All about the size of the glued bar

It is necessary to know everything about the size of the glued timber, about the products of 50×50 and 100×100, 130×130 and 150×150, 200×200 and 400×400. It is also necessary to analyze the timing of other sizes, possible thickness and length. Separate significant topic – the right choice of timber for construction work.

Requirements for gabaritam

The dimensions of the glued timber is much more important than it may appear at first. The use of material in specific cases depends on them. Timber parameters are rigidly fixed in GOST 8486-86. There, along with linear dimensions, there are also information about the permissible scatter of these properties; Round and height, and width, and length. Permissible deviations from the plane do not exceed 5 mm.

Measuring the dimensions of the bar is also standardized. The length is measured by the smallest gap separating ends. Width can be measured in any random place. The only limitation – the point of measurement should be at least 150 mm from the end. Sections and other parameters are defined in the official description of each modification.

The need to know all these parameters is associated with the fact that the glued timber is used very wide. The demand for this material is steadily growing. Such material is easily mounted and distinguished by attractive technical characteristics. To obtain it, it is allowed to apply only the highest quality wood. The glued timber is used to create heavy public and industrial buildings, and not just for private construction.

Apply a timber:

  • square;

  • rectangular;

  • multifaceted cross section.

Key parameters are listed in GOST 17580-92. There are still basic regulatory parameters and descriptions of glued timber. Clarification of the necessary information can be kept according to GOST 20850-84.

All sections are given with so-called allowances. Preventiveness, technological requirements.

Standard dimensions

Dimensions of a bar made of pine:

  • in width from 8 to 28 cm;

  • in length from 6 to 12 m;

  • height from 13.5 to 27 cm.

Cross sections are always determined, taking into account the climatic properties of the terrain. It is necessary to take care of providing the optimal microclimate in the premises. Extremely rarely used logs with a diameter below 19 cm. Specific dimensions strongly affect the features of the glued lamellae. For this reason, each manufacturer offers its own dimension range.

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The glued bar 200х200 mm in length often reaches 6 m. Therefore, its full official name is often – 200x200x6000 mm. With this material can be constructed:

  • two-story frame-type houses;

  • hotel complexes;

  • Tourist and entertainment facilities of various kinds;

  • Other commercial facilities.

The timing of this size is used in the construction of private dwellings in the average climatic zone. Compared with simple planed decisions, it is much warmer, confidently copes even with rather harsh frosts. To note: in the northern regions of the Russian Federation it is better to use thicker materials, with an additional layer 40-45 mm. Similar models with increased highs are used in serious architectural projects; Their length can reach 12-13 m, and such versions are much stronger than solid wood material. Basically use pine and firing wood, only in elite structures it is necessary to apply cedar and larch.

In some cases, it makes sense to apply a timing segment of 100×100 mm, which is mainly needed for secondary structures. It is also used to build partitions, frame walls.

You can also put the floor and build cottage houses, low columns.

Big perspectives have a bar of 50×50. Yes, due to limited sizes, it is not able to transfer substantial loads, but there are many cases when such a problem is insignificant. The only limitation is not to use such a material as beams and carrier structural elements. Since such products are inclined to crack, it is allowed to use for them exclusively dried wood.

Occasionally meets a bar of even less magnitude – 40×40 mm. In construction, such material almost does not have perspectives, however, it finds use in:

  • making furniture;

  • obtaining designer partitions;

  • formation of houses for domestic birds and small cattle.

Pretty many firms are also offered and glued bar 40×80 mm. It differs in much greater mechanical reliability of at least one of the planes. As for the bruus 60×60, it is used for construction purposes, and for various auxiliary structures. It is easy to do from it, for example, a septum for attic or a variety of garden, cottage furniture.

Sometimes it finds the use and timber 70×70 mm. From the previous version it is characterized by increased mechanical reliability and stability. Square solution significantly increases the aesthetic characteristics of products.

