All about the oak bar

    When creating various building structures, wooden materials are used. The most popular option is the timber. It can be made from most different types of wood. Samples made from oak. Today we will talk about what features they possess and what kind of varieties can be.


    Oak bar is a fairly durable and durable building material. Oak array has a high level of density. This raw material is practically not subjected to rotting. It is distinguished by a beautiful natural structure, it is easy to handle it.

    This tree breed is nice well, so it is often used to create various decorative designs.

    But it is worth noting that the cost of such wood is quite high.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Oak bars possess many important advantages.

    • High resistance to moisture. Such a sawn timber is practically not subjected to rotting under the influence of water. He will be able to transfer direct contact with her.
    • Durability. This oak sawn timber will be able to serve for many years, keeping its beautiful appearance and not destroying.
    • Attractive appearance. Oak surfaces are considered pretty beautiful and interesting. They have a light light color and natural pattern, so they are often used when interior design, various furniture design designs.
    • High level of strength. Such a breed of wood can easily withstand large weight loads, while the boards will not break and deform.
    • Big variety. Currently, a variety of types of such oak lumber are produced. In the assortment you can meet models with different sizes, types of processing.

    Among the disadvantages of such wood materials, you can allocate high cost. They will affect the pocket not every person.

      But at the same time it can be argued that the level of quality of such lumber fully corresponds to its rather big price.


      In construction stores you can find a wide variety of oak bar. The main varieties include the following models: glued, edged and profiled. Consider the most detailed each of the listed options.


      This type is considered the most durable and reliable sawn timber. Glued bar make in production in several steps.

      • Selection of raw materials. At this stage, the source oak materials sort. All of them are separated into several categories depending on the variety, size and other significant parameters. The highest quality raw material is sent for further processing.
      • Drying. At this stage, the oak material is placed in specialized drying chambers. There, sawn timber becomes dry (at the same time the percentage of moisture after such treatment should still be at least 10-15%). Sometimes the natural drying method is used, but it is much less effective.
      • Creating wood blanks. First, dry material is sent to the machines, where all the knots, scratches and other irregularities are removed from their surface. Then the oak bases processed in this way are cut on other machines.
      • Compound. The surfaces of the billets are thoroughly labeled with special glue, and then most closely joined each other.
      • Profiling. Materials are adjusted for the required dimensions, and then plane.
      • Package. At the last stage of manufacture, the finished glued bar is packaged. This will protect their surface from mechanical damage in the transportation process.

      Such high-quality material can be bought in construction stores or make it yourself using a special adhesive composition.

      Oak glued material is distinguished by special resistance to mechanical damage, durability and large loads.


      Such a bar is a lumber of a square or rectangular cross section, the thickness of which is at least 50 millimeters. It is formed by the longitudinal cut from a whole log.

      The edged timber from the oak massif passes deep processing in the process of production from all of its parties. On the surface there should not be defects.


      This type of sawn timber also passes careful trimming and processing, while it is necessarily given a predetermined amount of section. The initial raw material is cut from all sides with high accuracy.

      In addition, the profiled bar provides for the presence of a special connection “Schip-groove”.


      Oak bar can be released with different sizes. Standard are considered models with values ​​of 100×100, 50×50, 40×40, 200×200, 80×80, 150×150.

      Dimensions must be taken into account when choosing such a lumber, because different types will be able to approach the construction of certain designs.

      The largest samples are better to acquire for the creation of country houses, bathrooms, durable and durable economic buildings.

      Scope of application

      To date, the oak bar has found its widespread use in the construction of stairs, window or doorways, individual elements of furniture designs. For these purposes, models with a cross section of 100×100 are most common.

      Oak bar with a cross section of 150×150 is the most chassis of all models. It is most often used to build durable cuts.

      Such lumber is cut from a whole log, while the processing is made immediately from all sides, the product is given an accurate geometric shape. Due to the processing, such bars from oak become the most resistant to rotting and injuries of insects. In addition, they will easily be mounted, which will simplify the logging technology.

      The largest oak bars is better to acquire for the construction of holiday homes. In addition, they will become the best option for the unusual and beautiful design of the interiors of the premises. Often such a breed give the unusual effect “under the old”.

      The material treated in this way will look great in the classic interior style, will be able to become an emphasis in the overall design.

      The bar is often used in the design of landscape design, including to create beautiful garden shops, arbors, tables and other similar items that will be located outside the room. Oak lumber can be used for the construction of industrial buildings, hydroelectric power plants, mines.

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