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Remedies for dangerous work – a very important topic. Currently, due to the shortage of good specialists, there are sometimes slightly dreaded amateurs. It is important to correctly orient them, give the main primary knowledge. This is this article.


Protective Glasses – The most important welding attribute. Their use is strictly agreed by safety regulations. The specifics of any welding is that eye protection is needed. Without it bright outbreaks can injure the retina and lead to loss of vision. Points are required for welding works regardless of circumstances.

Welding glasses – Purely Special Professional Accessory. They are intended only for welding. Their light filtering windows protect their eyes from bright light radiation, from sparks and other traumatic effects. By virtue of this specificity, they cannot be used for anything else, except for welding (except, except, certain types of metal cutting).

In addition, it is a rather complicated optical-mechanical and electronic product. All this is explained quite high price.


The main purpose of welding glasses – the protection of the eye of the welder when working. They are used primarily for gas welding. Electric welding requires more powerful mask protection. Injured radiation in arc welding such that requires protection not only eyes, but also. On purpose welding glasses may vary by degree of protection. They must be equipped with powerful darkening light filters – basic and, if possible, additional, lowered in the calculation of different modes of operation.

Welder usually works with an assistant. Assistant welder is not so close contact with the source of radiation and sparks. Therefore, glasses for assistant may be simpler. Points can protect both electrical welds, but it requires more complex and dark filters. In addition, other parts of the person will remain unprotected, and arc welding radiation is very strong and causes skin damage.

Knowing people will immediately remember the characteristic “tan of the welder”. So glasses are still used first of all for gas welding.

Review models

The modern market offers a wide variety of welding glasses models. From relatively cheap – simple, with elementary light filters – to complex, with interchangeable filters and even liquid crystal elements. Such, of course, are much more expensive.

The most popular are the welding glasses “Chameleon” with automatic glass of glass. Their feature is that light filters during bright flashes are automatically darkened. “Chameleon” are universal: they can also be used at gas, and with arc welding. This is the brainchild of modern electronic technology. The protective screen is a complex device consisting of polarization films and liquid crystals. With a sharp change in illumination (flash), the control unit sends a signal to a protective device, liquid crystals change their position. In this case, the position and polarizing films change. As a result, the darkening. When attenuation of the flame (arc) automatic filters enlighten and allow, without removing points, visually control the quality of welding.

Simple version – Points with permanent filters. Most often it is an insecious design, and for careful welding controls such glasses need to be removed. Light filters can be made of high strength glass, as well as polymeric materials. They have a different degree of blackout and are used depending on the type of welding and working conditions.

Much more convenient for welder glasses with low filters. Two round lenses are mounted in eyepieces of glasses on special hinges. If necessary, they rise to the forehead of the wizard and allow you to inspect the place of welding and the quality of the seam. This saves time and strength: to remove and put on glasses – especially in the cold season and with full work equipment – a rather complicated procedure.

Criterias of choice

The choice of glasses is dictated by the type of welding, working conditions and, of course, the amount of money that the buyer has. If the “smart” glasses “chameleons” can be used in arc, and with gas welding, then the usual applicable, mainly when gas. Their light filters are too weak for arc radiation. If the work is carried out in the fresh air, and the welded surfaces are below the head of the welder, enough simple protective glasses. Radiation in daylight is more intensely dissipated and harms less. Outdoor air reduces the concentration of harmful substances that are emitted during welding.

In all cases, glasses with folding light filters. Points with stationary filters better provide assistant. Accordingly, “chameleons” with additional shields protecting parts faces are preferable to work. For welding “Above the head”, most likely, you will have to purchase and protective welding helmet so as not to damage the scalp, do not fall out hair, prevent sparks and hot scale for collar.

We show the annoying and repeat that the best option in these cases will be a welding mask.

Glasses “Chameleon” in the Russian market mainly in Chinese production. They are approximately 450 to several thousand rubles. Cheap models have complaints of quality. “Chameleon” – the best option for those who are professionally engaged in welding.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the power supply system. It is desirable that there are two – the main and reserve. Battery and photocell. It will save from sudden failures. In addition, you need to pay attention to the speed of the electronic light filter. It should be less than 1 millisecond. If more is already a big risk of retina injury.

Ordinary glasses depending on the model cost from 100 (the most elementary, suitable, rather, not for the welder, but for its helper) up to 2000 rubles (with folding light filters). It is important to choose the “Golden Mid”. Such glasses acquire those who are welding irregularly, who needs, for example, to build a frame for a fence in the country or something like that. It is recommended to choose glasses with the possibility of replacing light filters.

The main thing, with any choice – do not forget about safety technician. Points must reliably protect the eyes from emissions. Welding glasses should fit tightly to the skin of the face around the eyes on the manner of the diver mask. It will save from lateral lights. Glasses without dense adjustment are suitable for cutting metal, enrolled and other works that are not welding. It should be remembered that welding works are particularly harmful to health. The misunderstanding of this and hope for “Avos” can lead to loss of vision.


Welding glasses and any other means of protection should be put on the very beginning of work at the time of preparation for them. Before this, you need to familiarize yourself with the instruction manual, which is attached to the product by the manufacturer. Before you start working with glasses “Chameleon” you need:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the product: make sure there is no mechanical damage, wiring breaks (loop);
  • Individually set up glasses: adjust the opening-closing of the light filter with the help of clamps, tight fit of glasses to face around the eyes;
  • Check the charging elements in order not to summarize the work.

While working should control the operation of the electronic light filter, relying on the comfort of view. If there are no blinds, characteristic of “bunnies”, then the points work qualitatively and in a timely manner from one mode to another. For glasses with conventional light filters, operational requirements are the same taking into account the simpler design. It is also necessary to check the serviceability, integrity, reliability of the folding device, the individual settings of the occipital belt. Any doubt should be interpreted as a contraindication.

Capture light filters can be possible only when the radiation will completely stop. Better to lose a few seconds than damaging the eyes.

This review of the varieties of welding points does not pretend to be absolutely complete, its goal is to form loyal ideas from novice welders and warn against dangerous errors.

In the next video you will find a detailed overview of automatic darkening welding points.

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