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Decorative mirror films are used as an alternative to more expensive products that protect against bright sunlight. Such products on hot days are especially popular. Thanks to their use, the sunlight is less like that affects the temperature regime. On the peculiarities of mirror films, advantages and disadvantages of such products, as well as the method of their installation and will be discussed in this article.

What it is?

Mirror film enjoys many people with considerable popularity. She found applied in many spheres. A similar product is a polymer film having a metal coating capable of reflecting light. Such materials may be different in thickness and density, having differences to the degree of reflection. The canvas made of polymeric materials can protect the room from the sun entering it, filtering the UV rays and infrared radiation. The basis of such a material is a glue layer, due to which the installation is made much faster and high quality.

Transparent products with adhesive surface are used:

  • To protect against entering the place of bright sunlight;
  • for the decoration of windows in homes and offices;
  • It is able to ensure the confidentiality of people’s stay in such a room;
  • The use of such materials will help make the facade aesthetically attractive.

Popular products remain popular with car owners. Thanks to such a film, the car’s salon is reliably protected from overheating. Placing the product on the windshield protects the eyes of drivers from the blind rays of the sun and the headlights of the countercourse. Such a film with an increased density is capable of protecting glass from breaking, while holding the scattering small glass.

It is worth noting that in some countries, the tinting of glasses in cars is prohibited, since due to such a coating, visibility at night can decrease dramatically, which leads to emergency situations.

Pros and cons

Choosing mirror films, it is worth finding out what a clear advantage has such material, and whether he has significant drawbacks.

This product has certain advantages.

  • Installing a mirror self-adhesive film allows reduce the ingress of harmful infrared and UV radiation inside the room, what has a beneficial effect on health.
  • Room Heated less.
  • Use of material does not allow to see outside the house what is happening indoors, While from the room everything will be clearly visible. Such one-sided visibility is relevant for people living on the first floors, as well as residents of high-rise buildings and houses located in the most visited locations.
  • With proper finish The facade appearance will look very attractive. Not only windows, but also entrance doors, glazing balconies can be saved with such material.
  • Using reflective film material will protect the surface from the appearance of condensate.
  • The material will serve as additional protection From the loss of heat in the cold season.
  • Use of material Prevent the fading of wallpaper and tissue products, Curtains and other details in the room.
  • In addition, such material It is not combustible, What affects safety in the fire. As well as the film has an anti-glare effect.
  • Sell ​​film In wide rolls, What significantly reduces the number of joints during her sticking.
  • She has Affordable price.

In addition to explicit advantages, such products have some drawbacks:

  • In the evening when the electric light is turned on will not protect the room from prying views, What makes it necessary to use additionally dense curtains or blinds;
  • Additional warming Rooms in winter time Through tinted glass does not come;
  • in rooms overlooking windows not south, The interior may seem gloomy due to toned glasses.

The demand for this product is steadily growing, given the obvious advantage of these products before disadvantages.


In its functional purpose, mirror self-keys are:

  • reflecting sunlight and toning;
  • protective or reinforcing;
  • Energy saving.

There are many modern materials that combine such properties.

The toning film is more often made of fine transparent polyethylene. To reduce the lighting abilities of such a material, it is covered with a special coating or color. Choosing a product, it should be noted that the metallized models are preferable to painted. They have a big resource, while they are much bigger. And since metallized coatings do not have a process, it affects the view from the windows. The painted coating can change the view slightly, making it not so realistic.

In the manufacture of film reflecting lights, materials are more often used PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Such products can be divided into certain species that differ in the method of their manufacture or materials.


Inexpensive models include calendered film. In its production, a cheap monomer PVC is used. Produce calendered film splitting through special shafts, referred to as Calatera. The quality of such products does not always satisfy consumers, as such a film gives shrinkage and deformed. These products usually refer to economy-class.


During the production of cast models, more qualitative PVC (polymer) is used. Unlike the previous version, cast products can save size for a long time, they look more elastic. Even in adverse weather conditions, their service life may be more than 10 years. Cast film can be saved the surface of a variety of shape. Using this option allows you to get a guaranteed 100% result. Cast models have a higher quality. Such products are not prone to a strong shrinkage, they are plastic, so they will not rush so quickly as calendered models.

You can also find calendered models, in the manufacture of which polymer PVC is used. Such products are among the average between the options presented above. Although these products can give shrinkage, it will not be very strong.

