All about trader saws for metal

Furious saws on the metal appeared on the market relatively recently. For a relatively short time, they began to be considered an indispensable household and manufacturing tool. They are used when you need an accurate sawt metal blank. Let’s focus in detail on the destination, choosing such a tool and saws with a broach.


Furious saws on metal are pendulum tools capable of making an angular section. Despite the narrow profile, they have a lot of opportunities. They enjoy in workshops and enterprises. Without them, it is impossible to make window stops, door boxes, as well as other products used throughout. These saws are no worse than circulating analogs cut pipes, profiles and metal sheets.


The device of the ending saw is quite simple: its main elements are gearbox, cutting disk, base, handle with the start button, as well as the engine. Today it can be collector and asynchronous. The first option is good because it is easy to maintain, the second is durable and produces less noise in the process. As for the type of transfer, it can be a belt or toothed. It is the first almost silent, in this case the disk does not vibrate.

The disadvantage of this type is slushing from the base if the unit works long. The toothed version does not have this shortage, but such a saw noise and vibrates when working. A disc, which is a key element of a saw, is made of durable metal, because it must withstand a colossal load.

So that the unit makes less noise, as well as in order to compensate for deformation, which occurs at high temperature, the plane of the gear saws have waves or cuts.

Another feature of the tracing saw is the presence of a swivel table. It is at the expense of a similar type of platform and cutting at an angle. In order to achieve maximum accuracy, the saw is equipped with a small graduation scale. The presence of a scale is convenient because the operator does not need to perform additional measurements with auxiliary fixtures. Some models are at all equipped with a laser line.

In addition, the product may have an automatic broach. It is convenient because there is no need to independently promote metal to the desired mark: it will make special seizures. Also modifications can be equipped with special anthers, thanks to which you can not think about the utilization of chips and garbage. This equipment is relevant to maintain the workplace.


Knowledge of the main characteristics of the tracing saw on metal will allow you to buy the desired option based on the type of tasks and your own preferences. Choosing between the type of electric drive, it is necessary to give preference to an option in which the electric motor is located behind the disk. Unlike analogs with the location of the right or left, this model does not have a review limit and the likelihood of injury is reduced.

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Choosing between the type of transmission, you need to weigh all the pros and cons. For example, lebid transmission products low noise. But if oil falls on the belt or pulley, it will be the cause of an emergency. When accelerating it is possible to slip the belt, which is the prerequisite for repair.

As for the toothed gear, slip is excluded here, but noticeable vibrations will quickly wear the cutting elements of the device. Selecting the optimal power, it is worthwhile to the products not lower than 1500 watts: it is they can cut a dense metal. The maximum bar is 3000 W. 1000 watts with a capacity of 1000 W Credit with thin billets.

Disc Features

The disks on the metal can have a diameter from 15 to 35.5 cm, the inner diameter is always equal to 3 mm. Disc can be changed as needed. Considering the diameter of the disk, you can take into account the recommendations of specialists who speak of the need to purchase several elements of different diameters at once. The set will allow you to choose the most appropriate option for a specific metal with the highest quality sharp. However, when choosing, you need to consider that not every disk can be installed on a specific machine.

It is necessary to carefully refer to the recommendations of the saw manufacturer, since the ignoring of this fact is fraught with the blows of the electric motor. Disk sharpening type must be negative. Also, when choosing, it should be carefully inspecting the product for visible damage. On high-quality disk there is no jar and other defects. Its surface is smooth, and the teeth are sharp.

Based on this, It is worth seeing to models with a disk having a small teeth and a smooth wave. TAki units are high quality metal and do not overheat the working blade of the disk. It is important to pay attention to the fact that disks for permeating and circular saws are different, which should indicate the labeling. Speaking about the seating area equal to the diameter of the axis on the gearbox, it is impossible not to note: it should be selected especially carefully, correlated with the axis parameter.

