All about Vibrasitis

Vibrosito is a device that is in demand in many industrial industries. With it, you can sift, clean and divide various materials on fractions. Sita may vary in shape, type of grids, the number of cleaning levels. Depending on production purposes, you can choose a device with suitable characteristics.

What it is?

The device is known as “Vibrosito” or “Crash”. The first option is more often used to describe the equipment of the oil industry, the second name is typical for the mining industry. Although devices may differ in design, the general principle of cleaning is preserved.

Raw materials that must be processed are poured into a panel installed under a certain degree. Then launch vibration mechanism. Under its impact, as well as due to the natural force of gravity, the material is gradually sifted and falls on the next pallet, intended for the collection of processed raw materials.

Particles that have not passed the screening can be easily removed from the top panel, turning it back to the other side.

The best vibrating plate is suitable for working with dry or semi-dry material. Wet raw materials are recommended to sift using a drum installation that functions on the principle of centrifuge.


Vibration sieve can be round or rectangular, also differ types of sizes. Some sifts have a more complex scheme and allow multi-level cleaning – for this, additional sieve panels are used. The main parameters that are taken into account when choosing a device is:

  • The height of the overflow is the distance from the base of the design to the place where the substance hits the pallet;

  • Site Sita;

  • Power of vibration oscillations.

Despite the fact that the principle of operation of the devices is similar, allocate several types of these devices.

By type of installed grids

There are two types of sieves:

  • Under the tensioning grid – the owner must mount it independently;

  • With frame or pre-installed – It is put at the factory, the device comes to the user completely ready for work.

After the 2000s, most manufacturers make apparatuses with frame mesh. They have several advantages:

  • Material on the pallet is equally distributed, Accordingly, the sifting ability increases, which allows you to optimize and speed up the workflow;

  • The factory setting guarantees tension quality, While an inexperienced user can drag or dismail the network;

  • The device is ready to operate, It does not need additional setup.

Options for the tension grid can also be found on sale, but these models are not so much, so the choice will be limited.

By the number of cleaning levels

The design may include different number of panels, as a rule, from 1 to 3 pieces.

  • Single-level Sifts are the most common. They have a simple but reliable device. Since the panel is one, and is in plain form, the user can control the screening process, as well as to monitor the state of the grid – the emerging defects are easy to notice.

  • Two-level Devices help save the work area in the workshop. They allow processing more raw materials, while they take not much space.

  • Three-level devices can be different. Some are used to save space, by analogy with duplex, only in this case another tier is added. And also there are models with a more complex design, providing several cleaning stages – from coarse to a thinner.

Sita three-level type allow you to carry out the main sequel at the first stage, and then enter colming additives. Such components are used in the manufacture of concrete mortar – these substances help to avoid the appearance of pores in which moisture can accumulate. After enrichment, the mixture passes more subtle cleaning at the third level. At all stages, meshs of different sizes are used to provide high-quality sifting.

By type of oscillations

Vibration can be applied to the device in various ways. Depending on the method used, the speed of discraining and its quality, as well as the level of load and wear of the working grid will be. Several types of vibration waves.

  • Unbalanced elliptical. Such vibrations can be obtained due to the only engine located outside the center of gravity frame.

  • Circular. The engine is exactly in the center of the vibroram, which allows you to create more uniform and smooth oscillations.

  • Linear. In this case, two motors rotating during operation in different directions are used. They can be on the sides or on top.

  • Balanced elliptical. Two or three engines are involved depending on the scheme applied.

The optimal option is selected in accordance with the production objectives and features of the materials sifted. Each method has its advantages, for example, linear oscillations allow you to increase bandwidth, and when using a balanced and elliptic, the working network will last longer.

Scope of application

Sita are used to sieve components and purification of bulk materials – sand, silicon, cement and other. Vibration devices are indispensable during the preparation of the drilling fluid necessary to clean wells in the drilling process. And the devices are in demand in factories engaged in the production of products from PVC – with the help of a mixture for powder painting.

A variety of industrial and laboratory models allows you to handle all sorts of substances – from chemical mixtures to food.


Depending on the peculiarities of production, vibrational installations are used:

  • For sifting spices, cleaning them from garbage and large particles, obtaining a homogeneous mixture;

  • In the manufacture of egg powder – this is a common ingredient, which is part of various products;

  • During the production of dry milk, to get a homogeneous mass;

  • For sorting nuts, seeds and cereals in fractions in accordance with standard dimensions;

  • For sifting coffee – in powder or granulated form.

And also vibration sieves can be found on factories producing dairy and cheese products, chocolates, sugar. Sifting not only helps to get rid of large particles or garbage, but also contributes to the removal of excess moisture.


Production of this industry usually have high hygienic requirements, therefore Equipment must comply with the necessary standards. Vibrosite can carry out sterile filtering, including under pressure, sifting, separation. With the help of these devices, various vitamins and nutritional supplements are manufactured, protein substances, silicon dioxide and other components needed to create drugs.


Various fertilizers are often produced in powdered form – they are obtained by sieving through vibrating. These may be compositions based on potassium or phosphorus compounds, as well as nitrogen. In addition, in the chemical industry, devices are involved in the production of carbon black, silicon, in the manufacture of different types of PVC.


Minerals mined from the depths of the Earth require processing – it is necessary to sift them, divide into fractions, discard empty breed. For these purposes, vibration sieves are used. They purify coal, bentonite, gypsum, limestone, sand and other bulk substances.


The important role of the Sita is played when separating the oil shchelms – These are industrial waste containing various impurities that should not get into a clean product. In addition, devices are needed for the production and purification of drilling solutions.


Sifts are in demand on cellulose production – with their help you can divide the chip on the fractions, remove extra impurities, clean and prepare reagents. Sita with vibrations are used to obtain wood and technical cellulose.


In this industry, there are many bulk substances that are difficult to obtain without the use of vibrating. With it processed:

  • sand;

  • gypsum;

  • cement;

  • quartz;

  • alumina.

Vibration Sieve – Wide Profile Tool. Extensive classification allows you to choose a model for the purpose depending on the needs of a particular industrial industry and the specifics of production.

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