Sunscreen mirror film for windows can be two-layer and three-layer. The surface of such products is glossy or matte.

Mirror film is also classified depending on the purpose.

  • Architectural decorative film. It is used when decorating glass facades.
  • Energy Saving. Used to preserve heat and reflection of thermal energy.
  • Sunscreen. Such models are able to absorb up to 99% of the bright rays of the Sun.
  • Avoidal. The presence of a thickened polymer layer may noticeably complicate the penetration of the inside of the cabin of cars or any room.

Coatings have different degrees of tinting, they are also different in shades – products have a variety of color gamut. In the production of a metallized layer, such raw materials, as aluminum, bronze, titanium and nickel can be used.


In the interior, a mirror film of different color is applied. She can be golden, black, blue, as well as gray, blue. A large selection of such shades will allow you to find the most appropriate option for each particular room. Mirror glass from the street looks very interesting and unusual.

  • In cases where windows are low, they can be found in them as in the usual mirror.
  • The mirror canvas is suitable as a replacement of an ordinary indoor mirror.
  • Mirror sunscreen film is often used as a decor at the design of a French balcony. In this case, the lower glass can be saved with color tint.
  • An attractive type of such products will be perfectly look at the glass surfaces of the windows, loggias or balconies.
  • Stained-glass film sheets will decorate the glass interior doors, they can be placed wardrobes.

A large range of similar products and a variety of species will allow finding the best option, picking up a colors suitable for a particular interior.

For registration of facades of administrative buildings, country houses are better to choose non-latch shades of similar products. In this case, it is appropriate to choose a metallized film with color bronze with one-sided visibility of about 10%. From the side of the street, such a film has a bronze color, and inside it is silver. Such a coating does not miss ultraviolet rays, and will not be glad from light inside the room.

Scope of application

Mirror protective films have become an indispensable thing for the decoration of windows in high-rise buildings and offices, they serve as excellent protection against bright sunlight ingestion. Scope of application of similar products diverse. Decorative film can be used:

  • for glasses of glasses;
  • for decor doors, cabinets and other smooth surfaces;
  • For ceiling and walls.

PVC products are perfect for the design of ceiling and wall surfaces. It is worth noting that Decorative film coating on the ceiling in the form of applications or outlets looks unusually stylish.

The cloth, which does not have a layer of glue, is used for stretch ceilings. Such a coating, in contrast to models for glass surfaces, is not transparent, so it can be used to hide the pipes, fasteners, electrical wiring. The disadvantage of such cloth is that When a decrease in air temperature, they become fragile, start to break. Based on this, they are advisable to use indoors.

PVC films can be mirrored or stained glass. Metallized mirror film may be transparent and opaque. It is usually chosen when the windows having a large area. Stained glass models are more often used in tuning machines.

In addition to thin films from PVC and other plastics, they produce other materials used to decorate glass surfaces. Usually produced sheets thick up to 2 mm. Stick them on perfectly flat plastered surface. This canvas can also be used as a replacement of a conventional mirror. Such a self-adhesive film is installed on any surface; it is not required to fix on the wall in a special way. Using this option instead of the mirror will not be afraid for damage and glass.

Thanks to this coating, the interior will become more interesting. The presence of additional mirror surfaces will perfectly spread the walls and increase the space, make a room visually more spacious and light.

At the same time, safe film coating is perfect for families with young children.

How to stick?

If you need to stick to the surface, a mirror film can be done independently performing certain actions.

  • It is necessary to prepare windows. To do this, they should be pre-wash and clean from dust, then thoroughly dry. For degreasing surfaces use alcohol-containing means.
  • Follow to measure the magnitude of the window and spend the film.
  • Cut film, Using a stationery knife, scissors or blade.
  • Make a solution of water and soap, wet down glass.
  • From the film follows Remove the protective layer.
  • The product neatly applied to the surface. Using a roller or spatula, you need to smooth off the film from the center to the edges.
  • Parts not coinciding with windows, need to cut off a sharp knife.

Tips for care

One of the explicit advantages of toning means is that they do not require much care. For cleaning products use detergents. It is important that in their composition there were no abrasive particles capable of scratching the film. And also should be verified in the absence of chemical compounds. When washing coatings do not use alcohol-containing agents.

To remove the old film use hair dryer. Hot air should be blown up the coating, then remove the remnants of the film. After dismantling the glass should be thoroughly wash with soap solution.

In the next video you are waiting for a sticking of a mirror film on the windows.

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