Of course, you can use transition rings, but only the correct option will contribute to the high-quality and efficient operation of the permeagandal saw. IMPORTANT AVAILABILITY AVAILABLE inserts on the disk itself, as well as the number of teeth. Such a product is more expensive than monolithic varieties, but will serve at times longer than other analogues. The bigger the diameter will be, the more expensive the disk.

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Features of products with broach

Options with broach function are professional equipment, differ in comparison with household varieties. They are comfortable in terms of cutting long plates and pipes. The design of such devices is equipped with two slats located in parallel relative to each other. The cutting disk is imposed on the rails themselves, he moves freely on them and has a particularly small teeth. It is no coincidence, because the smaller the teeth and more their number, the less the level of load on each of them.

Saw with a stretch is characterized by a solid width of cutting part. Products of this type harder other varieties. The speed of rotation of some modifications may exceed 3000 revolutions per minute. Sometimes the model is equipped with electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation of the saw disk. Such aggregates allow you to get smooth and fast.

The presence of an extension mechanism turns the usual saw to a user-friendly machine. More often such structures are used for cutting wide and long wood.


Fixtures that equip fine saws for metal are different. Their appointment, depending on the type of equipment, is to relieve the operator’s work and ensuring its quality, as well as safety. For example, in addition to the rotary design of the table, allowing to achieve a given degree, the model can have a table with two sides of the angle of the cut.

Anthers can be both bags and hoses resembling parts of industrial vacuum cleaners. They reliably protect the operator from metal dust, which can penetrate the respiratory tract. In addition, the product may have a protective cover and a working area illumination. Those who particularly carefully choose the movement on metal, may choose the option with the restriction of the depth of.

In addition, the device may have the speed adjustment option. Also, the number of revolutions may differ in a smooth increase when turning on. It is convenient and will not allow the scope of the disc at the very beginning of the cutting. Other units can be equipped with automatic shutdown when encaming.

How to cut?

Before turning on the unit, it is collected and verified by the reliability of nodes. It is important to remove the key from the fastening screw of the saw disk. Before switching on, make sure that the disk does not interfere, and it can rotate freely. After that, you can run the device by pressing the start of the start, which is located on the handle. To turn off the switch button is released.

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To perform oblique sawing with an angle of 90 and about 45 degrees, It should be relaxing the screw fastener of the turntable and turn the table to a predetermined angle, keeping behind the handle of the rotary table fastening. Immediately you need to fix the specified position. With a long work, you need to check the accuracy of the ending, since the screw fastening of the turntable sometimes weakens.

To saw with a left slope within 45-90 degrees need to put a sure tilt. You need to let go of the tilt angle screw and put a given angle. When fixing the desired parameter, the screw should be tightened and clamping the harvesting of the vertical clamp. After that, the device is started and carried out. Upon completion, the shutdown button is released, a full stop of the cutting disk is waited, then return the handle to the top position.

You can not raise the cut disk until it stops the rotation.

At this time, the cut element, which is opposite the side surface of the cutting disk, can cling to the teeth and fly out, which can injure the saw operator. In the process of operation, the protective casing should remain on the device – it is strictly disabled to remove it. When the disc will fall for sawing, the casing will be lifted. Also the casing will automatically drop when picked up the handle.

Before starting the sawing, it should be done in the absence of foreign objects (for example, nails or unnecessary blanks). You can proceed to work when the saw disk retainer is lowered. At the same time, it should not touch the surface of the blank and the turntable in the lower position.

When you turn on, you need to hold the handle hard, since it can move up either down. Performing cutting, it is important to hold the blank of a clamp to the frontal stop either the surface of the turntable. This will eliminate the rotation either swaying. It is important to ensure that chips are not accumulated under the metal workpiece. Several metal blanks can not be cut at the same time.

If you need to use auxiliary surfaces, you need to pick up supports that can keep the workpiece so that it does not slip during operation.

The first few seconds after switching on the saw should work at idle. The sound of the rotating disk will allow you to evaluate the serviceability of the equipment. Only after that you can cut the metal. In addition, it is impossible to work in an uncomfortable position for the user, as it is dangerous.

For the settings and refinement of the ending saw, see the following video.

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