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ATTENTION: For the crate, such a design is unsuitable. Causes – both purely practical (too large) and financial (high prices in comparison with the usual rail).

The age of 80×80 mm uses in demand. Such a section provides even greater reliability than in the previous case. In most cases, a pine construction is used. But oak-based solutions also have their niche – they are used where durability and stability are critical. Even if there are absolutely not enough such parameters, it is necessary to choose the bar of the 90×90.

100×200 models can be applied even for serious foundation. It is also allowed to use them for overlapping in houses, sheds and other large buildings. Larch or oak beams can serve as a good support for capital walls from a bar of 150×150 (150x150x6000) or 180×180 mm. Sometimes they are allowed on frame structures. In the ceiling overlap, this decision is not bad, but for the floor it is excessively heavy and expensive.

120×120 glued beams are also a good option, according to a number of specialists. Important advantage – Similar size is described in a number of technical conditions. Because problems using should not occur. But For reliability reasons, more and more often, preference is given to models 120×150, 130×130.

And some firms offer even a product of 185×162; He is popular with Siberian forest reserves, because such things are visually beautiful.

Based on a bar 240×240 mm you can build summer houses and country buildings. In any case, the SNIP on the thermal protection of buildings allows this to do it even for the Leningrad region. In the middle lane and the Moscow region there should be no problem. True, there is one refinement – this is achievable only when using high-quality non-combustible insulation with an effective thickness of at least 100 mm. It will also be necessary to consult with experts.

Part of people chooses for the construction of their housing Bar 200 to 270 mm 8 meters long. Or even increases the required indicators to 205×270. This is quite enough to build a good one-story building. You can easily provide greater (up to 3.2 m) ceiling height. Recommended construction standards The level of load will not be exceeded.

Larger types of timber, which is important, should be applied only with the involvement of professionals, and not on their own. We are talking about timber:

  • 280×280;

  • 305 mm thick;

  • 350 mm;

  • 400×400.

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What timing to choose for construction?

The glued timber is divided into 3 groups:

  • intended for the construction of capital walls;

  • intended for the construction of insulated capital walls;

  • Products for a variety of designs.

The last group is also heterogeneous, it includes:

  • window;

  • straight;

  • curved material;

  • Overlapping beams;

  • Other products.

Construction of winter houses should be based on a typical bar. Its cross section should be at least 1/16 of the entire length of the span. The situation is normal

  • 18×20;

  • 16×20;

  • 20×20 cm.

In this case, the length of the structures is 6 or 12.5 m. Such materials are perfectly suitable for the construction of private dwellings of any size. Even relatively high price does not interfere with their use. You can save money on heating. The thicker the timber, the higher its heat-saving quality, but it is greatly leaving the product.

But the height of the structures is almost in no way connected with their practical properties. The only difference is that the number of crowns will be less. As a result, the aesthetic perception of the building will improve, and the cost of its construction will grow a little. Length must be seamless taking into account the considerations of the integrity of the bar. It is unacceptable to leave joints in the lower crown and strapping of walls, as well as the construction of inter-storey floors and shutters of attic.

The technical conditions are prescribed that the beams of overlaps can have a width of 9.5 to 26 cm, and a height from 8.5 cm to 1.12 m. The glued bar for window construction can have such dimensions:

  • 8×8;

  • 8.2×8.6;

  • 8.2×11.5 cm.

Much more permissible variety of wall models (in millimeters):

  • 140×160;

  • 140×240;

  • 140×200;

  • 170×200;

  • 140×280;

  • 170×160;

  • 170×240;

  • 170×280.

An ordinary glued bar is divided into planed and non-stroke groups. The second type is needed where there is not fundamental surface treatment. Bar is all that more than 100 mm. With smaller thicknesses, the term “bar” is used.

In situations where you need to do something massive, sections are used 150-250 mm.

All about the size of the glued bar, see the video below.

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