All about the guides for circular saw

Working with a circular saw has a number of features: additional fixtures are needed to ensure the right smooth. Therefore, the element called “tire” is so important. It effectively helps in work, makes it possible to correctly and accurately process any workpiece.


It is impossible to work more productively without this item. He will facilitate work, will allow you to comply with the requirements of safety.

Tires are:

  • bilateral;
  • unilateral.

      There is another differentiation of tire guide. They may be:

      • symmetric;
      • Asymmetric.

        And also there are tires of a complex configuration, thanks to which you can process the blanks of non-standard form. According to the method of using the guides for the circular saw differentiate into two types.

        • Universal tires. This type of guides can be suitable for any units: both for a disk saw and manual tools.

        • Tires can also be specialized, intended for solving professional tasks, fulfilled only on this equipment. Such devices operate only with circular type saws.

        • Tire for cutting – This is the easiest device. With such a tool, you can make blanks with an accurate angle of 45 (90) degrees. The base is made from dense textolite or plywood. Supporting bars sizes are 22×22 mm.

        Before starting work with the tire, certain manipulations are carried out:

        • The surface of the guides for deformations is checked;
        • The reliability of the clips is tested;
        • Checked how much tire corresponds to the material with which you have to work.

        What are there?

        Universal tire (rail) for circular saw can be made of metal or wood, but most importantly – it should not be deformed.

        The most common tires of the following configurations are used:

        • Profile “P”;
        • rail;
        • corner;
        • Straight bars.

          Guide elements are attached to the base with the help of screws, bolts with nuts, screws.

          The main purpose of tires:

          • ensuring accuracy in the work and the quality of cutting;
          • secure work;
          • Creating various cutting configurations.

            Thanks to this useful device, you can do both longitudinal and transverse cuts, adjust the parameters of the processed element. It is also permissible to carry out batch transportation of several blanks.

            The stubborn rule can be used to work such aggregates:

            • electric jigsaw;
            • Mechanical saw for wood;
            • a circular saw.

              To make a ruler for safe stop, you should find a strip of plywood. Its width should be more parameters of the site by 22 cm. The ruler itself is manufactured from this fragment, the remnants of the material are used to create a stop in the base area that are attached using self-tapping screws.

                Before starting to work, it is desirable to test the design by making several trial cuts on insignificant wooden fragments.

                The result of the test makes it possible to understand:

                • how the instrument behaves;
                • vibration level;
                • cut dimensions;
                • What are the necessary to apply physical effort while working.

                  Fastening and focusing for the tracing slab play an important role. Fastenings are:

                  • clamps;
                  • clamps;
                  • movable carriage;
                  • Fixators.
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                  All of them make it possible to securely secure the workpiece in the desired position. And a reliable fixing stop allows processing material perpendicular to wood fibers.

                    The stop, made in the factory conditions, often does not comply with requests, it significantly reduces the breadth of use, the manufacturer usually sets the rigid frame length. For the processing of large boards, the stop of other technical characteristics is required, Therefore, the masters make such devices on their own.

                      When working should take into account such details:

                      • sizes of blanks;
                      • technical features of the instrument;
                      • Frequency of application tool.

                      It is recommended to correctly evaluate the parameters of the blanks and the material used for their manufacture.

                      And when working, it is recommended to control:

                      • the length of the cut;
                      • productivity of the unit;
                      • What width is the groove;
                      • specifics of the use of saw;
                      • the optimal direction of cutting;
                      • permissible density of the product;
                      • Safety sequence of security system.

                      Properly made tire provides quality of work, radically simplifies the solution of production problems. If the entire guide fit is done correctly, the accuracy of the cut increases to 98%.

                      How to choose?

                      When choosing the necessary tool, you should consider the features of the working tool, as well as the material with which you have to deal with. The most popular guides are tires made in Germany (Bosch) and Japan (Makita). Devices from these manufacturers provide absolute accuracy of the cut line.

                      Tires are not cheap, but over time they pay off if they are used in production.

                      For household needs, expensive tires are not necessary, it is easier to make them independently or order from the master.

                      Before buying a tool, you should make sure that there are no defects in it (there is no curvature). Damage often occur during transportation.

                      It is best to buy a tool on trading platforms that enjoy a good reputation provide warranty period.

                      From domestic producers a good tool makes “Interskol”. Tire sizes:

                      • 810×212 mm;
                      • 1410×212 mm.

                        Production material – aluminum with special spraying, there is a protective film that protects against damage. The bar is combined by format with models of DP-235 and DP-210 / 1900EM.

                        Tire under the name “saddle” perfectly suits cuts off the most different bars. Consists of such elements:

                        • back;
                        • two sidewalls (up to 6 mm thick);

                        Sidewalls are made such sizes to be support for disk.

                        Makita makes guides for SP6000 and CA5000 devices. They can attach adapters that are suitable for manual tools.

                        Bosch produces 4 types of tires:

                        • 810×143 mm;
                        • 1105×143 mm;
                        • 1610×143 mm;
                        • 2110×143 mm.

                          There is also an adapter that allows you to compile guides without any gaps. DeWalt, Elitech manufacturers, Hitachi often make tires exclusively for their equipment.

                          If the tires are required for professional use, where high accuracy and impeccability of the cut is required, then it is best to buy components from companies specializing in the production of similar products, such as Skil.

                          How to adjust?

                          First of all, the guide slot should be adjusted correctly, which is on the table and on the disk. To do this, the dial measuring device is applied, which will allow you to adjust all the slots on the table. Teeth are checked both from the front part and from the rear. Error is not more than 0.051 mm.

