All about vertically drilling machines

After reading this article, you can learn everything about vertically-drilling machines with CNC and without them, about desktop and mounted on column. It is characterized by their overall purpose and device, machine diagram for metal and main nodes. Describes models and key nuances of choosing such equipment.


The main purpose of vertically drilling machines is to develop deaf and through holes. But they can be applied not only for drilling in a narrow sense; Also, auxiliary processing obtained by otherwise holes. You can use the passages that require the highest accuracy using a similar device. These systems are especially effective when cutting the threads inside and when working on the metal in order to create disks. Therefore, it can be concluded that this technique is almost universal in its application.

On the listed operations, the possibility of using vertically drilling devices is not exhausted. Often such devices are bought for the organization of small-scale production and in domestic purposes. But the main nodes according to the scheme you can add many other useful components.

The main principle of operation is to move the workpiece with respect to the instrument. The active part of the device is fixed by special cartridges and transition sleeves.

The structure is formed so that it is most convenient to operate with large blanks. Performance of vertically drilling equipment is quite high. The descriptions usually emphasize also simplicity of service work. The most typical scheme based on the use of the reference plate, on top of which they put a column. But other options are found, each of which has strengths and weaknesses.

Drilling machines will be loyal assistants in:

  • mechanical production;

  • assembly shop;

  • repair and instrumental production;

  • work of repair shops for transport and construction, in agricultural enterprises.


The key parameters of any vertical drilling machines, regardless of their brand, are:

  • composition of the materials being processed;

  • ability to drill holes of a certain depth;

  • departure spindle and lifting over the working surface (these parameters determine how large workpieces will be processed);

  • Distance between the upper spindles and desktops (support plates);

  • a variety of spindle speeds;

  • the distance to which the spindle moves for 1 full turn;

  • number of spindle rates;

  • The mass of the device and its dimensions;

  • electricity consumption;

  • three-phase or single-phase power supply;

  • Cooling characteristics.

What happens?


This variant of the machines usually has a one-spindle type of performance. It is not possible to count on special performance in this case. However, the compact device is quite convincing its advantage. If you need to spend several treatments at once, you will have to use multi-spindle heads. But it is nothing more than half-measured, compensation of weakness.

Fastened on column

In such models, the support column serves as a stand for power nodes, gearbox and spindle heads. In many cases, it is envisaged option to shift the desktop or spindle complex in the desired side. The column itself is usually not installed by an outdoor way, and attached to the machine. Along with narrowly specialized, universal units can be applied to perform various technological operations.

However, even the most perfect manual or semi-automatic equipment does not allow to get large holes in large billets effectively.

It is necessary for such manipulations to use large gearboxes. Most of them have long been supplied with CNC, which additionally expands the functionality. In this case, it will be possible to prepare almost any hole with particularly high accuracy. Operators can focus on the indication of the display block. Some versions come with a coordinate table and / or with vice, which allows you to further increase the efficiency of manipulations.

Best manufacturers and models

For high quality, the products of the Sterlitamak Machine-Plant is valued. For example, gear Model CH16. In the steel surface, it can drill holes with a conditional diameter of 16 mm. Other technical points:

  • Mass treated blanks up to 30 kg;

  • The height of the billets up to 25 cm;

  • Distance between the spindle axis and a 25.5 cm column;

  • Net weight 265 kg;

  • The spindle cone is made according to the Morse system 3;

  • Operating surface 45×45 cm.

You can pay attention to the products of the Astrakhan machine-tooling enterprise. First of all – AC 2116M. Such a drill system, drills and annketers equally well. It can also come in handy when deploying and cutting threads. The spindle move reaches 10 cm, the spindle cone is made in Morse format 2, and the working surface is 25×27 cm.

An alternative can be considered Zitrek DP-116 – the device with a capacity of 0.63 kW, feeding from the usual home power supply. His practical features:

  • spindle departure up to 6 cm;

  • 1.6 cm cartridge;

  • distance between the spindle and table is 41 cm;

  • The height of the device is 84 cm;

  • net weight 34 kg;

  • The table turns 45 degrees in both directions;

  • The diameter of the functional column is 6 cm;

  • Provided 12 speeds.

The best rankings include Bosch PBD-40 Machine. Such a model is relatively cheap. It will be able to use special drills to prepare holes with a cross section of up to 1.3 cm in metal. If drilling a tree, the value of the holes can be increased to 4 cm. Reliability is also no doubt.

A good choice should be considered more TRIOD DMIF-25/400. Such a device is capable of working at a voltage of 380 V. Other technical features:

  • Power 1.1 kW;

  • Spindle move up to 10 cm;

  • table size 27×28 cm;

  • The magnitude of the drilled holes up to 2.5 cm;

  • 8.5 cm racks;

  • It is possible to switch between 4 high-speed modes for the supply and 6 speeds of the spindle;

  • Variation of revolutions with a wedge belt;

  • Mass machine 108 kg;

  • Deviation to up to 45 degrees.

Stalex HDP-16 It can not produce such holes, its working diameter – 1.6 cm. The cross section of the column is 5.95 cm. The height of the machine reaches 85 cm. 12 different speeds are provided, and the operating voltage is 230 V. The spindle cone is made according to the MT-2 system, and the pinol in diameter is 7.2 cm.

Complete the review appropriate on JET JDP-17FT. This device with belt drive operates at a voltage of 400 V. The table has a size of 36.5×36.5 cm, tilting it to the right and left can be 45 degrees. The total power of the electric drive – 550 W. Net weight is 89 kg, and the spindle can move at 12 different speeds.

Tips for choosing

Power level is one of the key indicators. Machines at 0.5-0.6 kW are not bad for home or garage use. Planning to create a workshop, you need to choose a model for 1-1.5 kW. The most powerful samples are connected to the networks not 220, and 380 V. Diameter of drilling is selected individually.

It is important to pay attention to how accurately the holes are obtained; In household models, accuracy is lower than in professional techniques.

In addition to these moments, you need to pay attention to:

  • safety;

  • quality management;

  • automatic feed option;

  • the possibility of supplying a lubricating liquid;

  • consumer reviews;

  • The frequency of use of equipment and the activity of its loading.

For home use, it is advisable to choose a light small technique. The easier it is to transfer it to the right place, the better. Important and minimum noise. For the most part, low noise compact vertical drilling machines have a table format. Such models prepare holes with a cross section of 1.2-1.6 cm, besides, they help save very expensive electricity.

In garages, workshops or all the more shops of special volume limit no longer. Much more important level of performance and functionality. In such conditions, the most attractive flooring machines on sustainable steps.

If you need to form the most large holes, you will have to give preference to gearboxes. Take the cheapest models hardly justified, except for working occasionally.

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