary from 4 to 10 cm.

Made blades of chrome steel, resistant to corrosion processes.

How to choose?

Buying devices for washing windows, as well as for glass surfaces, it is necessary to take into account not only personal preferences and convenience of operation, but also take into account a number of important selection criteria.

  • Type, parameters and number of windows in the room.

  • Glass thickness if a magnetic scraper for plastic windows is selected.

  • Quality of nozzles. It is better to choose nozzles from microfiber and foam rubber than from textiles. The cloth absorbs worse and gives moisture.

  • Functional instrument. The more functionality, the more convenient will be the operation. Among the useful options that are endowed with scrapers, you can select the adjustment of the length of the handle, the angle of inclination of the structure, as well as the quick change of parts.

  • Quality assembly design.

  • Materials manufacturing scraper.

  • Detergents for glass used in the process of washing.

Important is also a manufacturer who should be reliable and proven. If we are talking about a wiper, then you need to choose the device with some parameters.

  • Weight and dimensions design. The easier the wiper, the more convenient to use it.

  • Package. The presence of a pulverizer must. If it is not included in the kit, then it will have to be purchased separately.

  • Functional. One of the important is the option of collecting water.

  • Widths of the nozzles. The wider the nozzle, the faster the process of washing the glass.

  • Autonomy. Portable devices can be used in any part of the room without binding to the outlet.

Choosing a squabble for tinting, as well as a tool for removing the film from glass, it is better to give preference to known trademarks.

Accessory must be plastic or metal with carbon or plastic blades.

Operating tips

After a successful purchase of the instrument for cleaning windows and other smooth surfaces (tile, mirror) washing the duct glasses will be in joy. To the Square, regardless of the cost and construction, served for a long time, it is necessary to use it exclusively by appointment.

To quickly and properly wash the window with a scraper, you need to comply with a number of elementary rules.

  • Start washing and cleaning windows better in mad weather, at temperatures above zero degrees.

  • Remove web and dust.

  • Dilute in water detergent and richly apply it on the glass, rubbing, not missing a single centimeter.

  • Squils carefully removes moisture from the windows. It must be vertical movements. Start better from the top corner.

  • After each application of the scraper, it must be wiped with a dry textile napkin.

  • So that the glass was without divorces, it is enough to walk the microfiber nozzle.

  • For dry cleaning of glasses with the use of Scolation, loose detergents are used, divorced in water. The principle of using a scraper is identical.

For balcony or panoramic windows, a scraper with a telescopic handle and a turning mechanism of the nozzle will be convenient. When you first use a scraper, some difficulties may arise that over time will disappear as soon as your hands get used to control them. The greatest difficulties arise when using magnetic scrapers when you need to learn how to manage one half and simultaneously monitor the other.

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