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                          You can also work using a transport line, But for its application you need to have a good practical experience: the device can give a significant error.

                          Next, check the support portion of the saw, and the error should not be more than 0.051 mm. In the event that such parameters are not followed, an unwanted displacement will appear.

                          Next is the cutter, which is called the “Obllenging” name: it must accurately combine with the blade. Adjustment should be done on both sides by twisting special washers. If there is a need to remove the cutter, then the position of the adjusting washers should be remembered.

                          It is important to tighten the locking bolts in such a way that the fine tuning does not come down: otherwise everyone will have to begin again.

                          When working the machine, vibration inevitably occurs. If the bolts are poorly fixed, the setting of the guides will be broken. Fasters and retainers should be paid to high attention, each time they should be checked at the beginning of the labor process.

                          How to make it yourself?

                          The branded tires from manufacturers are made in such a way that their boundaries coincide with the line on which the cut. Branded products are punctured by a special ribbon, it prevents damage to the soft material. All these little things are convenient and necessary. Such a tire provides productivity, accuracy and comfort in.

                          There are also its drawbacks in such products: not always the branded bus can correspond to production tasks.

                            If the tool has to be used on occasion to occasion, then the purchase of expensive tire is optional. Optimum option: make a tire with your own hands. In terms of quality and functionality, such guides are often not inferior to the best world counterparts.

                            To make a self-made tire, you need to take some durable material as a basis, it may be:

                            • corner;
                            • trumpet tracing;
                            • Metal guide;
                            • laminate.

                              The material should not be deformed under the influence of excessive moisture or temperature drop.

                              Metal guides are recommended to regularly process anti-corrosion primers.

                              Guide drawings can be found on the Internet. Any sample you like is easy to bring to mind, to fit it under the features of this equipment. It is important to comply with all sizes. In the manual disk saw, convenient handles often make, which improves the quality of work and much facilitates work.

                              Materials that will be required for the manufacture of a universal tire:

                              • plywood or chipboard;
                              • epoxy adhesive;
                              • Selfless.

                              From the tools will be needed:

                              • clamps;
                              • turbine;
                              • Line-timer;
                              • shallow sandpaper;
                              • marker.

                              Make yourself good guides for circular saw – the task is simple, if you first calculate everything and draw the scheme.

                              For a small circular saw

                              It is made in the form of a rail stub. The following elements are needed:

                              • Rule construction (2 meters);
                              • clamps;
                              • propylene fragments;
                              • Aluminum corner or profile;
                              • bars of wood 12 mm;
                              • chipboard plates;
                              • laminate.

                              For big

                              Need elements:

                              • Metal corners of the same parameters;
                              • a strong wooden base (chipboard sheet, a board with a thickness of up to 3 cm);
                              • Bolts and nuts.
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                              Marking is preparing, you should designate the places of the future attachment. The submersible board should move freely in parallel with the guide elements, the disk should not be on too much elevation.

                              To securely secure the node, you need to use the bolts, and also recommended several times to check the settings for the installed corners. This unit allows you to cut the boards of any format with ideal quality and accuracy.

                              From the construction rule and fixators

                              To make a similar node, the following items will be required:

                              • Construction Rule (1.5-2 meters), which is used to plastering walls;
                              • Clamps (their quantity depends on fastening points);
                              • Guides, which are made from the rule, retainers and elements of polypropylene.

                                The creation algorithm is:

                                • The rules are removed from the rules (if present);
                                • Of the dense PVC, adapters are cut, they must be slightly larger than the depth of the groove of the rule itself;
                                • Made design attached to a wooden bar.

                                The tire made must necessarily be combined with a soft material, which will allow you to avoid formation of defects. Periodically, it will be necessary to conduct a prophylactic examination of the rule and its editing (if necessary).


                                To make a bus from the aluminum profile, there will be such items:

                                • Profile “P”;
                                • Fastening fittings;
                                • Listed plywood (you can get waste).

                                  And also need a tool:

                                  • drill;
                                  • wrenches;
                                  • Rule or roulette.

                                  Such a tire can serve for a long time: the aluminum profile is reliable, it is practically not deformed. Aluminum profile plays the role of rails that determine the direction of movement of the workpiece.

                                  From wood

                                  For the creation of such a design, two bars use, whose sizes differ. And can also be used for this purpose plate chipboard. All wooden elements are attached on self-drawing. Speakers are neatly cut off. Such a simple mechanism can also provide perfect res.

                                  From profiles of different sizes

                                  In this case, a small profile is installed in the profile of large sizes. The created design is attached to the base of the circular saw. This installation provides the ability to move exactly by a given line. The edge at the base should be flawlessly smooth, it provides the quality of the cut. Profiles form rails, this allows noticeable to reduce the accompanying efforts that are necessary for the management of the unit. A smaller profile should not have gaps with a large profile, but it must be present free movement.

                                  From laminata

                                  This material is cheap, it is easy to buy it, it is quite technologically. Laminate is cut into two identical fragments in the form of strips. One of them will be the main, second – auxiliary. All edges are grinding, rounding. With the help of selflessness, the material is attached to the base.

                                  To ensure comfortable work, it is recommended to push the bus to the maximum distance. Using the Bulgarian removes extra material on the guides.

                                  Such manipulations are required to get the markup to the most accurate. All this can reduce the depth of propyl and will allow you to increase convenience in your work.

                                  How to make a homemade guide tire for a circular saw, learn from the video below.

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